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Something Smells Fishy-Nova[NQ-B]

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#1Nova Kentaurus 

Something Smells Fishy-Nova[NQ-B] Empty Tue Apr 05, 2022 10:33 am

Nova Kentaurus
Astera, the is the first time for Nova to be here in Astera. She was doing a previous job in Oak City, the Oakland Church was looking for help to remove the evil spirits that were strolling under the church in the catacombs. Nova was able to help the priest out by holding a cross out and making the spirits go away and get locked in the basement. After she removes those evil spirits and gets her rewards, Nova walked away from that church and just disappears to the next town. Right after that job, Nova goes to Astera, she takes the trip from Oak City to Astera. Not just for fun, but Nova is here because of the news she heard while exploring Oak City, the rumors have been spread all over the west fiore. The rumors are about the current situation in Astera, a story and complaints from the local fisherman about how they can’t hardly get any fish in recent weeks, and they are blaming it on a creature living out in a nearby cove for scaring away the fishes around that area. The husbands and wives of these sailors all believe it is simply the rum having gone to their heads. But one of that couple still wishes for you to find out why the fish has depleted. The rumors about that creature scaring away all the fishes in that area is spread out in all the north fiore and reached Nova. Based on these rumors, Nova decided to take a trip to Astera, not only to check on the rumors and of course aiming for the rewards he possibly get. As Nova always likes to do, she wanted to take a trip to try food and explore Astera for a whole day before he checked the rumors and tried to solve the problem for the local fisherman. So when Nova arrives in Astera Nova wants to go to the marketplace straight away, but her breath was taken away. The view of the town is like something she ever seen before, the buildings look like a carpet of white that is cradled between two shallow mountains, because the coastal town of Astera is very densely constructed. The experience is awesome for Nova, the view is stunning. As she is curious to see a better view of the town, Nova gets to the higher place to have a better point of view From afar, the town looks very uniform in appearance, those white buildings kinda look the same in Nova’s eyes, and of course to every other tourist that sees the view together with Nova. But her journey on the trip doesn’t stop there, Nova then goes down and tries to explore that area experiencing it first hand.


#2Nova Kentaurus 

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Nova Kentaurus
Nova decided to finally go to the marketplace, as the Astera marketplace is famous for being crowded and having everything going on in the area. There are many open squares in the area and can get assessed by the countless streets. As a first comer to the town, he missed some of the merchants because he didn't notice it there since there are a lot of merchants. The marketplace is always bustling, maybe an event, a small competition or maybe merchants preparing their stall to sell something, but there is always something going on in the marketplace. The crowded situation makes the people who want to rent a place in the marketplace have to face a real competition and the winner will get the spot in the marketplace.. The is like heaven for Nova, as she really likes to stroll in a marketplace, trying the local food from all the merchants available, strolling around the marketplace experiencing the vibes of the local place. The experience she gets here is amazing for her , but the time flies really fast. Nova who felt a little bit tired decided to go back to the inn where he will stay and take a rest for tonight. When Nova arrives at the inn, she gets to the restaurant area before heading to the room. After what happened, Nova ordered some drinks and some snacks for himself to be enjoyed before she took a rest, but her decision to stay there brought something good for him. She got the chance to hear some people in that restaurant talk and discuss the rumors around here. “I am sure it must be a creature that scares the fishes away from us, or that creature might eat all the fish for itself that’s why we never get any fish lately” Says one guy in that restaurant. “But the situation is really out of control, I didn’t get any fish in the last few days, almost a week.” Says another guy to the guy before. Because Nova needed the information and more details or at least more story about those rumors, she joined that conversation to gain more information. “We will give you rewards if you really take care of that creature since that will help us anyway.” Says one of those guys. “Yea, I agree. I don’t mind paying the guy to take care of that creature and bring back our fish. Here is what I know about the rumors of that creature. They say that the creature lives nearby in a cove, the creature is responsible for our condition now. The creature is scaring all the fish around here, the creature looks really scary that all the fish swim away from the area causing us the fisherman to have a hard time trying to catch fish for a living.” After getting that information and their promise to pay her with some rewards if she can take care of that creature, Nova makes a deal with those people and promises them that Nova will take care really soon and will give them back their fish and their lives for sure.


#3Nova Kentaurus 

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Nova Kentaurus
Nova awoke at the inn as the day was upon her. It was time to go with the fishermen and take out the fish that was causing trouble. It didn't seem too big of a task so she would take her time. She had taken out criminals before and even did rune knight training so this was goign to be a breeze compared to all the other stuff she had gone through in her life. This would be a piece of cake . Finally she would start to get ready to head out and she would help with the fisherman and do the work that the rqeust said and she would be able to get the rewards and enjoy the rest of the town for the rest of the day. Nova prepared herself by taking a shower and getting dressed. The other habit she has is to sharpen her skills every morning before she uses her magic in battle or any other usage. Nova chose to skip her morning routine training because she is too excited to do the job today. So, she gets out of her room after doing all her preparation, seeing the street in front of her place looks stunning, giving him more excitement to go search for that creature. So, she starts to walk to Aster docks looking for some fisherman that can give him information and wants to give him a ride to the middle of the sea and explore that area searching for the creature. The view on the docks is amazing and stunning, the sea looks amazing and breathtaking, but Nova needs to focus on doing her quest, so Nova decided to talk to the local fisherman straightly. Nova stroll around Astera docks, asking for information from one fisherman to another, gathering as much information as she can get. With all the information she got, Nova feels like the creature is not something harmful or dangerous to the fisherman and anyone around the area or those who stay in a boat. There is not a single story from those fishermen where the creature really harmed anyone, like attacking people or attacking boats on the sea. But the creature might really be the reason for the situation where people can’t get any fish for a living, so Nova starts to think about the creature and the situation. After gathering the information about the rumor, Nova asks one of the fishermen to take him on a boat and get to the sea, and they go there in a group . Nova then jumped down from the boat with confidence, surprisingly she was welcomed by that creature, who looked like a fish but with a human body shape. Nova was shocked but that creature did nothing to Nova, only seeing him there swimming. That creature then swims around the boat trying to hide and run from Nova. Regardless, it was her job to take it out so she got a spear from the boat and would impale the creature to complete the quest. The fisherman were satisfied and would head back to shore and give Nova her rewards.


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