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Tournament Arc IV

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Putting up her hair, she was standing in her hotel room. Her eyes corner to see that Suzaku was running around, having fun with their own little stuffed animal that she got her. A small smile escaped her lips as she then looked back at the mirror to see her eyes turning more red. She was hoping that she will be able to understand why her eyes were doing this. Suzaku came over and stood right next to her, looking up at her and wondered why she was being sad. Quilla wondered. What did she mean as she was literally smiling. Her adopted daughter was trying to tell her that she cannot hide her frown behind the smile as it was fake. She sighed softly and told her that she was going through some things that she did not understand herself, and someday she will understand when she grows older.



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She looked at her sweet adoptive daughter and wondered if perhaps she enjoyed being the age she was right now. Instead of growing slowly like a normal human. She shrugged and smiled and told her that she kind of enjoyed being this age as she was able to enjoy the little things that she would have to wait for. Afterwards, she wondered what it was like to be an adult, and that was when Quilla was telling her that she should wait for that. She nodded, understanding, and then went back to her playing. That she was going on submission and to stay put inside the hotel room where everything she needed would be. Ragnar will take care of her. After putting the rest of her attire on, she started to leave and lock the door behind her. She was afraid to leave her behind, but she didn't want her to be in danger.



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She and softly, and she saw the guy who she has been seeing a lot recently show up. His green eyes and slicked back black hair. She couldn't miss him. He was pretty tall and was a little thin. Yeah, that didn't mean he wasn't strong. She went towards the sign ups and stretched as she was waiting for her turn. After signing up, she went to go say hi to him and he bowed gently greeting her. He wondered how she was doing and she started to tell him the little story about how she fought a dragon and saved a little girl, and now she was taking care of her. He just gave us sweet light smile as he was telling her how great she was. She wondered if he knew who he was fighting against or with yet. He shook his head no, sadly as she wanted to know.



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She was a little disappointed, but that was OK. She walked towards the list as she heard it being stamped upon the board. As soon as she saw who she was fighting against, she wondered who Floki was. As soon as her new friend came up to the board and saw who he was fighting against, he frowned and looked towards her. Her eyes wandered low, little confused. She saw him walk away. And that was when it was her turn to go in. She didn't have long as, apparently her fight was first. Before she left, she saw who she was fighting first that she had a fight. Two people today before getting to this Floki guy. She stretched and yawned once more as her light eyes looked forward towards the gate. Once she got there, she saw that she was fighting against some girl and some summoning pet.



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She wondered why I pets were allowed, as she would have brought her moogle. That's not true, since Monty couldn't do anything. She knew once Monty found their home that she would find a companion who can battle with her. She knew she wouldn't last long without a companion. Right at this moment, Monte was searching for his home through a map at the hotel, but also watching Suzaku. Her eyes looked at the girl with the summoning and saw that she was about 10 years old. Why was the 10 year old fighting here? She quickly brought her so it up as the companion went towards her. If throughout fire from its mouth as she then used her star spell to hit the fire. The fire was apparently a week, so the bull it kind of destroyed the fire. She lifted her hand up quickly to do her own spell.



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Once her hand was lifted up all the way, she then snapped her fingers, creating a large circle under the summoning. Added a crack as it then destroyed the summoning pet. The little girl was sad and then lifted her hand up as she gave up and forfeited. After the girl left, her new competitor came out. This guy was really buff. But she knew that with her power and abilities, that she would be able to defeat this person easily. Someday she will get a better weapon than this sword in her hand. For now, it will have to do. The sweater in her brow started to drip as she was in the heat of the battle. The man with the sword came forward as they clashed swords once again.

Her own defense, she was able to stomp her heel against the ground as it created an earthquake underneath both of them. Before he could move, it started to rumble and then destroy his body and sword. Armor was not allowed, so it just destroyed his body instead of just armor. He slowly retreated as he then looked at his side that was cracked. He threw it down and went forward towards her and that was when she finger banging towards him and shot a star at his face. He fell down and was knocked out and she looked up at the face of the person who was in charge of the judgment. Thumbs were up so she went home with her reward.



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