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Keita Hakimi

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Name: Keita Hakimi

Age: 23 - December 5th, X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertian

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human (Vampire)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Eternal Nightmare

Tattoo: Right Ribcage

Face: Romani Archaman - Fate


Height: 5'11''

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Keita is a fairly tall man in his early twenties with a fairly lean build and fair, tanned skin. He has medium length white hair that flows down to his upper back that he usually keeps in a ponytail to avoid it getting into his face. This proves futile most of the time, as his bangs are quite long and get into his face sometimes, as he refuses to trim them. He has a sinister charm to him, and it seems that his face is permanently etched into a devilish smile that one might mistake for a close friend being a bit mischievous. He is extremely fit and toned, one could easily tell that he practices some form of martial art of weapon art, but that is if they actually could see his bare skin. He usually wears a type of formal garb from his country that is particularly high quality. This consists of a tradition Desiertian Jameh that is a light blue-green in color, sirwal trousers, white dress shoes and a white overcoat.

Extra: ~


Personality: Keita is a manipulative individual, and is prone to stabbing others in the back if it will suit his own gain. He acts quite nice and cordial with people, and this is usually his true personality, but he can fake it well enough to where no one can really tell if he is simply using them or not. He does have quite a few friends and family that are genuinely important to him, and he would do almost anything for them and their safety, but if it came down to it, he would definitely save his own life before theirs. He comes off as selfless, but he will constantly be working behind the scenes towards his own ends before all else. He is a flexible type of person, able to change what he is doing, and doesn't have a hard set of moral codes or strict guidelines to follow about his life. He can go with the flow and adapt quite a bit, which makes him fairly dangerous. He is a very cunning and patient man, willing to put up with quite the injustice if it means getting what he wants in the end, and he will always repay what he owes. He believes in a harsh iron fist style of revenge, where he multiplies whatever you have done to him by at least five to pay you back. He is extremely literal with this, as if you broke one of his bones, he would not stop until exactly five of yours were broken, although he would make your breaks more painful and harder to heal from.

  • Cute Animals: In a slight contrast to his fairly evil nature, Keita really loves animals and will prefer to warp his plans around them in order not to kill them, especially the cute ones.
  • Success: Because of his calculating and scheming nature, Keita greatly enjoys when his goals come to fruition, especially if he had to change his plan multiple times.
  • Rainy Days: Keita can sit back and enjoy the simple things like rain. He came from a very arid and dry place where rain was scarce, so sitting back and relaxing or simply being outside in the rain calms and soothes him.

  • Idiots: Keita knows that there is a massive amount of information out there for people to learn, and he hates when people completely ignore it and choose to be ignorant and stupid.
  • Idealists: Keita knows the world is cruel and doesn't care about peoples' feelings and ideals. He takes pity on those that think the world can be perfect without any fighting or death, and dislikes them on principal.
  • Heat and Humidity: Keita grew up in a desert, so he is no stranger to the heat, but honestly can't stand it when it is also humid. It will instantly put him in a bad mood.

  • Power: Keita has a huge interest in self perfection, and wants to become as strong as he can be. He never wants to bend to the whims of other people, although he will, and wants to get to a point where others have to listen to him as soon as possible.
  • Influence: Keita wants to be on top of the world, where others will have to bow to his feet. He thinks that he can manage things better than others have in the past, and thinks that anyone under him would be better off listening to him than not.

  • Death: Survival is a big thing for Keita, and he is utterly afraid of death. This is a big part of motivation for becoming as strong as possible as soon a possible.
  • Thalassophobia: Keita has a fear of deep bodies of open water, such as the ocean. He can still ride on a boat, but he will usually stay inside of wherever he can and refuse to look at it. It isn't a paralyzing fear, but he would obviously greatly prefer it if he would not be anywhere near lakes or the open ocean.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 2

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 25


Magic Name: Hot Spring Magic

Magic Element: Water
Magic Enhancement: Bind on Hit(Offensive)

Magic Description: Hot Spring Magic is a magic that allows the user to create and control very warm water in various ways and for various effects. The water is very warm but the warmth has no offensive properties and just feels nice and comfortable, like a hot spring.


History: Keita was born in the middle of the desert, and was swiftly abandoned by his parents as they were not fit to raise a child. This resulted in him growing up in an orphanage, and he learned early on that you needed to work extra hard to get what you want. He attempted to get adopted by working very hard and learning, reading through all of the children's books that were available at the time, but for some reason he was simply not adopted. He never really learned why he wasn't adopted, but he realized that for some reason people were targeting him.

Unknown to him, Keita had insulted a noble by making their shoes dirty as he was walking around, and so the noble was making his life a lot harder. As he grew up in the streets of Desiertia, he had to work much harder than others, and he was simply working as a porter. He learned that the nobles were messing with him and making his life harder, hindering his growth as a person. He was naturally ambitious and wanted to get stronger, and the nobles constantly harassing him made him want to take revenge. He swiftly become angry and bitter at everyone and the world, and it seemed like he was going to be beaten to death the next time. A vampire offered him a chance to turn, and so he did, wanting power. He then felt that he was a lot more charming, and so he practiced his manipulative personality on the commoners to turn them against the noble that was giving him trouble.

The commoners had no love for the nobles in the first place, and so he learned that he could sow the seeds of discontent among the commoners, and eventually when he was a young adult, Keita turned a group of commoners against a noble. The noble lashed Keita's back when he was tired and didn't get out of the way of the noble's steed in a timely manner, and this was the final straw of the commoners in the area, who grew to really like the hard working and amiable Keita. Keita simply grinned as the commoner beat the noble to death in the streets. Keita would continue to manipulate and turn people against each other, and soon Keita became a noble himself through some subterfuge and manipulation.

This was when he was scouted by a member of the Eternal Nightmare guild, as they had been watching him with interest. The Dark Guild... Keita didn't have to think for too long before he joined, as it was a really fast way to power that he didn't need to think about the consequences of his actions too deeply. He quickly integrated himself in the guild, and made a really good friend as he trained himself. Soon he would be ready to take on missions for the guild and advance his power.

Reference: Gundar


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