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What's Mine is Mine PT. 3 (Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 3 (Neutral) Empty Sun Apr 03, 2022 6:33 pm

It seemed like things were going well. He was walking through Rush Valley as he was thinking about having a normal day. On his shoulder was Renji, and they were trying to have a good day. While they were walking around it would seem that someone was approaching them. The light mage was finer with it, and he would just wait him out. They would stop in front of Yuurei and they would hand the man the letter. They wouldn’t say anything and would run away the moment Yuurei would take the letter.

Yuurei would open up the letter and he would read it to see that it had come from Cliff. He figured this would happen, but it would seem like they were going to go into the mines again. This was fine because they were going to need more money. He was stacking up money as he was making sure that he had enough to obtain some powerful equipment.



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Yuurei would look over at his friend and he would pet him.

“I guess we are going to the Dawncliff Mine today. At least we will be making money again.” He said to Renji.

Now that they k, knew what they were going to do today, they would start heading toward the mines.

“How long do you think he’s going to be asking for us to mine for him? It seems like he’s been asking a lot of us.” He said to Yuurei.

“I get it, but he’s paying us well, so I don’t really care. We will continue to do this job until he doesn’t need us anymore.” He said to Yuurei as they were now making their way out of Rush Valley.

People were looking at him and waving at him as they were happy to see him. He would wave at them because he was happy to help those around this region.



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The duo would make their way to the mines, and they would see the Cliff was waiting for them by the entrance of the mines. The Nephilim would approach his client with a smile on his face. When he got there, they would both look at each other. Yuurei kept quiet as he waited for him to say something to him. He knew what he wanted him to do, but why was what he was wondering.

“It’s nice to see you again Yuurei and Renji. I’m glad that you guys were able to make it here today. I didn’t think I would see you today, but then I heard you were walking around Rush Valley. I couldn’t help, but ask my assistant to get you, and now here you are.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.

Yuurei would nod as he understood that Cliff was keeping tabs on him after all, which he was fine with.



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Yuurei would look at him and laugh a bit. He figured this would happen and he didn’t care. What was he going to do with this guy?

“So, you keeping tabs on me, but why do you need me to mine for you now. I kind of got you a lot of materials last time.” He said to him.

“I’m sorry I kind of wanted to make sure I knew where you were when I needed you. Now the reason why I wanted you today was for a reason. I have a client who wants a batch of materials from the mine. He is paying me a lot of money, so I needed you today. Are you okay with doing this for me?” He asked him wondering what he would say to him.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head and he figured he would do this. He wanted money for his weapons and items he planned on getting.

“Fine, I will make sure to get you what you need. Still, let’s not make this habit. I don’t need people to keep tabs on me. If you want send the letter to Paradise Dawn and they will give it to me whenever I’m near.” He said to Cliff as he would look at him.



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Yuurei would move towards Cliff and the rich man would get the helmet and the pickaxe that he was going to give Yuurei. The berserker would take the equipment from him, and he would put them on. His helmet would be put on and he made sure that it worked. After he had done that, he would look at the pickaxe to make sure that it was fine. When he saw that everything, he was going to use was fine, he would smile because it was time to go into the mine.

“I will see you in a bit with everything you need.” He said to him as he would walk away from his client.

He would enter the mine and while he was walking in there, Renji would look at him ready to speak to him.

“I wished you asked for more money, but I guess whatever we get is fine too. Do you think they are going to bother us today?” He asked Yuurei as wondered what he would say.



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Yuurei would move through the path as he would turn on the light on his helmet. There he would look around and he would see that there wouldn’t be anybody there. Still, he kept moving as he figured he would speak to the Exceed.

“I could have asked for more money, but I’m fine with whatever. I’m from the forest, so it never really bothers me. I don’t think they’re going to be bothering us today. I’m hoping they don’t bother me today because I don’t want to hear it from anybody.” He said to Renji.

They kept moving down the path and they would make see that there wasn’t anybody that was there. It would seem like they had taken all the materials from this area, and nobody was there. He kept moving and he would move through the area as he figured he would soon find people. When he got the two paths, he would take the right path and he would continue moving through it.



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When he would get through the path, he would see that there were people working there. It would seem like they had exhausted all the materials and had to work all over here. The light mage would look at everybody and he would keep walking. There were a lot of people who were doing what they needed to do to get their materials. Yuurei would see people look at him, but they wouldn’t say or do anything to him. That was good because they were working, and he didn’t want them to bother him today. He kept moving through the area as he kept his path cleared and away from everybody.

“It seems like things are getting dire for all the miners. That means that they’re going to soon head over to the spot we were digging in this entire time.” He said to Renji as they kept walking.

Renji would hear this and he would only shake his head as he didn’t want that to happen.



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The people around him would continue working and that was good. He would make his way to the spot where they had been working before. Still, he wouldn’t care as he would just choose an open spot for him to work in. He would start digging and Renji would look at him as he would get off his shoulder. He knew what he was supposed to do. They would look at Yuurei's work, and they would see how fast he had moved. When he was done digging everything up, he would move on to the next area to dig in.

Renji moved straight to the materials, and he would start collecting everything as he would put it into his bags. Yuurei moved to another spot, and he would start digging everything that was in front of him. The light mage didn’t have time to be here with everybody. While he was done with this place he would move on to the next area.



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While he was working on things, Renji would collect everything that was there for him. While he moved to the next location, the ground around him would start to shake. It made everyone there nervous, and they would all look at each other. This place was on the verge of collapsing, and that wasn’t good.

They weren’t enjoying this anymore and they started packing their stuff. Yuurei would look at everyone as they were gathering their things and leaving the place. The light mage would keep working because he didn’t care about what they were afraid of. He kept moving around and Renji continued to pick up all the materials that he was digging up.

The ground would shake every now and then, but Yuurei continued to work through it all. He would look over to Renji and he figured he would warn his friend to be ready at any moment.

“Be ready to run to me at any moment and sign of danger.” He said to Renji as he continued working.



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While they were doing this the ground started to shake more than ever before. Renji was collecting everything, while Yuurei had stopped digging. Once the Exceed would finish picking up the last of the materials he would run to Yuurei. Once he had gotten onto the light mage’s shoulder, the Nephilim would dash straight through a magic circle that he would create to the side. He would move through the path that he had come from at an immense speed.

The ground was shaking crazy now and soon enough the path that he had come from would cave in. He would look back and he would be surprised by what happened. He figured that this only happened because everybody was mining in that area. He would find himself walking out of the cave. He would see that there were a lot of people outside talking to each other, and they would all see him and wondered what happen in there.



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“The place that we were all in is no longer available for us to go into. The ground shook so bad that the walls gave in and sealed the area.” He said to everyone.

They would hear this and they would all be upset with what they heard. Still, there was nothing they could do, but they were happy to at least be alerted of what happened.

They would separate from the area now, and they would reveal Cliff who was waiting for him. Yuurei would head over to him, and he would hand him all the stuff he had gotten from the mine. Renji opened his bag, and all the materials would end in the wheel barrel. Cliff would hand him the jewels when he saw what he had gotten him, and he knew this would be more than enough for his client.

Yuurei would take his jewels and he would look at Renji. They would wave at Cliff as they all went their separate ways. The light mage was heading back to Paradise Dawn.

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