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Gael  Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 4:33 pm



Name: Galient "Gael" Seidel

Age: 27 | January 9th, X767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Tattoo: Right pectoral

Face: Kojo | Project Divider


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195lbs

Hair: Black (at roots)/dark brown hair

Eyes: Red

Overall: Thirteen years of working the part of blacksmith's apprentice has gifted Gael with a scarred, hardened exterior. Scarlet red eyes peer out from an often-sweaty brow covered only by a charcoal-colored bandana when it is time for work. His haircut seems unorthodox for the profession; brown hair juts from the scalp, flanked by shaved temples and guarded by a lazy strand that fights to stay in the front on its own. Devoid of facial hair, a blemish-free face is the only part of his body not outwardly scarred by burns from the fires of a forge or hot metals. However, his muscles have been developed to the peak of his youthlike vigor. Rarely slouching, his posture gives way to his impressive size and frame. Regardless, his cocoa-colored skin shows his Savannan heritage proudly and constantly.

Extra: His guild tattoo rests on his right pectoral; if he misses sleep for at least a day, dark bags and rings around his eyes will form, giving him a look of near-perpetual exhaustion. On his body rests a distinct burn scar, in the shape of three large fingers having burned their grooves into his skin. It is almost as if he was grabbed by something large


Personality: Gael is best described as an enigmatic man who prefers to keep a relatively solitary livelihood. He grew up with few friends, but that was because he liked the company of few. However, he does have the capacity to be open and friendly, although not quite the social butterfly. Few things will make him step from his quiet demeanor to speak, although whether he speaks or not is truly on his whim and whether he feels that he has to speak for anything or to anyone. At one point in his life he was very lively and approachable as an individual, but time and experience has humbled him to a more quiet demeanor.

He seems to carry an "I don't care" attitude about himself, disregarding most, if not all, offensive comments about his being or character. Having grown up under heavy scrutiny he just stopped caring altogether. There is no such thing as "good" or "evil" in the eyes of Gael; there are only those who oppose his interests and those who do not. Playing favorites is not beyond his means of enacting on his plans, although he will seldom take advantage of others. Behind closed doors, or with the most trusted of individuals, his truer emotions are on display: an awkward, yet honest and kind man.

  • Smithing: As a former apprentice to a blacksmith, Gael has taken to the craft with love and vigor. While he still has more to learn in metallurgy, the skills in his possession hitherto are modest at best
  • Cooking: Gael's interests seem to lie in the area of being in proximity to fire. To him, cooking is no more magical than the most grandiose of spells.

  • Loud People: There is a distinction between those who speak loudly and those whose existence permeates an incessant drone of deafening idiocy. Gael found the difference and never looked back a long time ago, and while they do not completely irritate him like in his younger years, loud and obnoxious people are low on the nice list
  • Excessive Cruelty: While Gael has been a person of principle for most of his life, making a point through gross violence and excessive cruelty are an immediate turn-off for him. To him, it is an exercise of dehumanizing oneself and others for no good end

  • Becoming a Modest Blacksmith: The magnum opus of Gael's life is to become a well-established blacksmith who can proudly serve the community he decides to become a part of. Life has its abundant treasures that will be encountered along the way, but to perfect his craft is the main goal

  • Falling Short of Goals: Gael wants to make the best out of his living experience, whichever way he possibly can. He knows that death comes suddenly and without provocation, and not being able to make much of a life before dying is a major concern and fear
  • Losing Loved Ones: Cherished bonds are what help to make a person, in Gael's mind. Losing those you've built a strong connection with can be detrimental and, for someone who seldom makes friends, it wounds more than any blade can inflict


Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Constitution: 7

Endurance: 8

Intelligence: 5


Magic Name: The Flame of Sacrilege

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancement:

Focused Debuff:

Magic Description: The Flame of Sacrilege is a Caster magic that calls upon the power of an ancient, ruinous flame lost to time. These vulgar-colored, chaotic flames burn with the hunger to consume, and can be used in a variety of ways to bring its desire to fruition. The fires roar with the sound of a maddening laughter, but to whose voice it belongs to is impossible to know now.


History: Gael's origins are quaint, to say the least. His parents had been married for close to a decade by the time he was born, and the young child had only known a loving household to grow up under. He was born in Bosco and lived under the guidance of his mother's family for the first six years of his life. The value of strength was never lost on him and, while Gael himself never took to making strength his sole means of showing his worth, he respected others for their effort in trying (even in the present, still). He would leave Bosco with his father, for it was tradition in his tribe for the boys to grow up as part of the tribe. His mother would visit from Bosco time to time, never making an attempt to NOT be in her son's life.

His paternal grandfather, a blacksmith, would take a keen interest to the boy upon his arrival. While his apprenticeship would not start for another eight years since his arrival, Gael's love for the forge would sprout. At the age of seventeen, he performed and succeeded in his father's tribe's Rite of Adulthood. With his father's and mother's immediate family present, it would amount to be the greatest moment in his life hitherto. The proceeding three years would pass by in a blur, with nothing of note occurring that was relevant to Gael's growth. His twenty-first birthday would see the abrupt change of that, with his fated encounter with an entity too old to have a remembered name. While collecting ore from local deposits, he would stumble further into a well-known cave and discover a massive door marred and charred by intense flames or something corrosive.

Curiosity got the better of him.

He would use all of his strength to push the doors open, but a blinding light obscured his vision as he pressed forward. Not too long after his eyesight would be voided by the light, the rushing warmth of fire would flow before the cold dark of unconsciousness would take him next. Unknown of his fate, the last thing the young man remembered were echoes of mad cackling, and a promise. He would awake at the entrance of the cave mostly unharmed, save for the warmth of a familiar flame and a body inexplicably burned by... large fingers. Proceeding circumstances not linked to this event would see to his departure from the village only a few months later. Gael would go on to make a living for himself, or whatever was close to it.  

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Gael  Empty Fri Apr 08, 2022 11:46 am

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