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Pest Control PT. 4 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 4 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Apr 15, 2022 10:36 pm


There was another person who had bought another one of the abandoned buildings in Orchidia City. It would seem like things were a bit out of whack here. There were a lot of rats inside the sewers. He had killed one of the leaders, but it seemed like there were a lot more. This was interesting and he would have to do something about it. Still, for now, he was going to take on jobs and clear out the buildings that needed his help. He had taken the job from the request board, and he was heading toward his destination.

He was going to meet up with another business owner. They wanted to clear up the building of the rat infestation that was in there. He was fine with clearing them out. He had experience in that matter, so it wouldn’t be too hard.

Yuurei and Renji would continue their venture toward their destination. It wouldn’t take long for them to arrive at that building.



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Yuurei would see there was a man waiting for him and when he was being approached the man would walk to Yuurei. They would stop at the same time and the man would smile at Yuurei. He took off his hat as he was ready to speak to him.

“It seems like I been blessed. Yuurei the man from Paradise has come to help me? That is beautiful. I’m assuming you know why I need help here today?” He asked him.

Yuurei would smile at him and Renji would stare him down. They would look at each other for a second before looking at the man again.

“Yes, I’ve come to help you out. I figured since I had experience in exterminating rodents, this would be another day in the park.” He said to his client.

He was happy to hear this. He knew that Yuurei had done this in the past. He was a business owner, and the others had already told him. He was just hoping he would get Yuurei and he was lucky.



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“That is good to hear Yuurei. I will let you have it then. The building I need to clear is the one in front of us. It’s a three-story building. The ground level, the basement, and the second floor. I tried to enter it, but I had to run out as soon as I got in. I hope you have a better chance than me.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he would look over to Renji.

“Hand me my gauntlet.” He said to his friend.

Renji would open his bag and soon enough Yuurei would be equipped with his gauntlet. Now that he was prepared, he would walk over to the building in front of him. He could hear a lot of noise coming from the other side, which meant there were a lot of them waiting for his arrival. He would sigh as he would gather himself as he would open his hands and started gathering his magic.



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The magic circles would appear floating and soon enough the stars would come out. They would move their way inside of Yuurei and he would feel himself becoming stronger than he was before. Now that it was then he would be able to take care of things without a problem. Yuurei would open the door and he would look back at his client before closing the door. Now that he was inside every creature in here would be alerted. He closed the door normally and they would start moving towards the front.

They were ready to attack whoever invaded their home. Yuurei was focused as he knew what he was dealing with already. It wouldn’t take long for two of the giant rats to appear from his left and right. He would see them rushing towards him, and when they got close, he would leap forward to avoid their attacks.

They would clash with each other, and Yuurei would turn to them as he ran to them. When he got in front of them, he would strike them both with two quick jabs. They would crash into the wall as the building would shake from the damage they would suffer.



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Yuurei would look around and it would seem like the running would stop. They were nervous because of what he had done. They were able to tell when one of them had met their end. He would move around the ground level as he figured he would go to them. He wasn’t scared of them, but he found them disgusting. As he moved around Renji would look behind Yuurei. He wanted to make sure that his friend wouldn’t get attacked from behind.

The berserker kept moving and he would see that they were on the defensive. They were waiting for him, and he would shake his head because this was futile. They should have run away the moment their companions died that way. He wasn’t going to tell them what to do and he would run toward the rats in front of him. They would his and would get ready to slash at him when he got too close. The other one was ready to bite him as well.



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Yuurei would see this, and he would smile at them. He was moving too fast for them to handle, and he would go beyond. His gauntlet would take some of his mana, and he would be charged up with more power. They wouldn’t be able to attack at this point. Yuurei was too fast and the punches that he connected on the rats that were in the room were too much. It was too strong, and they would splat on the wall with how much force was behind his right hand.

The rats there were nervous now, but it was too late. They would try to run away from him, but Yuurei had rushed toward them. He would punch them all with one hit and they would meet the same end as their companion. Their death was quick though, so they wouldn’t have felt anything after the initial impact. He would make sure that this room was clear before going onto the next room of the building.



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Yuurei would go into the next room, and he would see that there were a lot of rats in this room. It would seem like this was going to be fun. They had started running around the room. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would be in the middle, and they were surrounding him. That was fine with him as he would look at wait to attack. When it was time, he would see one of them slow down. He would rush towards them, and he would punch the crap out of it as he would send it flying to its death.

He would move into another rodent, and he would take it out as quickly as he did the first one. The rodent would meet its end, which would cause the others to be nervous. This would bring them to lose their formation as they were trying to live. Yuurei would see this, and he would take advantage of the situation. He would start attacking all the rodents in the room. They were dying one by one and soon he would clear the room of the rodent problem.



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Yuurei continued to move through the building that he was in. When he moved through the place, he would find more rats and he would easily dispose of them. They didn’t stand a chance against him. They also hesitated a lot and would run when it was too late. There were a lot of rodents though, and because of that Yuurei would take a few hours to clear it all up. The walls and the floors were a mess though, but at least his client wouldn’t have to deal with the pest problems.

The light mage continued to check the place as he had gone through to the second floor and there, he would find more of them. He would clean the house in that area and soon enough there wouldn’t be any rodents there as well. Yuurei would finally make it to the basement as he would find that there were a lot of rodents there.



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Yuurei would clear out the basement of the rodent problem. It was nice to feel like he was accomplishing something today. His journey would come to an end when it came to fighting. The place no longer had rats, which would bring him to disperse all his magic. He didn’t need it anymore and he would start walking around the basement. He figured that there would be a hole somewhere. The light mage would start searching the entire place. He wanted to get this done, so he could start doing the next step his client wanted him to do.

It wouldn’t take him a long time, but he would find the hole. It would seem like it was large enough for a lot of things to go in and out of. Yuurei would go around the basement until he found something that he could use to cover the hole. When he did, he would cover the spot as he would be done with that part of the job.



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Now that he was done with that, Yuurei started walking around the building. He was doing his next task at hand. He was inspecting this place to make sure that there was loot for him to present to the client. The light mage moved through the place carefully. He didn’t want to miss anything around him. While he was doing this, he would find a bunch of valuable things.

The berserker would move around as he was collecting them. He would look at Renji and he would put them in his friend’s bag. Their scavenger hunt would continue for quite some time. It was fun to do that because he felt like a little kid. Still, he was planning on keeping the items but felt like it wasn’t worth it right now. He kept moving through the place and soon enough he would be able to find everything that he could within the three floors. Now that it was over, they would be able to leave this place.



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Yuurei and Renji would find themselves on the ground level again. The light mage would walk over to the door, and he would open it up. He would see that the client was waiting for him. They would smile at each other and Yuurei would make his way closer.

When he got close enough, he would come to a stop as he would look around and then at his client.

“I cleared out all the rodents inside of the building. They were weak, so it was easy to take care of. I covered the hole in the basement, but you need to be able to get that fixed. I also found a lot of stuff that might be valuable for you to sell.” He said this as Renji would open up his bag and everything would fall out.

When the client saw this, he was happy with Yuurei’s work and he would hand him the money. This would bring Yuurei to make sure that the money was there and then went on his way back to Paradise Dawn.


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