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The World Tarot: Khalfani

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#1Khalfani † 

The World Tarot: Khalfani Empty Sat Apr 16, 2022 1:17 pm

Khalfani †

I had come all the way here to the edge of the forest, convinced that something in the ruins was calling to me. In truth, it took him the bare minimum to send me to the middle of nowhere, mainly because I brought myself here on the premises of gut feelings and politics. The ruins were surrounded by ice, the building drowned in snow, and still untouched because it was unclear who had the key to open the door. Nevertheless, I knew for certain that if anyone could do it, it would be me. I am the only person to whom the oracle came, which may imply that while I denigrated the gods, I was indeed selected for some very important task. I was in if it meant I would gain more power. It would be folly for me to ignore a call from the deities, but before I elaborate on what I experienced, let me begin at the beginning.

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Khalfani †
Over the course of days, I consulted with one of the chiefs of a large village just offshore of the frosty coasts of Enca. I was summoned by Chief Elspa, who had requested to see me in response to the success of Paradise Dawn in the northern region of Fiore. People from around the world have been requesting Paradise's assistance, but now they have been able to comprehend the incomparable power of this entity. A lie would be to claim I was not proud of my comrades. Their performance in challenging times had been remarkable. About seven of my comrades and I trekked towards the village, our cloaks flowing aimlessly in the wind. When we arrived in the village, we were greeted by a woman who led us through the snow towards the village chief. Upon our approach to the grand house, we were greeted with a cheerful smile and love immediately. "I am glad to see you have survived, Prince Khalfani Atenhotep!"

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Khalfani †
Normally I would have been extra cautious at anybody showing this amount of love for me, especially when they knew close to nothing about who I really was. however, I understood that this trip was mostly business, at least for the chief. Under that premise, I was relaxed and allowed him to embrace me as an honorable guest. I smiled, my Luminous Monarch shined in the sun and the light reflecting off of the snow as my cloak draped over my body. It was always weird to hear someone refer to me as Prince Khalfani, granted that was my birthright. It would definitely take some getting used to, though in Fiore I was merely a commander. I quite liked it that way. I fought so hard to separate my legacy from the crown of Desierto. I nodded in response to the Chieftain and was brought inside. I was indeed prepared to commence in the conversation to come.

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Khalfani †
I stepped inside and what I saw was marvelous. Trinkets, sculptures, plants, furs, everything was inside of this building. It truly was a sight to behold, I will admit. I looked around as I opened my cloak, my men followed behind me. Oddly enough, despite being in a country I had never been in, this place felt more like home than Fiore. Elspa waved for me to follow, I turned to my men and nodded indicating for them to remain exactly where they were. I was brought to a small section in the building made out of what appeared to be ice and wood. First the Chief sat, then I sat across from him. It didn't seem right for me to begin the conversation considering I knew close to nothing what we would be discussing. Elspa cleared his throat. The feather within his crown tilted, the light breeze slipped past the doors.

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Khalfani †
It was chilly, but it wasn't too chilly enough for me to be uncomfortable. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Prince-" I couldn't stand it any longer, "Please, just Khal." I attempted to crack a smile. I wasn't known for my welcoming demeanor, if the chief knew so much, he'd definitely know that. With a chuckle the man nodded before continuing on, brushing his long dark brown locs out of his face. He wasn't the most handsome man, but he was definitely kind, not that it mattered anyway. I could only do right by returning the same energy so I made sure my tone was just as pleasant. Truthfully, I was happy to be here. My gut feeling told me this was somewhere I should be. "My apologies, Khal. I wanted to meet with you to establish some form of connection between paradise Dawn, and our village, hopefully a positive one."

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Khalfani †
"I've heard about your endeavors in the Northern region of Fiore. Paradise Dawn has been making a name for itself, especially after your people triumphed the looming threat over the region. Word spreads fast, and I've also come to know that you and your people have been defending your borders against monsters. It's for that reason that I've extended this invitation." I nodded the whole way through, listening to the chief as if he was saying anything I didn't expect him to say. He was stating his case, though we both knew I already knew what this was about. All one had to do was put two and two together to get four. The chief needed an alliance with Paradise Dawn due to our ability to handle all types of monsters because an alliance would mean that he wouldn't need to pay for our services the same way other people would.

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Khalfani †
I leaned back in the wooden chair, taking a moment to ponder on what the man had been asking for. An alliance with Chief Elspa could prove to be a phenomenal conclusion for us both. Enca was known for its meats, and there was definitely enough work and resources to come from this union. Elspa was a prominent chief in this country, known for being a home to all types of people considering his village was right beside the shores. Still, I was compelled to think about about the other issues that could come from an alliance withany chief in Enca. His enemies would become a Paradise problem. Damn near all of his problems would become a Paradise Dawn problem and I didn't know if any of that was worth. I couldn't be sure yet. With that in mind, my decision on it was final. If the Chief had become disappointed and wanted me to leave, I was well prepared.

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Khalfani †
"Unfortunately for the both of us, I'd need more time before approving an alliance. I'd have to consult with my peers first, make sure it's worth it, with all due respect. However, I'd be willing to answer a call if you need us should there be any inhumane creatures attempting to ravage your village. Of course there would be a fee, but I'm willing to give you a very friendly discount." I nodded, hoping that Elspa would at least approve of that. The chief nodded as if he understood, but of course I could discern that he was disappointed. At least for now they could come to terms on how to best support each other without declaring anything concrete. As odd as it sounded, this was how politics worked. If you don't declare your loyalty then there was none to be held accountable. I was prepared to be sent away from these lands but I truly did wish for a more reasonable outcome. The chief stood up.

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Khalfani †
"Ohoho! I didn't mention an alliance, seems like you also have the ability to read minds. Fair enough, your straightforwardness saves us time." Elspa began with a grumble followed by another one of his tender smiles. "I would expect no less. An alliance is always worth taking time to think about. In any case, you have traveled a long way from home to meet me and my people so I am bound to show hospitality of worth. You are welcome to stay as long as you'd like. We have fresh foods and warm places to drink if you wish. You are also welcome to stay in one of the huts. My ikinngut Nekimku will bring you to it when you are ready." I too stood, nodded and extending my hand for the chief to take and shake. Of course I was staying. I had just gotten here and I love to explore. Although it seemed like there was more Elspa wanted to talk about, I figured he could see that I was exhausted, so that was how that ended. In the moments to come after, I was ushered outside of the chiefs home and met my man before exploring the rest of the village. I had no complaints. Even in the cold I felt the bolstering warmth of the people here.

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Khalfani †
Our ship was safely docked, our homes for the days to come secured, and our meals all covered; truthfully we had nothing to complain about, my men and I. We enjoyed the evening by participating in the culture of Enca the best way we could. I learned quickly that these people valued each other above all else. They also believed in their ancestors, often speaking of their blessings and grace. I learned a lot about the native people of Enca in just one night. I was excited for the days to come, for I knew wholeheartedly that there was something big for me to experience. When the moon began revealed her face, I grew tired quickly. My men weren't so ready to hit the hay, so without problem I left them to enjoy what else this place had to offer. I trekked through the snow towards my new, temporary home. A warm bed awaited.

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Khalfani †
I laid my head to rest upon the pillow. Feathers belonging to some avian creature, wrapped in the fur of what I assumed to be a wolf. I was tired from the day spent embracing the culture of Enca, a beautiful culture indeed might I had. Contrary to popular belief, this land was not barren or empty. In fact, they revealed to me that they had an abundant of resources to gather and a decent amount of animals to hunt. I gazed upon the ceiling as I reflected the day I had, grateful that I was even able to make it here alive. In the passing moments, although I did not count sheep, I fell into a deep slumber. Within what felt like only seconds, I was transported somewhere else. No longer in Enca, not even in a country I could recognize really. I was a stranger in this place.

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Khalfani †
I opened my eyes to see a world I had never seen before. The trees stood abnormally tall in the forest I found myself in, however, what was most divergent about this locus were the colors. The trees appeared to me in the color of flames, the sun was shining a bright blue light, unlike the sun that'd been gifting my world with its warmth, and even the ground that I'd been standing opposed the world I hailed from. One thing was palpable though. This was a figment of my imagination. This was a dream, except I had been conscious of it. A stranger to astral projection, I was not, but nowhere I had gone had been this pronounced. No vision I experienced had ever been this vivid. I was stunned, but I began to move onward despite knowing nothing of these anomalous lands. Something told me, however, that the gods had something to do with it.

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Khalfani †
I stepped forward, the grass beneath me clearly affected by the weight of my foot though it came without the nose of a normal crunch. Instead, the grass beneath me did not make a sound at all. I focused my gaze forward, nothing but light peering through the trees as if it was an eye belonging to an entity much greater than I could fathom. I moved closer. Each step revealing to me more detail of this great mass of light. Stars, planets, the moon, the sun; I could see the cosmos as I trekked forward. It did not call to me. In fact, the light did not even seem to acknowledge me. I was in a domain that I had no businesses being in. What felt likes hours of walking brought me nowhere. I wasn't getting closer to the source, I was...awakening. My vision was becoming clearer, so clear that it began to hurt until...

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Khalfani †
"Commander Khal." I jumped up out of my deep slumber, looking around as if I were lost and had no recollection of where I was. The sun blinded me, causing me to squint my eyes as one of my guild mates stood over me. Their face was twisted as if they were confused, but I sensed concern. "Why'd you wake me?" I grumbled."I..." my comrade began. Slowly the vision I had temporarily lost had been returning. "Oh my.." I heard the chief. I turned around towards the voice only to see him and damn near the entire village looking at me. I was outside, but confused as to how I ended up here. When I looked down I noticed I was bare foot, but then I noticed something more concerning. It was a glyph of some sort, and there I was directly in the middle. It was burned into the ground and in a language I had never seen before.

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Khalfani †
"Wh-what happened? Did...I do that?" I asked, throwing my head up towards Elspa for answers. I had no idea if he could give me one, but I was nervous- scared that I might have done more than just create some weird glyph in my sleep. What did this even mean anyway? And how the hell had I been able to draw something with words I couldn't even understand? So many questions racing through my mind all at once. My comrades looked at me with worrisome expressions. "Khalfani... I believe the land..calls to you." Elspa said, his eyes widened in sheer shock. "What?" I was so very confused. "This glyph, it is the same symbol on the doors of the Immortal Temple. It is deep within the forests, protected by the spirits. I... I'm afraid we know nothing about it. For as long as we have existed in these lands, not a single person could open its doors. We believed that whoever could was chosen by the spirits themselves, and I had hoped it would be one of our people, but...If it is calling to you..you must go." I followed, but I hardly understood. I shook my head but before I could speak the Chief insisted. "Now." He said.

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Khalfani †
1 Hour Later

The chief and I stood at the entrance of the village. Gryphon waited beside me as the chief adorned me in flowers and placed feathers and trinkets into my fur coat. I turned to my comrades with a nod. "I'll be back tonight." I said, knowing that Gryphon would bring me to this "Immortal Temple" in no time. My comrades nodded and there I was looking back at Elspa for answers. I knew he had none, but I was still confused. Slowly though I had been piecing things together. The dream, the glyph on the ground, it all made sense. Something was calling to me, but what? I wasn't ready to deal with another god. Not after being forgotten by Amun and rejecting Apophis. If there was another god calling to me, I was sure it was to face my punishment from one of the two. "You must never remove these gifts. These will protect you and bring you good luck." Elspa said. I nodded. "Thank you." Was all I could say before hopping atop Gryphon. "Let's go boy."

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Khalfani †
Gryphon soared through skies as if he was just as eager to get to where we needed to go. I was nervous, but as the wind ripped past me my nerves began to calm. Eventually, I was as still as the Oasis'. I was certain now that there were no gods out to ruin me, at least not right now. Whatever lied ahead was something great. Something or someone had chosen me for something I was yet unable to fathom. If it had anything to do with power I was in. In the days to come it was best that I absorb all of my resources. I was a man with a plan, after all. The frostbit breezes did not affect me or my steed. The ground below was soft and white. From up here I felt safest for I knew nothing of these lands. I came to Enca for one reason and fate would have that reason lead to another reason. Even after everything I had done, fate seemed to have more in store for me.

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Khalfani †
Me and fate did not get along, but I would play this little game. It was fun and I loved adventure. It only took about an hour or so for me to see the temple Elspa had mentioned. It was covered in snow and the doors were large, seemingly protected by a layer of ice. "Alright boy." I said to Gryphon as he roared like the lion he roared. The giant lion landed on a small hill about thirty meters away from the large temple. It looked like an avalanche had swallowed it and the sun had freed it. This was the moment I brought you too at the beginning of this little story. The moment before I would enter the temple and my life would change forever. I had no idea what was in store, but I could feel whatever was inside pulling me. It wanted me and in the same way, I wanted it.

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Khalfani †
Without another moment of waiting I slid down the heel and ran towards the door at full speed. Gryphon waited for me. Little did my loyal companion know, I was not coming out the person he had known. Before I did anything I could only gaze upon the giant door, etched with the same symbol I had created in my sleep back at the village. I traced the outline with my finger, a thin sheet of ice acting as a barrier between me and the door. Gently I placed my palm until the ice coating and closed my eyes, causing light to seep from my hand into the ice and shattering it. My hand fell through after the ice broke and touched the door, suddenly causing the markings to twist and turn until finally the doors slid open. This was the moment of truth. The moment I would either find myself descending to hell or finding some great treasure. Who knows? Maybe the treasure was in hell.

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Khalfani †
It was dark and cold before I stepped in, but when I finally entered the building the doors closed behind me and what I saw was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. Suddenly, all around me I could stars, comets, planets, even other questionable entities. This moment reminded me of when I was child and had met Apep's emissary. The only difference was that in that moment we were outside of what appeared to be the universe, in this moment I was at the center of the cosmos. In front of me I could see the world. The entire Earthland. My eyes widened in shock because everything I had learned turned out to be absolutely- "Khalfani..." a voice called from above. I looked up to see a womanly spirit figure moving towards me before our lips connected. Before I could even respond, I had been giving a kiss by a mysterious entity and before I could catch another glimpse as she pulled away, my vision faded. So many questions would go unanswered.

- Fade -

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