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Name: Tuva

Age: April 1st, X776

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevenese, Icebergian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Tattoo: Upper Back - Black

Face: 2B - NieR: Automata


Height: 5'4
Weight: 154lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Rustic Brown

Overall: Tuva's eyes are a rustic brown that could be seen as redder than anything. The angrier she gets, the redder and dark they become. Her hair is snow-white as it shines on a sunny day and has a glow-like reflection when it's dark. She keeps herself fully organized as her outfits are ironed and cleaned to perfection, and she makes sure her hygiene is nothing but the best. The young woman even brings wipes and other necessities to clean herself up if she gets dirty or in a fight as she never knows when she'll need them.

Her favorite attire is a black dress that pushes up her large breasts like a corset as the skirt part goes down to her knees, sometimes above, depending on the posture and position. Her assets are significant from all the squats she does during her job at a cafe and gym activities. The portions of her body are perfect, like the art of a goddess from Icebergian itself. Finally, her skin is relatively flawless; besides the birthmark, she has a skull.

Extra: She has a skull birthmark on her body.


Personality: She loves her independence as she forbids anyone from telling her what to do. It could be seen as a dominant trait. Traveling along for so long turned her into enjoying no one's company as she developed into a lone wolf. When she's traveling or taking missions with someone, she feels the need to know them more, as doing things with strangers makes her feel awkward. Tuva is rather honest with what she wants to say if asked a question or told to speak her mind. The young woman finds that hiding things is rather time-wasting when she could be doing better things.

Her emotions are sometimes out of control, as she can have intense anger, sadness, and even pure happiness. Overall, she can be shy if she finds someone attractive and connects with them.  Her tones change without her being able to do anything about it because it depends on how she feels at the moment. Tuva, by all means, knows she's attractive, loves hearing it, and doesn't believe otherwise as she worked too hard to be told otherwise when it comes to her body. She's intelligent in different matters such as with people, what's going on with things, and science, as her mother taught her best. When it comes to romance, she always asks her mother for advice. The main thing about Tuva is that her personality is not consistent as it will change randomly. Finally, when it comes to family, she loves them dearly and watches them afar, even if they know she doesn't exist. She hopes that someday she can let them know she's there, even if they're half-siblings.

  • Nature It makes her feel at peace as she loves to garden and watch nature, including animals.
  • Music Music makes her feel at peace.

  • Poor Quality Poor quality food, drinks and entertainment bores her.
  • Anti-Equality She despises those who cannot accept others for what they are. As all races and people can come together and make something better, or so she believes.

  • Destroy Nobility Her mother hated nobles and even despised Royalty. The influences she received as well as the lessons she was taught made her also hate them. Someday she hopes to help destroy the current nobles and the system of Fiore.

  • Enslavement The last thing she wants is to be ruled over and owned like some doll.
  • Deep Water She has a fear of deep dark water where you can't see what's in it. They are filled with mysterious creatures that still haven't been discovered.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 26

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Astro Devastation

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental: Light

Magic Description: Tuva can create star-like creations with her magic as it can be used for mainly offensives, but also other things that are allowed within her capabilities. They shine bright as she tends to make spells that are named after stars. She also enjoys making things out of her earth like sand components and manipulating the Earth within her whim as she believes it speaks to her.


History: Tuva comes from a mother who created her out of science. During the times of being desperate due to sanity being so low, she used her full capabilities to do what needed to be done and used her lover to create her. Her father doesn't know she exists, but as far as Tuva feels, she doesn't need him. She loves her mother but believes that independence is better than being smothered with love, affection, and being told what to do. Throughout time, in a literal sense, she grew up older than usual as she learned things faster than anyone with an ordinary sense of time. She has made no friends throughout her travels, but she feels that happiness comes from herself. She barely talks to her mother, and her siblings don't know she exists as she left before they were found.

During the war, she learned from her mother about the nobles and the Royals, and she started to ignore the signs till she found out for herself how horrible they indeed were. She met a girl once who was sweet, beautiful, and loved by her village but was sold to some noble who threatened to burn their town if she didn't come with him. Tuva was too weak as she hadn't trained during those times. It made her feel like she should be one of the people to take them down. The King? He has done nothing to stop the nobles. Her mother knows a lot and learns much from her. Thankfully, she has her to learn the things that many don't find out till it's too late.

Many years later, she found a guild with her taste. Within time, she made a friend with one of them and was invited to join. For now, she won't let anyone know who her family is as it is better this way.

Reference: Alt

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Almost everything looks fine on this application except for the combo-element chosen. As per the description of the enhancement, the combined elements may not conflict one another. Here, earth overpowers lightning. You may either change the element or change the enhancement to double elemental magic.

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Finished my edit.


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This character application has been approved.

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