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Away from Civilization

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Away from Civilization  Empty Tue Apr 05, 2022 5:59 pm

The one thing Yuurei truly loved about the North Region of Fiore was the fact that it reminded him of home. This entire region was more attune with nature than any other place in this country. That was amazing in so many ways. That was why he was able to take weird and random trips away from everyone and into the place of Worth Woodsea. He was able to assimilate into the people of Fiore, but it didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy his roots. The Nephilim had made his way through the forest of the Deep Green, and he wanted to go visit the druids that were there. They were people who loved nature as he did, so he felt like he would feel at home there.

He would bring Renji along with him as they were both moving through the place. The forest and anything of nature was starting to grow back and some of them already blossoming. The spring was a beautiful time of the year, and he enjoyed it very much. His travels wouldn’t take long as the forest guide him through and to the Erwyr Settlement. He would see people look over at him and he would wave at them. They could see from his ears that he was a part elf, so they would welcome his arrival.

One of the elders would walk over to Yuurei as they wanted to see what he was doing here today.

“How can I help you today Yuurei?” He asked the known mage wondering what he would say.

“Oh I just wanted to get away from the cities for a bit, so I decided to make my retreat here. Is there anything I can do for you or the people of Erwyr?” He asked him wondering what he would say to him.

“At the moment everything is fine, but we heard of rumors of men trying to terrorize the animals of the forest. If we hear anything would you be kind as to drive them out of the forest?” He would ask Yuurei hoping for the best.

“Sure, that’s not a problem, right now I will be just enjoying my time here, so it shouldn’t be hard to find me.” He said to the elder as they would bow to each other and walk on their separate paths.

Yuurei moved through the area as Renji was on his shoulder now. He was surprised that they might have to do work today, and he hoped it wasn’t going to happen.


#2Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito once again stumbling onto trouble again as he wondered through the forest had just taken out two men that were attacking a wood elf that had tried to stop them from attacking some animal that was staying close by watching Kaito and Revy points at it and told it to stop baring it's fangs at Kaito he was a friend to people in need. The wood elf sees Kaito a human and starts to cuss him out in the elven tongue and Kaito speaks back to him in it and the wood elf looks like he nearly had a heart attack and Kaito swaps his gloves to pair that was better for treatment and starts using some healing balm that he knows how to make and he treats the wood elf's wounds and bandages them then helps him to his feet and the wood elf calls the beast to him and Kaito looks at its wounds as it growls at him and the wood elf watches him closely.

Revy watches them as well as she knows some elves hold grudges against humans and Kaito was leaving his guard down as he tends to the wolf then he turns to the elf telling him the beast will need rest to make sure the wounds heal right. The wood elf thanks him handing him a claw that he was carrying on him from a beast like the one that he had just helped, then the elf leaves with the beast and Kaito throws the two men into a portal and he walks along cause he knows there is a village or a settlement near by that he can probably just turn them into.

"Your timing is as good as ever." She giggled and Kai rubs the back of his head with a nervous smile and he wonders if he is more cursed than just his skin being cursed. They walk along until they walk into the settlement. He then makes his way looking around for where he might drop these guys off to be dealt with. "Uhhh I have some trouble makers to get dealt with anyone here?" He looked around.


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Yuurei kept moving through the settlement that he was in. The people there would look at him and he would wave at them. The females there were happy to see an outsider, especially someone as handsome as Yuurei. He would wave at them but would continue moving as he knew they just wanted to try the unknown. There was a spot in the settlement that he wanted to go see. It was at the edge of where this place was created. He and Renji would make their way over there without a hassle.

“I’m surprised that Haru didn’t come with us.” He said this wondering what Yuurei’s response would be.

“She had something to do. It seems like she needs a lot of money, so I wasn’t going to stop her from taking on more jobs.” He said to Renji.

The Nephilim would find themselves at his destination and he would see the beautiful scenery that they had. He would take a seat and he would look at it all.

“This is beautiful, and I can only imagine what it looks like in the nighttime.” He said to Renji as the nice breeze would press against them while he was just killing time.

The people in the Erwyr settlement would see a new person come into their home, but when they saw who it was, they would relax a bit. This was another famous mage who entered their establishment in one day. One of the guards would come to Kaito without hesitating as he heard what he said.

“Are you two the troublemakers because I don’t see anybody else with you. I will be glad to take them in, but only if you’re telling the truth. It seems like famous people are enjoying their time coming here today.” He said waiting for Kaito to show him who these troublemakers were.


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Kaito Todaro
Kai tilts his head at the man questioning him if what he claimed was real or not. "Seems manners disappear this far in huh?" He snaps his fingers and two man come falling out of a portal to the guard and Kaito smirks, at this event happening and Revy walks out from behind Kaito. "There are your two mean I spoke of, they had also hurt some poor wood elf as well, though I got them in order and sent out safely as well." He rubs the back of his head and starts to turn to leave when he notices that Revy is in full attitude adjustment mode and he laughs softly to himself.

"You really shouldn't talk so mistrusting to people." She waves a paw at the guard like she is wagging a finger at the guard like she was very disappointment in the treatment of Kai by this guard. She looks the guard up and down and she makes a sharp Hmpf sound. Then she turns to follow Kaito away from this place as she feels as if she had seen enough of this settlement if this is how the people that had come in to their area after just helping.


Away from Civilization  Empty Wed Apr 06, 2022 3:30 am

The guard would see the two people that he mentioned as he had used a portal to bring them out. He was surprised about this, and it seemed like he wasn’t lying. He was going to apologize because of what he said, but the Exceed spoke up and it made him chuckle a bit.

“We are in a secluded settlement because we don’t trust many people. It doesn’t really matter who it is. Still, I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just didn’t see the two troublemakers he was talking about until now. When you say things like that and there are two people in front of you, then you kind of got to assume the worst.” He paused a second.

“Still, my apologies Kaito. It seems like Yuurei shows up here, and now Kaito. As I said famous mages just show up here all the time. I will be taking this two into their cells until I can get the Rune Knights to get them.” He said to him as he would drag those two away from them.

Yuurei would continue relaxing on the ledge as his legs were dangling back and forth. Renji would get off his shoulder as he would sit next to him. They were both enjoying what they were seeing, and it seemed like the breeze was truly amazing.

“Do you think it was a bad thing to leave Blue Pegasus? They were so nice to me, and helped me out when I first arrived.” He said to Renji.

Renji looked at him and thought about what he said, and he would sigh.

“To be honest, I think where you are is perfect. The Blue Pegasus guild didn’t fit your style. You were never that type of person. Now this place is different, and I think you fit in here perfectly. What the future holds here is unseen just like when you were back in Blue Pegasus.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would nod, and he figured his friend was right. His past was his past, and he should only think about his present and his future. He would look up to the sky a bit as he would lay on his back and would look at the clouds. They were so beautiful, and he wondered if one day he would be able to touch the sky above.


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Kaito Todaro
Kai sighs at hearing that Yuurei was near by as well and Revy looks at him cause it was a chance to see Renji and Kai knows they have to go and see them or Revy will not let him hear the end of it and he isn’t ready to pick petty over seeing an old friend anyways. He starts to walk around the area of the settlement to look for him and he follows his nose for if he catches the man’s scent.

Revy wonders if Renji is gonna be happy to see her or not. Will he be nice or mean to her this time, she hoped nice but she doesn’t know with him, he can be nice one day and super grumpy the next day. She keeps following behind Kaito and she wonders if this is going to be a good meeting for him or if it is gonna be a poor meeting as they hadn’t met since the Blue Pegasus events so maybe it will be okay for them to meet them and not just letting it go and disappearing to a different location cause it is how Kai traveled now a days.


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Yuurei continued to lay on the ground he was on. He was enjoying the weather right now and Renji would lay on the ground next to Yuurei. They were looking at the sky right now as they would see the different shapes of the cloud. Renji would see one of them and he would see a fish, and his eyes would widen.

“Look, Yuurei, right there, I see a cloud that looks like a fish.” He would say to Yuurei as he would pointing up into the sky.

Yuurei would look over to see what he was talking about, and he would laugh because he wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah I can definitely see that it looks like a fish.” He said as he would look around to see what he could find.

“Look it’s a chicken.” He said as he pointed up to the sky.

Renji would look over to see that it was indeed a chicken that he saw in the clouds. They continued doing this as they were just having fun with each other’s company.


#8Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy sees them cloud gazing then she gets an idea and she whispers it to Kai and Kai laughs softly then he has arcane magic start swirling around his hand and he points his finger to the sky and he makes a crack appear in the sky above them and as it opens a giant red glowing eye is looking through the crack and staring at them and then the eye blinks and the crack closes. He and Revy watch them to see how they react to see how they will react to seeing that happening right in front of them as they are cloud gazing. He hopes he didn't over do it and scare the villagers back there with that little stunt as well though he was not sure if what he just did there was smart as playing to much with the void usually never ends well and it might come to fighting or some unforeseen trouble.

He and Revy start walking closer with a smile on their faces to wave and say hello and greet them.


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The duo would continue to look up at the sky. They were enjoying the scenery, but soon enough they would see something happen. The sky would start cracking and it would split wide open. The eye that appeared above them would confuse Yuurei. It would bring him to jump up and onto his feet. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he was prepared for it. Renji was shocked to see this as he would get up from the ground. They were trying to catch a break, and this was happening. Still, while they looked up to see what the eye would do, it would leave closing the crack in the sky. It would confuse them a bit as they didn’t know what was going on.

He would look around to see if it would happen again, and while he did, he would see Kaito. He, of course, wasn’t alone as he would see Revy with him. He looked at the red eyes and he would smile because he knew whose eye, he saw in the sky. He would shake his head as he would walk over to Kaito. Renji would see that Yuurei was walking somewhere and when he saw who had arrived, he would run towards Revy excited to see her. He would launch himself and he would hug her as he was happy to see her.

“I missed you so much Revy. I was hoping to see you again, but there was a lot going on in this region.” He said as he was ecstatic to see her.

He got there before Yuurei could, but he would look at Kaito with a huge smile.

“ I’m glad to see you around these parts. How’s it going, Kai? Is Fairy Tail still treating you good?” He said as he wondered what he would say.


#10Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy would catch him with a smile and hugs him back. "Come on Renji don't be a big baby, it has only been around a month since we last saw each other." She giggled with a wink and pets his head. She looks at him and then to yuurei. "You been Keeping him out of trouble Renji?" She talked low so it was just her and him that heard what she had asked of the fellow exceed because she didn't want the partners to know what they were talking about cause she wondered if they had, been having any trouble up here.

Kai rubs the back of his head and he smiles back at the fellow mage that he knew well enough. "They are treating me well enough I just needed to get away from a bit to explore the country cause I had only spent my time in this country in the east, maybe I will find a new home while I explore this large country." He wondered if he liked that trick that he had pulled on them or if that was just over kill for them and he should probably watch out what he is doing going forward.

Revy looks at Yuurei. "Are they always so untrusting of people in these parts?" She was not sure why but she thought she should ask to find out if it is cause they are racist toward humans out here or if it is just over protecting of the settlement.


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Renji would feel her hug him, and even pet him. He would allow it all because he enjoyed it when she did it. She would speak facts, but it didn’t matter how long it was, he genuinely missed her. He would look at her as she had asked him a question after looking at Yuurei.

“Oh yeah, everything has been fine. The dwarf is with us, and he has been doing a lot of good in the community. I guess pushing a leadership role on him brought out the best in him.” He whispered so she could only be the one to hear him.

“Have you been making sure Kaito doesn’t do anything awful right?” He asked her in a way she could only hear.

With everything he saw Yuurei do against the giants, he knew he would continue to grow.

Yuurei would hear what he had said, and it was true. Kaito didn’t really travel outside of the east Fiore. He remembered seeing him for a bit in Hargeon, but that was it. If this was truly his first time out of East Fiore, then he was glad to hear it.

“I hope you do. I always wanted you to make a home with the guild I was in. That means you will always be welcome here if a decision like that comes to mine you ever so in the future.” He said to him as he truly meant it.

Yuurei would remember what he had done and he would only shake his head.

“By the way, one day you going to give someone a heart attack with your silly tricks. You lucky I wasn’t so quick to shoot a spell at your eye.” He said to him as he laughed a bit.

He didn’t mind the silly tricks from Kaito as they were harmless, and it seemed like he was getting good with his magic. He was about to say something, but Revy would speak to him, and he would look at her.

“Ahh the people in this settlement secluded themselves from the world. Of course, they know what’s going on outside of here. Still, they choose not to involve themselves in our mess, unless the mess would make it to them. Did you have any trouble Revy?” He asked her.


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Kaito Todaro
Revy looks at Renji. "I swear trouble just follows him, he seems to have his hand in everything." she kept that low and between him so she can make sure that no one else hears it. she looks back to Yuurei as he had spoken to her, and she nods yes that they had gotten trouble on the way in to the village. "Yes the guard that greeted us accused us of making trouble in the forest. we caught two guys assaulting a wood elf and brought them here." She puffed her cheeks and looked mad at the fact they had, had trouble at all getting in to this area.

Kaito looks at Yuurei and he wonders. "Who is the leader of your guild?" He was a small bit interested in maybe joining up and not just waste too much time on his travels around the country if he can just find his new home fast.


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Renji would hear her words and he would laugh a bit at what she said about Kaito. It seemed like he was that type of guy, but if he could tell that Revy was safe that was all that mattered. Yuurei would smile at Revy as he forgot how she could be. Renji and she were two peas in a pod that was for sure.

“Yeah, I think Yuu got into a deal with a guy who’s trying to work him to the bones.” He whispered to her as he laughed it off.

“I see, thank you for protecting the wood elf, Revy. And I’m sure the guard feels bad about treating you guys like that, but he was just probably making sure nothing would happen to the people living here.” He said this as Renji would look over to Kaito as he had asked Yuurei a question.

Yuurei would smile at him as he didn’t mind answering his question.

“The guild master, would be Khalfani. After that then I guess he gives us leadership of our own separate division. I have command over the scout’s division. We usually travel throughout the Northern Region and make sure that things are safe. Brone is there as well, and it seems like he’s enjoying himself there quite a bit.” He paused for a second and then spoke again.

“There’s a lot of freedom in that guild, and a lot of work to bring it from the ground up. I think it’s still at a baby stage, but we’re getting there.” He said to Kaito as he wasn’t sure if he had ever met Khalfani or any of the people in the guild..


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Kaito Todaro
Revy laughs softly had hearing that the man had been being worked hard by the new leader. Revy listens to yuurei talking about the guard and how he was probably just being extra careful then she heard the name that yuurei just spoke as the leaders name and she got away from Renji that name seemed familiar to a horror story Kai had told him.

Kai looks at Yuurei and he shakes his head. " No I will not be joining you, I will not serve that vampire monster, I saw them murder innocent people, I would rather die than serve such a monster." His want to join his friend was there now dead on the ground like the bloody mess that Khalfani had left in magnolia the last time Kai had seen the vampire monster that had gotten caught by him feeding on some one and he has no reason why anyone would serve the little spoiled shit he had met all that time ago.


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Renji was confused about why Revy had backed away from him. She made him feel like he had done something wrong again, which was starting to become a trend with her and Kaito. Yuurei looked confused when he saw his friend shake their head, and it seemed like they were quick to outright refuse him. He heard his explanation, and he would rub the back of his head. He did remember Khalfani being a vampire, but from what Yuurei understood he had changed. He was hoping that it was for the better with what he wanted to do for the people of the North.

“I mean, I guess if that is your choice, I can’t stop you. It would have been nice to have another friend join me on the cause. As for what he did, I’m pretty sure he did what you said he did. I don’t think you have a reason to lie. I think it could have been because of what he was before, but he’s not a vampire anymore. Still, I understand why you cannot forgive him for his actions. Still, you were joining to work with me. I don’t serve anybody and I don’t think you fit to serve anybody either.” He said to Kaito as it made him sad that his friend had said all of this.

Hell, he didn’t even like the fact that he had gone overboard and said he would rather die than serve Khalfani. It wasn’t like he was asking him to serve because who the fuck wanted to serve anybody. Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he yawned a bit because he wasn’t sure what else to say.

“You’re doing it again Revy. You moved away from me as if I would hurt you. That truly makes me sad.” He said to her as he shook his head and looked down to the ground.

Yuurei would see this as he would crouch to Renji.

“It’s okay, she’s just a bit nervous. They probably think we will do whatever Khalfani wants us to do.” He said as he would pet him on his head as he was looking down at the ground still.


#16Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy had moved to hug Kai’s leg to comfort him. It hadn’t had anything to do about Renji she knew that, event had shaken Kaito up and he had spoke to her about it in detail along with the death threat and insinuation of if Khalfani saw him again he was gonna be killed for what he had done to him. It isn’t about you Renji, you didn’t do anything. Don’t be a drama king. I still like you no need to be sad. Kaito sits on the ground and hugs Revy back. She was comforting him as he had seen a true monster that night and he was far to scared to react vs them.

I don’t think you are lap dogs to the guy, Renji doesn’t listen to anyone. Not even common sense. she giggled as it was her teasing Renji, she walked back over to Renji and ruffled his hair. How would you feel Renji if someone murdered in front of you then they heavily implied they would kill you the next time they see you? Would you want to work with them ? she looked Renji in the eyes, as he had tried to guilt trip her before he had the facts of why she had moved from him.

Kai looks at yuurei. "Like Revy stated I never said you serve mindlessly, I just have no wish to serve under them after the show they put on last time in front of me." Kai lays back on the ground and looks at the sky, he wonders if at this point he should just leave. As it was clear the man he thought was his friend, didn’t understand and has turned an ire on to him and Renji toward Revy.

Kai hears voices of people and things moving, they weren’t here or there but every where but not in this dimension. Maybe he is not fits to live here in this dimension maybe it is time he left and didn’t return here. His head starts aching, he holds his head and cracks appear around him and arms start reaching for him out of the cracks then he stops and just goes limp and the cracks disappear from around him and Revy runs over and she starts shaking Kaito.


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Renji would hear her, and he would smile at her as she would ruffle the top of his head. He would smile at her and then listen to what she said. She had a point, if someone told me they would kill him the next time they saw him, then he would have to beat them up or tell them to take it back.

“Yeah, you're right I don’t listen to anyone. I can understand. Khalfani can be over the top. Still, he was a vampire at the time, and he’s not now. Who knows, there was a lot of blood, so maybe it was that time of the month. They probably couldn’t control their emotion.” He said out loud so everyone could hear.

Yuurei’s eyes widen when he said that and he would do his best to hold his laughter, as he would chuckle a bit as would control himself. Once he gathered himself, he would look at Kaito as he was replying to what he said.

“What if he couldn’t control himself when you saw him though? He might not feel the same way as he did before. I mean he can never be forgiven for what he has done, but he could atone for them, which is what I hope he’s doing. Still, I won’t force the subject on you any longer. I’m just glad you’re here. It seems like you’re adjusting to the new magic of yours.” He said referring to the eye in the sky earlier.

Just when he asked that something weird would happen. He was on guard when he saw the cracks appearing and soon after a bunch of hands had come out from the cracks in the air. The light mage would rush straight towards them, but when he got there Kaito would fall, and the cracks would disappear. Revy would run to him, but Yuurei would crouch to him and wondered if he was okay.

“You alright? Was that another joke of yours?” He asked curiously.


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Kaito Todaro
Revy looks at yuurei and shakes her head. That wasn’t a joke. Those arms were his reaching out to him. She makes sure he is still breathing and listens to his heart beat. She sighs and lets Kaito rest. He always over does it. He was watching other dimensions. They are probably the next targets, of a twisted game. she has no idea how to explain it or if she even should, say anything more as it wasn’t their fight to fight it was Kaito’s fight and his alone, he doesn’t have a right to ask for help as it is his own burden. No worries he will be fine soon enough. she gets snacks out of her sack, snacks for them all to share and enjoy so they can keep speaking and keep the mood less dark then it had started to become once Kai over loaded then passed out.


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Yuurei would hear what Revy said to him and it seemed like getting those powers came with a lot of responsibilities. It was that, or he was playing around with other dimensions that he was paying the price. Still, it wasn’t the first time this happened, and he would rub the back of his head because they should have probably gotten him somewhere to rest.

He would listen to Revy though as she knew him best. Yuurei and Renji would take the snacks that she had given them and would eat them.

“Ah I see, so using his powers is getting him into trouble. That freaking suck, I will always offer to help. So, if you truly think Kaito needs help, I will be there for him Revy. I didn’t get strong, so I can sit in the backseat. I won’t hesitate to help my friends if they need it that’s for sure. Plus Renji would hate me if I let something happen to you.” He said to Revy as he would take a bit of his snack.

He would look at the unconscious Kaito and would move him on his side just so he didn’t choke. Renji would look at Revy as he would sit down.

“So, this is the trouble you’re talking about. Yeah, I say Yuurei should help Kaito. That way things get resolved faster, and it means both of you are safe.” He said as he would eat his snack.

The Exceed was going to let anything happen to her and that meant they wouldn’t let anything happen to Kaito.


#20Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy shakes her head as she knows Kaito chose to take this path so he could help and protect others he isn’t gonna let that happen where he puts his friends in danger and he wants to just enjoy his time for now before all he’ll breaks loose and has to come and he will have to fight and attempt to not fall too far behind anyone. "For now let’s enjoy the day and the peace we all still have while we have it. " she looks at them sorta sternly then she smiles at them and starts snacking as well as she didn’t think it was gonna be a long day but she rather enjoy the day while they still have it.

Kaito stays down and he rests unlike he has been doing lately just keeping himself going and being on edge constantly so he wasn’t really taking much time to rest and sleep right or eat right, cause fighting on a full stomach just spells trouble in the end.


Away from Civilization  Empty Thu Apr 07, 2022 5:06 pm

Yuurei would see her shake her head. He wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like she didn’t agree with it. He continued eating his snack as he would rub the back of his head. He figured if Kaito would want anybody’s help it would be his amongst a few other groups of people. Still, he figured he would be one of the people that young man would go to.

The Nephilim had offered to help him before, so he figured he would remember. He would keep the smile on his face as he would looked at Revy and then at Kaito as he was still unconscious.

“Sure it’s what I came to do today because I don’t really have peace at least not at the moment.” He said to Revy as he would continue to chew.

Renji would just eat his meal in peace, and he would see that Revy was used to this. He didn’t understand why Kaito was like this, but he was risky to Revy’s life. Still, she was happy where she was and he wasn’t going to stop her.


#22Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy smiled as it seemed they understood that she was not going to accept their help in Kaito's place she knows Kaito can handle himself, but she knows who he would call on if he needed back up, Yuurei, Kailani, Quilla, Emil, maybe Haru, Brone and Amir. He wouldn't risk Judith's life or some of the other weaker mages he had met. She knows Kaito is very stubborn at not wanting to risk anyone else's lives if he can help it as he rather be the sacrifice if it means others can be safe and sound and not having to shed their own blood on the battle field. Kaito has become disillusioned with Fairy Tail as a system of support beside Judith, as he has lone wolfed everything that he can and he has never looked back or cursed them but things didn't seem to add up to how they were listed and it seem the guild master was lacking his fangs.

The master seemed to be more interested in his wife and staying out of the affairs of the people and of the country that he should be helping to better. He thought it is weird that a man that is so great seems to have done nearly nothing besides just disappear and reappear when he feels like it at least that is how Revy has seen and felt it to be as well.

Kai wakes up and he raises his feet in the air and he kips up to his feet and he looks at them and he smiles nervously and bows his head. "Sorry i guess i was more tired then i had thought." He laughed softly and he grabs a snack as well and he gives them a thumbs up.


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Yuurei would relax as he wasn’t going to let anything bother him today. Renji would look over to Revy with a smile on his face. He wished that Kaito had joined them, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to budge unless Khalfani was out of the picture. Well, possibly all they needed was a change of leadership and things would be different. Only time will tell, so they weren’t going to bring it up.

Instead, Renji would find himself near Revy.

“So how often does he fall unconscious?” He asked in a way that only they could hear each other.

Yuurei would look over to Kaito as he would get up from the floor and onto his feet. He would hear his words and he would smile at him and give him a thumbs up.

“As long as you’re awake now it’s all that matters. How was the nap?” He asked him as he would continue to eat his snack.


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Kaito Todaro
Revy looked at the orange cat and she lays back on the grass and she thinks. Usually he jumps to his personal domain before doing it cause it is pretty peaceful but he must have not wanted to leave the meeting. she looks at the clouds and she keeps eating the snack she has on her as she is thinking and wondering if maybe she is the problem for not stopping Kaito from talking to that woman who claimed she was a version of him that works like a nexus between worlds. She wonders if that woman wasn’t someone completely different.

Kai laughs softly and he looks at Yuurei. "I guess it was okay, had a strange dream though." he wasn’t sure he really wanted to share what the dream was as he was sure it would probably anger Yuurei.

Revy looks over at Kai and she smiles then she looks to Renji. “So I heard from Haru you been a good boy, is that true ? Or have you been hitting on every woman that crosses your path?” She is teasing him but she really she is trying to get his mind off of how they were just acting.


Away from Civilization  Empty Sun Apr 10, 2022 11:36 pm

Renji would hear what she said, and he would nod. He was glad that was the case because he would leave her and him vulnerable if he didn’t.

“Good to know. I’m glad that he goes somewhere safe with you when this happens.” He said to her as he was eating his snack.

Yuurei would hear what he said, and he figured he would ask him about it.

“Oh what was it about? It didn’t seem like a dream you enjoyed, since your awake now.” He laughed a bit as he was trying to lighten the mood.

Renji would continue to eat his snack as he heard what Revy said. It seemed like they knew Haru and she spoke about him. He would blush a bit when he heard what she said, and he would just wave his hand.

“Nope, definitely been a good boy. I don’t hit on women, not many Exceed walking around these days. Plus, I have my eye on one, but that’s a secret.” He said to her with a cheesy smile because it was her.

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