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What's Mine is Mine PT. 5(Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 5(Neutral) Empty Sun Apr 10, 2022 6:08 pm

Yuurei had taken a break from doing the mining for Cliff. He had told him to slow it down with the mining, and it would seem like he would do just like that. He was able to do other things in the North, which was a good thing. Of course, all things would come to an end. How did he know? Well, while he was in Paradise Dawn somebody would approach him as he was at the bar. He was drinking a bit, and he would be approached. The Nephilim would look over at the person and saw it was one of the people from his division. They would hand over the letter, and he would accept it without hesitating.

He would take it as he would finish his entire drink and he would spin around the chair for a bit. He knew it would come, but he didn’t know how long it would be. He would get up from his chair and he would stretch a bit.



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Renji would jump off his chair and he would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder. He would look at the letter as he was waiting for Yuurei to open the letter. He would do just that as he knew who it had come from. The insignia was from one person, and he knew that much. The Nephilim would start reading it through it and it would seem like he was being called for the restocking of materials. The berserker would rub Renji on his head as he would get ready to go.

They would start walking out of the guildhall and would make their way to their destination. It wasn’t going to be hard to get work done for Cliff and he knew that much. He was just glad that his client was taking his advice and slowing it down. Yuurei figured that the other miners would need the materials just as much as he did. His travel was going at a normal pace, and it was a smooth pace to go in.



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When Yuurei got to the mining area he would see that there were a lot of people out of the mining area. It looked like they were taking a break from their work. It seemed like today was a busy day for these guys. That was good because it meant that they were working hard. While she walked through the area, a bunch of them would look at him. They were surprised to see him here again. They thought he might have been done with mining, but that wasn’t the case. It bothered them because they knew he was going to mine a large number of materials today.

He would wave at them as he didn’t think anything of it. They would wave back at him because of who he was and because of the power that he was known for.

“Well, they aren’t going to be happy with you today. I guess you can make it up to them by saving their lives in the future.” Renji said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would shake his head at the words Renji spoke. Still, he wasn’t wrong, but it was something he didn’t want to hear. He didn’t speak a word about what was said. Instead, he would find himself looking around to see if he could find where Cliff was. It wouldn’t take long for him to find the man. He was at the usual spot, and it would seem like he had bodyguards with him. The light mage wasn’t sure the reason behind it, but he wasn’t going to put his nose into unknown territory. When he got close enough Cliff would have a smile on his face. It looked like the man was excited to see him.

He figured this man was happy to be able to get easy and quick materials.

“Yuurei you came! I’m happy you got my letter! Business is booming and I need you to resupply me with the materials in the mine!” He said to Yuurei as the Nephilim looked at Cliff and the men who were with him.  



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Yuurei figured he brought the men either for him or so other people didn’t get any ideas.

“Sure, I will get you what you need, so no worries. As long as you keep sending me letters in this time span, then I don’t have anything against it.” He said to Cliff.

Cliff was happy to hear that as he wasn’t sure what this mage would say. Still, he would look at one of his guards and they would walk towards Yuurei. They would hand him his helmet and his pickaxe once again. He would smile at the big guys because he was sure he could take them on. Still, he wasn’t going to measure his dick to see if he was the bigger one. He would just put the helmet on him, and he would check to see if the light was working. When he checked it seemed like his helmet was good to go.



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Yuurei would then check his pickaxe to make sure that it was fine. He didn’t need this guy to set him up. Once everything was clear and he was good to go, the berserker would start walking into the mine. He was quick to make his entrance and while he was walking through the path, he made sure that everything around him was stable. He would get to the once fork in the road, and he would move to his only path. He kept moving through and when he got to the next spot, he would see that there was nobody around. It would seem like they were all outside and taking a break.

That was good because he wouldn’t have to hear anybody bothering him or staring at him. The light mage would continue walking as he was going deeper into the mine than last time. He figured that they would soon get to the location he had mined before, and he wanted them to have things to dig up.



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Yuurei would eventually make his way to an area that he had never been before. It was different than before as it seemed a bit narrower than any other place. He wasn’t sure, but he felt that there was something different about it. It was a dead-end at this point, but he figured it was time to start digging. The Nephilim would start working and Renji would get off his shoulder because he knew that he would also be working. He would quickly make work of the materials on the wall, and Renji would quickly pick things up and placed them in his bag.

He would continue digging though as he knew he would have to do this for a few hours. The last thing he wanted to do was go back to Cliff with several materials that would have him being called to work again really quickly. Renji was working so they would have more money for food of course.



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Yuurei would continue working with Renji for hours. It would seem like a bunch of the miners would eventually come back to working as well. It would seem like they were really taking a break. That was good because he thought Cliff threatened them and kick them out of the mine. He kept getting materials out of their place as Renji would collect them. He started to wonder how long it would take for them to clear out this mine. It would be bad for business because then they would need work elsewhere.

He would continue thinking about that as he was coming to an end with all the mining he was doing today. He knew what he had was enough for Cliff to work for and sell for quite some time. It would give these miners time to collect what they wanted and see them in stores as well. He was hoping things would work this way for quite a long time.



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When Yuurei and Renji were basically done, something would happen. He wasn’t expecting this, but the ground started shaking, which would make those in the mine nervous as hell. They knew where it was coming from. It was from the direction where Yuurei and Renji were in. The light mage was ready to run, but he would see something was happening. A piece of the wall would start to collapse and when the debris cleared out from the area, something was revealed. It would seem like the light mage had created another path.

Okay, it was already there, it seemed, but he was sure that it was caved in once upon a time. Still, now that he was able to open that up, the miners would be able to go deeper within the mines to get stuff. Renji would collect any materials that fell because of the sudden shake and he would look over to Yuurei as he would climb on his shoulder.



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Now it was time to go; he didn’t have time to look at what was down there, but he knew he could do that another time. Yuurei would walk out of the path he had come from and then the area where he mined last time. Nobody was in this place, which meant they still had a lot of stuff where everyone was mining. He would continue walking as he would see that people were still there. They would all sigh in relief because they thought something bad happened deeper in the cave, but it was nothing. Yuurei wasn’t going to tell them what he found. He figured they would find out soon.

He kept moving through the cave quietly as Renji was waiting for them to get hit with the fresh air that was out of the cave. Their walk back was nice because it was quiet, and they didn’t have to worry about anybody. Still, he could see that they were coming to the exit soon enough.



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Yuurei would finally make it to the exit and when he was out, he would stretch his arms into the air as he would take in the fresh air. He would exhale it soon after as he would look to see that Cliff was waiting for him. The Nephilim would make his way to his client as he would look at all the guards again.

“I got everything that you need.” He said to Cliff.

Renji would open his bag and a bunch of materials would come out of the bag and into the wheel barrel that Cliff had. Cliff would see everything that would appear in the barrel, and he would look excited about all of this. He would walk over to Yuurei as he would hand him his jewels for the work.

The light mage would take the money that was owed to him, and he would make sure that it was all in there. Once he was done with that, he would make his way back to Paradise Dawn.

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