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Deface Property [Quest: Vyra]

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Deface Property [Quest: Vyra] Empty Thu Apr 07, 2022 12:51 pm

The more run down areas of Hargeon left plenty to be desired, much of which were points that Vyra had little reason to personally want to be around. It wasn’t just the contrast of the area against htat of Blue Pegasus and the grounds around there, but also the general feeling of the area. It was more run down, ugly, to put it plainly even, something that she seldom wished to be around, having spent enough time between Hargeon and other places in these same sort of run down regions. That was the hardship and tragedy surrounding all of this, that these areas were not much different than that of what she had seen and experienced through beforehand. In a way, this was her revisiting her past, although this was her revisiting it now from the perspective of someone who had managed to escape that past, albeit with help and not particularly on her own accord.



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The experience as a whole left her uneasy, not wanting to further move through the area as it was. Eventually, the fear began to come to a point where she found herself almost paralyzed in fright, fearful of bad memories that had existed once upon a time ago, to the point that she found herself losing her balance as her eyes went black, the darker side of her taking control, almost wanting to scold the other Vyra for being weak enough that she could barely manage to manuever through a simple area like this. There was nothing terrifying about it, nothing scary, just a bunch of bad memories that she choose to relive than remembering that that was no longer the case. It was shameful really, and knowing that she would have preferred to be away from there, instead the darker side of her continued along, seeing what she may have found.



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Not too long after venturing deeper into the more run down area did she find someone who seemed to be looking for some help of some variant. Vyra didn’t care much for what it was, only that it seemed that it was going to be something that she was paid for, and as far as she was concerned, that was all that mattered really. Listening, it seemed that the matter was something relating to some guy whom either had wronged this fellow or otherwise, some sort of existing bad blood and something that was serious enough that this man wanted someone to put some salt on whatever wound inflicted was. That would be through the usage of a small can of spray paint and the hopes of ruining some property that the man owned. Details explained, Vyra went ahead and did as asked, not really worried as in this area, there wre going to be very few who either knew of her or her connection to Blue Pegasus.



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It only took a little bit of time before she had basically gone ahead and finished out her job, ruining the property to the extent that it was very apparent that the reasoning behind all of this was whatever sort of fight or disagreement that the two of them seemed to have had. Vyra, despite her involvement in all of this, was not going to be worried as far as how things played out because she knew she had been careful enough to avoid the risk of being caught. Then, as time went, eventually any idea that she may have been involved, or even the man, if he recalled her even, would be able to point the finger towards her. It was a simple job, she got paid well enough for it, and in the end, Vyra came away with a few more jewels, the man got what he wanted, and the other Vyra was able to avoid venturing deeper there.


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