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What's Mine is Mine PT. 2(Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 2(Neutral) Empty Sun Apr 03, 2022 9:58 am

Yuurei was relaxing in his room as he figured he would have the day off. He was just on his bed with Renji on the corner of his bed. They were being lazy, but it wouldn’t take long for someone to knock on the door. He wasn’t sure what it was going to be about. He figured he would ignore it, but they would knock on the door again. The Nephilim would get up from his bed and he would open the door to see it was one of his scouts. He would hand him a letter and Yuurei would nod as the man would walk away. He would open the letter and he would see that Cliff had written to him. It would seem like he was needed again.

“I guess Cliff made more money, and he wants us to get more materials for him.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed would get up when he heard this, and he would make his way onto Yuurei’s shoulder.



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Yuurei would put on shoes as he had something to do now. He would find his way outside of the guild, and he would transform as he would jump off the edge of the mountain. He would soar through the sky using his wings to glide down and when he got close enough to the ground, he would find himself flying straight towards the Dawncliff Mine. He traveled through the area quickly, and he would find himself at the location quicker than he expected. His arrival was shocking to Cliff as he was waiting for Yuurei’s arrival but saw him looking different than he saw him before.

The Nephilim would stop his transformation as he would smile and wave at the man.

“It seems you want me back inside the mines?” He asked Cliff wondering what he would say to him.

Cliff was surprised that he could do something like that but figured it was part of his magic and thought nothing of it.



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He would walk over to Yuurei, so that nobody wouldn’t be able to overhear their conversation. When he was close enough, he would come to a stop as he would look at him.

“I made a lot of money with what you got me last time. I figured that if I could get restocked with more before I actually run out, I can have customers feel like they can rely on me more. So, here you go. I will be waiting for you here.” He said to Yuurei as he would hand him his mining equipment.

Yuurei would grab his equipment and he would put them on. He would crack his neck and he would make sure that everything worked. When everything was okay, he would look at Cliff.

“As long as you keep paying me to do this for you, then I don’t mind.” He told him as he walked into the mine.



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He was inside of the mine now with Renji on his side. They would look around to see that there were a lot more men working in the mine today. It would seem like they were looking at him. Of course, he was not a regular here. He only came down to work here whenever Cliff wanted him to. The light mage had other things to do, so he couldn’t be down here all day. He moved through the cave path that was laid out for him. He had turned on his light, so he didn’t get lost, or bump into someone by mistake. Renji would be his lookout as he could see that there were people looking in their direction but wouldn’t do anything.

They kept moving though as they didn’t have time to waste. Their objective was to mine more materials for Cliff. The men working there would just curse in whisper towards the fact that Yuurei was here to take more materials from them.



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The light mage kept moving through the path in front of him, and when he got to the two paths in the mine, he would go to the right as he did before. He kept moving through as he would wave at those who looked over at him. The berserker wasn’t going to try and make enemies with those around him. They were all their best to make a living. He was doing the same thing and that was it. He kept going as a lot of these guys had seen him last time and didn’t want to start trouble with him.

Yuurei would finally make his way back to where he was last time, but before fully getting there it would seem like there were men waiting for him. They had approached him and wondered if they could get him to join them and screw Cliff over. He would just stop moving to see what they had to say before he would kindly decline.



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“I heard you came here last time. You went deep within the mine from what I heard. Still, nobody saw you carrying anything out of here. So, what is it that you brought Cliff that’s making him so much money?” He asked curious to hear what Yuurei would say.

“I got materials just like you guys did. I don’t have to tell you why nobody saw me dragging materials out, but I definitely had them with me. Now I have work to do, so if you can excuse me please.” He said to the man, but he didn’t move.

“If that’s true do you want to help us out? We can just gather everything we find together and split the profits with each other and leave Cliff out of this.” He said this to see if Yuurei would do this.

The light mage would walk around the man without telling him anything and would continue walking to his destination. He wasn’t going to betray his client because someone suggested an idea.



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“I won’t betray my client. That would just tarnish my name and people won’t hire me. I don’t like doing more work than I need to. I suggest you don’t get in my way again, or something might break.” He said to the miner.

He would hear the threat and he wanted to attack him, but he knew who he was. He would get back to work because he didn’t want to make this guy an enemy. Yuurei was walking deeper into the cave, and he would sigh with relief. He was glad that nothing would happen between him and that guy. He honestly thought he was going to have to beat up some miners, but that was avoided.

It wouldn’t take him long, but he would finally arrive at the location he was digging last time. It was still standing as if there was no cave-in. While he looked around, he could see that there were a lot of materials left that he had to dig up.



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Yuurei was ready to get to work now as he would move towards one of the areas and he would start hammering away. While he was doing this Renji would get off his shoulder as he knew what he had to do. This was something they had done before, and he knew his job. While the light mage was clearing out the way for Renji, he would go to the materials that were dug up and he would put them in his bag. The Nephilim would move on to the next location before Renji could pick everything up. He would start digging once again as he was focused on the task ahead.

“How do you think those guys know that Cliff’s making a lot of money?” He would ask Yuurei wondering what he would say.

“I guess those guys that stopped us before, probably saw us give Cliff everything we dug up last time. Possibly Cliff was boasting about his secret miner. Still, it seems like they are going to pose a problem in the future.” He said as he would continue his digging.



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Yuurei would continue his digging and would bring out a bunch of materials that would fall from being loosened up. That were a lot of materials there, and he wondered why people didn’t come here. He would feel the ground shake a bit, and then it would stop. He laughed a bit because it seemed like the mine could read his mine. It was scary to be down here, and he knew why. If this place collapsed, then who would really be able to escape? He could but it was because of his magic, his speed, and his strength.

Still, he was sure that it was different for other people who would work this deep into the mine. The light mage kept working as the shaking would no longer happen after that one time. He had moved from that area because he figured he wouldn’t dig up there anymore. Renji would move around and pick up everything that was on the floor and was putting the materials in his bag.



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The two of them would work for at least three hours inside the mine. They were making sure that they had collected a good number of materials so that Cliff wouldn’t bother them for quite some time. He wasn’t sure if that would work, but he had to try. When he was done it would seem like they would both catch sweat from their hard work. Renji would make his way onto Yuurei’s shoulder, and they would nod at each other because it was time for them to go.

The berserker started walking towards the path he had come from, and he would see all the men there still working. They would look at him again to see that the rumors were true. He would work in the miens for hours, and it would seem like he wouldn’t have anything at the end of his work.

Yuurei would smile at them and kept moving to the exit of the mine and to fresh air.



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Yuurei would make his way out of the world. He would take a deep breath of fresh air that was outside of the mine. He would look around to see if he could see Cliff, and he would find him without a problem. The rich man was standing there with his wheel barrel. It seemed like he understood the task at hand and knew what to do. He would make his way towards Cliff and his client would walk to him. They would meet each other halfway.

“It seems like a lot of people know what I’m doing down there in the tunnels. I think you shouldn’t talk about me. It’s getting annoying to talk my way out of things.” He said to Cliff as Renji would open the bag and all the materials would appear in the wheel barrel.

“I see I will do my best not to mention you, but I cannot guarantee that.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.



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Yuurei would shake his head when he heard Cliff say that. He would wait for his reward, and the rich man would take out a huge bag of jewels for him. He would hand the bag to Yuurei and he would check to see if he had everything in there. He would look at Renji as they had enough money for the day, but they needed to get more.

“I might need you soon. I know I just got materials, but it seemed like things are going so well.” He said to Yuurei.

He would start rolling the wheel barrel away from the two of them. They would watch him leave and once he was gone, they would look at each other.

“What do you want to eat today? We can go anything you want to eat after we shower.” He said to Renji

“You can cook for us that’s better than buying food that’s for sure.” He said as they would start walking to Paradise Dawn.


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