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And We'll all float on, Alright- Jove, Skald, +1 Invite [TDC: Festival]

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And We'll all float on, Alright- Jove, Skald, +1 Invite [TDC: Festival] Empty Sat Apr 09, 2022 7:03 pm


Walking the streets inside the land of Joya, Jikan found the land so enchanting and soothing. So far away and isolated from the land of Fiore. It was the perfect place to Jikan back, have fun, and not be here. Up in Fiore she had....unconventional ways to get things done. Sometimes it was for good, other times it was for herself. As a result, she at times, more often then not, did things that were not agreed on with the way she did things due to legal reasons. Other it was simply because the ones in charge were against it, and by a product of Jikan's actions going against them and their influence, they managed to turn the scales of view towards their side.

Here at least she did not have to worry about that annoying thing. There people weren't under Fiore. The powers did not care about her as long she kept her head down. And it was time for fun, and she was not going to deny herself.  Dressed in her little dragon outfit, her identity was perfectly hidden. She even played with her voice, somehow speaking in an even more feminine voice that was different to what she normally spoke in. She was going to join in the parties, maybe make floaties and paper mache creates. Just anything to relax and have fun.

There was so many possibilities in the night.

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#2Judith Karlinius 

And We'll all float on, Alright- Jove, Skald, +1 Invite [TDC: Festival] Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 5:55 am

Judith Karlinius
Suppose if there was always something nice to do, It was visiting and seeing things new and interesting, Thus upon an offer of going to Joya. Judith would use it as a chance to learn a few things.She was a bit late to joining these festivals as much as she would like too but she would not complain in about it.

And if anything the fact it was more an evening time celebration means it was something else a bit more interesting as well to Judith."I really should have gotten the dress code down for this area..."Judith mentioned to her self but did not mind in the end since well it was better to see explore and learn. She was already interested and easily losing track of things being in Joya anyway. So she maybe needed to see things that could focus her mind a bit better.

Just what would that focus be? Surely there was good options for this situation. But first a walk around as always would be. She would ponder if she would be able to find anyone she knew from fiore around here? Know these kinds of festivals it was surely a simple thing for such a thing. Then again maybe these times Judith should not just have went off on her own like she always tended to do, But in some ways she could not help herself. There was so many things to see, do and try that just made Judith so happy to have, She felt like the actual age she would be that in which is a young elf lady and not a older human that she had been for the longest time, So she would go exploring for the most part then continue on her way to see what else was around.

So then Judith would look upon one person while she had been walking around with her dragon outfit. How well and detailed it was Judith would use this time to finally choose to talk to some one. Being nice about at first in her casual walk over to who she did not know yet was Jikan, Then again Judith looked a bit different since Jikan last saw her. But finally coming over stopping and tapping Jikan on the shoulder."Pardon me, Do you happen to speak Fiorian?"As she wanted to be sure she was able to talk to them at least first.

It still sounded like Judith, Even if she was taller with elf ears and red horns, Could almost say this new Judith had stolen the Judith she was use too's voice and put it into this taller elf woman's body, but her hair was not pure white and not lavender, with red eyes and not purple."I might have to consider i am talking to a person who does not understand me."Judith started considering that a situation happening to her right now. But alas we needed to wait for what would happen.



And We'll all float on, Alright- Jove, Skald, +1 Invite [TDC: Festival] Empty Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:08 pm

Skald’s decision to follow his Lady jikan wherever she went wasn’t just a hollow offer; he’d follow her into the depths of hell if she asked. But with them being so far away from the turmoil and the battles that would eventually ensue… There was a median that could be met here. A way to relax and enjoy themselves away from it all. Though he’d make sure to give her ample amount of distance so she wouldn’t feel muffled by his presence. The black fox with many a tail would instead be dressed in what looked to be a more eastern sort of vibe.

Long flowing robes that were white and gold in color, a small fox mask that rested over his face. Though it was wide enough that it hid that he actually was a fox and was deep enough to where his muzzle sat nicely. His ears sat within that of the fiber’s and the coloration of that was red and white. His fur had been magically tailored to fit more in the semblance of what was a ‘spirit’ meaning that it was wholly white rather than the black that he ussually had.

Meaning it’d be difficult to ascertain that it was him; a good way to enjoy the parties and nuances of the night. His smile was hidden behind his mask and he’d give sweeping bows or little graceful movements to those he came across. To some he was imposing normally; but today he was jovial and cheerful seeming. He couldn’t twist his voice like his lady and wouldn’t try but at the very least he’d at least act the part of a mischievous fox.

Hearing someone address jikan; his icy blue eyes would flick in that direction. They seemed to be harmless for the most part and this was a party… but his demeanor wouldn’t change just because someone asked his Lady if they spoke Fiorian. It was a harmless question and the fact they didn’t seem to recognize either of them… well…


With a small chuckle that wasn’t normally fitting for the fox he’d step over; peaking from under the mask with a grin that split his face ear to ear. It was very unlike his normal self. But that was fine. Who was going to guess it was him? Not she.

It’s interesting to hear someone talk like that in Joya. Travelin too I take it~?



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It was nice to be out and about. Free in this new region participating in the culture endeavors of the people. Allowed to be under a layer of anonymity that allowed her to do more as she wished. Moving around she enjoyed being in her dragon outfit as she simply allowed herself to walk around. There were news of activites that could be done and Jikan would particpate in them in due time. But there had to be other things she could do as well. Perhaps go out to one of the outside stands and try a food or drink? Many cultures had different ways of preparing food as well as recipes, maybe she could find some sweet pastry to savior?

In the middle of this thought, a person would come to her. Jikan would feel a tap on her shoulder before she would turn around. Her little dragon head that covered her face bobbing a little as her body shifted. As she did so she saw the face of her greeter. The person spoke in Fiorian, perhaps they were a visitor as well? Maybe had a question? Well...she supposed she could respond. "Hello, yes, I know Fiorian", Jikan spoke in a voice that was not her normal voice and would continue it for the time she spoke with this person. A voice that was higher and more feminine than her normal voice. She wanted some peace and separation from any fame she had after all. Hopefully her adorable outfit could help with that.

It was strange though, the voice, sounded familair? She was not entirly sure from where though. And the person, well they had a very interesting look. Jikan was not sure if they were an elf or a type of daemon. Or maybe they were one and the other characteristic was a costume?? Eyes were red, hair was some sort of white lavander from the looks of it. This was some strange appearance they had. "Is there something that I can help you with??".

After speaking another person would come it seemed. A fellow in a fox outfit, a lovely mask with an interesting fur color. Was this another stranger? Oh, no no it was Skald. She knew it was him as soon as he spoke, although he was talking different than he normally did, his voice that she had grown to know was indeed there. Perhaps she would play like she did not know him?

”Oh hello there stranger. I'm finding more people who speak Fiorian here than I thought. Oh my!!! That is a lovely outfit you have there", Jikan said to Skald as he stepped over. "I say, there are many interesting looks people are putting on today".

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#5Judith Karlinius 

And We'll all float on, Alright- Jove, Skald, +1 Invite [TDC: Festival] Empty Tue May 10, 2022 1:16 pm

Judith Karlinius
Was there something she could be helped with? maybe there was a few things in the end that could be done here. She just did not understand this area "Well, I don't normally travel anywhere beyond Magnolia so learning and finding things on my interest is a bit of a challenge since I can not read anything."She openly admitted. But it was a good conversation she was having with some one so far, it was kind of relaxing not that Judith had much worry on her mind. But now she had some one else able to speak to her in a language she knew of.

Then well she would continue on anyway. It was not like she was looking for much just a few small things to collect."I have not seen much to stand out yet in terms of objects for my husband would want."Maybe these things would start collecting the pieces together and slowly progress into something that would be fun for Jikan, To start learning this was Judith in the most confusing way possible, unless they exchanged names again. But that did not seem to be happening yet, there was other ways for things to be fix that connection.

"If anything currently it is delightful to find some one that speak Fiorian right now."Then she should actually lead into things she was looking for. It was simple to find, Almost typical Judith behaviour."I am looking to see while I am here if i can buy some spices and tea to bring back to Fiore to use for work."these both were typical Judith things to get. There was more on her list but she would make sure it was light and easy to bring around. Another thing that would be pretty simple to find as well.

"I am also looking to see what kind of alcohol they sell here as well."Very simple and small list it could be. Judith just needed a bit of guide to find these things to keep on going. Hopefully Jikan could be helpful in this situation, Even if there was a festival going on, maybe Judith could be lucky and find these things, if not she could just travel back to Joya eventually. Currently that was the situation Jikan mentioned to Judith then well would let Jikan talk to some one she knew, since it seemed they were closer then Judith and Jikan was.



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