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Gundar Darkforge

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#1Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge


Name: Gundar Darkforge

Age: March 20th, x690

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class:  Spellsinger

Race: Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Eternal Nightmare

Tattoo: Torso

Face:  World of Warcraft - Dark Iron Dwarf


Height: 5 feet
Weight:198 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Gundar is a dark skinned dwarf with a height of exactly five feet and weighs 198 pounds. He sports a long black beard, that is two feet long but has a clean shaven head. He has red sclera, orange pupils and a yellow iris in his eyes. Gundar is commonly seen wearing a red hooded mantle despite what his attire may consist of at the time. He wears padded shirts of three various colors: brown, black or tan, black trousers and brown boots. His body is riddled with lasting scars from fights and conflicts he's been in over the years. Not much else makes him stand out other than his oddly colored eyes. 

Extra: He has his guild tattoo on his torso


Personality: Gundar is a dwarf of very few words. He tends not to talk to too many people. It takes a century or two for a Dwarf to truly open up to one of another race but by the time he gets to know somebody, they're normally on their deathbed. He only seems to get along with Keita, whom he had only recently met. Other than that, he answers most questions and conversations with a grunt or groan more so than actual conversation. Though he is not one for conversation, he is not shy on what he wants nor will he shy away from actions that most people would consider immoral or evil if it achieves what he needs at the time. he can often be found anywhere there is a forge doing odd jobs and tasks for people he considers his comrades or trustworthy. Overall, he's rather laid back and doesn't really judge people on what they like or dislike as long as they don't judge him for it either. He would prefer to let bygones be bygones as long as they don't affect him or his livelihood at the time. Other than that, he doesn't have much interest in other people. 

  • Smithing: Like a typical dwarf of nature, Gundar enjoys smithing by trade. Its in his blood and he is considered an expert in it even by other dwarf's standards.
  • Alchohol: Like a typical dwarf, Gundar loves his alcohol often drinking as much as he can, when he can. 

  • Travel: Gundar dislikes traveling, often opting to stay put whenever he is given the choice. He never understood peopel's fascination withing visiting places they have no place being in for no good reason.
  • Tourists: Similar to his dislike of traveling, he dislikes people who also travel for the sake of traveling. He's seemed to run into a lot of trouble with people entering domains they do not belong in.

  • Money: Like most people in earthland, Gundar is driven by money. Having lots of it brings him comfort so he will do almost anything in order to acquire more. 

  • Ingots: Unlike most people of earthland, another thing that Gundar views as a certain form of currency is smithing materials like ingots and gems. 

  • Death: Gundar fears death. Who doesn't?
  • Being poor: Gundar fears being poor.


Strength: 26

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Earth Magic

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: Focused Healing and Buff

Magic Description: The user controls the earth in unnatural ways.


History: Gundar Darkforge was born in Savannah to his mother shortly before she passed away. Nobody knew who his father was nor did anybody come to claim him as their child so he was sent to an orphanage where he was raised with many other children his age. As time passed, the children but at some point Gundar didn't seem to grow any taller for one reason or the other realizing he wasn't like the other children he had hung around with. While they had grown up to be tall, he was still pretty short. After having a complex with his height, Gundar stopped hanging out with other kids until one day, a dwarf came seeking him from the orphanage.

Gundar was confused at first but he didn't have a choice as to who could adopt him or not so he reluctantly went with him. They had both traveled on foot and then by ship to Icebergia to where he would meet his father. His real, biological father was with his mother. Gundar had a lot of questions but his father wasn't interested in answering any of them. The only thing he had told him was his mother was a concubine that had grown weak from some illness and passed away giving birth to him. He had other siblings with many different women but he couldn't find a suitable heir for his teachings and just remembered about the existence of Gundar. 

It was the name he had chosen for him and he was glad his mother did something right. Gundar didn't know his mother but that remark had made him angry but he didn't dare lash out as it seems his father was some influential figure in Icebergia. His father had immediately put him to work have people teach him how to read, write and above all, smith. he learn various forms of martial arts and ways to improve his craft and skills. After six centuries had passed from suddenly having nothing to leaving in luxurious comfort, Gundar had a different idea in mind. He was suppose to succeed his father in taking over some affairs in the country but he still hadn't completely warmed up to the fact this was his father.

Although he had showered him with anything he could ask for, he didn't feel anything towards him other than the man who met his mother. With all the knowledge had had, he decided he would murder his father and leave for the mainland. One night, Gundar had poisoned his father's alcohol and had framed a maid or two as spies for a rival faction. While they were put to death, Gundar had made his escape towards the mainland. Using the money he had stolen from his late father, he had arrived there and joined a faction known as Eternal Nightmare. There he made his first companion that was named Keita and had only felt mostly comfortable with him ever since.

Reference: Jove 


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This character is approved for roleplay.

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