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What's Mine is Mine PT. 6(Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 6(Neutral) Empty Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:16 pm

It was a beautiful day within the Northern Region. Yuurei was enjoying his day outside of Paradise Dawn. He was on the edge of the mountains there. The beautiful sight before him, and the water that would endlessly fall. It was a beautiful day and beside him would be his trusty sidekick, Renji. They were both next to each other enjoying their time together. Of course, things would turn out differently if it was any other day, but a good day would be ruined. A messenger from the guild would find themselves heading towards the two.

They had a letter with them, and it was from Cliff. The man was going to be a bother for them, but at least he paid well. While he continued enjoying his time, he would hear the steps approaching him and he would turn to look at the man. Yuurei would laugh a bit because he knew why he was here.



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The messenger would feel nervous at first when they heard Yuurei’s laugh but would relax. They came here for one thing, and it was to give the letter to him. They would hand him the letter, and Yuurei would take it without hesitating. He would stop laughing and smile at the man as he grabbed the letter. He would turn to look back at the scenery in front of him. He would enjoy it as he would open the letter to see what he had to say. The light mage would start reading everything and when he got to the end of it, he would sigh as he would shred the letter and let it go with the wind.

“It seems like we’re going to be working for Cliff today.” He said to Renji as he would get up and onto his feet.

“Another sweaty day, but at least they’re paying us right?” He asked Yuurei as he knew the answer already, but wanted reassurance.

“Yes, if not he already knows what’s going to happen to him.” He said to Renji as he jump off the edge and turn transformed into his Angelos form to get to the destination faster.



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Yuurei would fly through the sky as he was traveling through the North Region. He moved through everything as people would watch him. He was moving quickly, so they would see more of a blur than anything. As he continued his traveling Renji would hold onto him as tight as he could, so he didn’t go flying. He would enjoy the way this feeling was. He felt stronger and different in this form. He was taller and this mask was cool. He could enjoy this form, but how was he going to make it so he could last longer in this form? He had to think about it as they continued their journey.

The Nephilim would soon see that Dawncliff Mine, and there he would soar through the sky, and he would start descending towards the ground. The people outside would see the mysterious person land on the ground. Yuurei would see that he was still in his transformation, and he would disperse it.



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Yuurei’s wings would disperse from his back, and he would start to get smaller. His mask would come off, and he would reveal to everybody who he was. They were surprised to see that it was Yuurei, and they would step away from it. He would wave at everybody because he was happy to see that they were all working. The light mage would look around to see where Cliff was. He figured he would want him to work hard and right away, so he would be here. The man wasn’t here, but it was probably because Yuurei had gotten here so quickly.

He would walk over to the entrance of the mine as he would lean on the wall. The light mage would close his eyes while Renji would look around. He was waiting for Cliff to show up while Yuurei would rest up waiting for him.

“I guess we should have just walked over here instead.” He said to Renji as he waited for the man’s arrival.



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After a few minutes, someone would be approaching Yuurei and Renji. The Exceed would see the people who were moving towards them, and he would wave at them. It made sense that he would come with more than one person. Still, it would seem like he didn’t know about Yuurei’s ability as a lot of people here were surprised about it. Cliff would make his way towards Yuurei and when he got close, he would come to a stop. The man would look at him as he had his eyes closed and then he would look over to the Exceed that was on his shoulder.

“Is he okay? Or did he not sleep enough?” He asked him wondering what Renji would say to him.

Renji would shrug as he didn’t listen to him, and he would look over to Yuurei with a smile on his face. He would pat his friend on the shoulder to wake him up.



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“Yuu wake up, he’s here with his little bodyguards.” He said to Yuurei as he waited for something to happen.

Yuurei would open his eyes slowly as he would rub them for a bit to see that Cliff had finally arrived. He would look at the bodyguards as well and he would smile at them too. He would look over to Cliff and he would stare into his eyes.

“You had met waiting too long. How about you give me everything, so I can get you what you want.” He said to Cliff.

The man could hear Yuurei and he would laugh a bit as he would look over at the bodyguard. The man would nod as he would approach Yuurei and he would hand him the helmet and the pickaxe. They knew not to mess with this man because of everything that was said about him. They weren’t getting paid enough to take him on.



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Yuurei would grab the equipment that was given to him, and he would check everything. The helmet was good and durable. It was also able to have its light turned on, which was a good thing. He would knock on it a few more times, and then he would stop. He would look over to the pickaxe and he would check outs its durability. When he saw that it was good to go, he would look at Cliff and his bodyguard and he would wave at them.

“We will be back with everything that you want.” He would say to Cliff.

Yuurei would walk into the mine without hesitating. The Nephilim moved through the path as he was rushing toward his destination. He wondered how things were going in the place. He made his way through it all as he would turn on the light on his helmet. While he was walking around he would bump into the fork in the road and he would go to the only one that was open.



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Yuurei would start walking down the path as he would start hearing the noise. It was of the men working in the mine. The Nephilim would get to the other spot and there he would see everyone working hard. He would wave at them, but they would ignore him. He kept moving though and he would see that there were a lot of people working. Yuurei kept moving through the area and he would see that people were truly working in the place that he had left them.

The light mage would continue moving through the area and soon enough he would see the tunnel that he created. The Nephilim would start walking through the path and soon enough he would make his through the one he had created. While he was going through it, he could see that nobody had explored this place. When he got to the end, he would see that there was a lot more in this mine for him to mine.



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Yuurei would choose an area and he would start mining this place. He would get to work, and while he was doing that Renji would get off his shoulder and he would start working. Yuurei was getting the materials out of the walls, and Renji would store them. He would make his way around the area for a few hours. They would sweat a lot more due to how far they had gotten in the mine. Still, it was something that Yuurei would be able to handle, and with Renji’s help, that was good.  

The two of them continued their work and they were able to gather a lot of things. It would seem like things were going well, and he was hoping that Cliff would leave him alone after this. He would wipe the sweat that was on his face, and he would look over at Renji.

“Let’s get out of here. I want to shower and continue to enjoy my day.” He said to her his friend.



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Renji would hear this and he would get onto Yuurei’s shoulder as he would look around the place.

“Yeah we can definitely get out of here. I think you need to tell Cliff you don’t want to work for him anymore.” He said to Yuurei.

He shook his head when he heard that, but he wasn’t sure if he could through with that. Yuurei started walking through the mine as he would see that the men there were working hard. He figured that they thought he would clean out the mine, but he knew not to do that. He wasn’t going to explain that to them, so he kept moving.

While moving through the mine he would retrace his steps. It would allow him to go through everything quickly as he would find himself making his way to the end of the place. He would see a bright light in the end and knew he was about to be done.



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Yuurei would get out of the mine, and they would cover their eyes because of how light everything was. They would be out in the open and his eyes would adjust quickly. He would look over around the area and he would see Cliff was waiting for him. He would walk over to the man, and he would smile at him.

“Here you go. I got you with everything you need for a long time.” He said to Cliff.

Renji would open the bag as he would allow all the materials to in upon the wheel barrel in front of them. Cliff would see the number of materials that appeared, and they were surprised, yet happy. He would look over to Yuurei and he would walk over to him, and he would give Yuurei the jewels that he was getting paid for. The light mage would take the stuff and he would make his way back to Paradise Dawn.

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