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Ex's Closet [Quest: Vyra]

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Ex's Closet [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:30 pm

Seldom legitimate jobs came through to non guilded mages, particularly within Hargeon. If you were not Blue Pegasus, most often it would be that the jobs tasked out either were far beneath that of what would be expected of any sort of mage, or otherwise would be so much more demanding and unrealistic that it would have been foolhardy to believe that anyone would have dared actually pursue them. Thus, when those sorts of jobs were listed, eventually they would be left for so long that whatever threat had existed would have unfortunately overrun whatever it may have been that had been there, or instead the job would eventually be sent off to the actual guilds to handle. Almost never though, was it the case that people whom were not in the actual guilds would have any honest chances at completing them. When Vyra was going through the job listing, she could very quickly tell that this was not one of those.



Ex's Closet [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:30 pm

Not something that should have surprised her at this point. More than anything, jobs made available to those who were either not with Blue Pegasus or other known guilds within Fiore within Hargeon were effectively limited to only a handful of options, none of which were terribly worthwhile. Neither in terms of the compensation, nor the time required for it. If anything, they seemed more like chores to Vyra, tasks that were forced to be done for the sake of being done, ones that could have been easily handled by the contract pursuer, but was chosen to be handled by someone else instead in a reasoning that could have only been described as a case of laziness and nothing more. That nature left many people to not want to bother handling the tasks before them, but Vyra at this point had found herself in a situation that hardly afforded that freedom.



Ex's Closet [Quest: Vyra] Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:30 pm

On the bright side, if there had been one, it was that this job was fairly simply in its own right. Though it was a bit on the shadier side in regards to the legality behind it, it did have the slight upside in that it paid a little bit better than what otherwise may have been given to her. It weren’t a kid that was looking to win some fishing contest, but something which a man was actually putting capital behind. And all she had to do was to go in and steal a small box, not something that she felt terribly proud about, but how she conducted herself with the Hargeon Docks hardly left her with any room to speak ill of her behaviors. And to her benefit, it would have been a job which much like her dock behavior, would not have been made known outside of those who hired her. Sneaking in as about as stealthily as a drunken cat may have been, she was able to relatively easily find the item in question that she was hired to retrieve for her client, and outside of a small dog that she was able to deal with by building a cute little pillow fort and stuffing the thing in the middle of, it was a job that went off without any sort of issue whatsoever.


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