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Ikanbi, Liivuduntiz

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Name:Ikanbi Liivuduntiz

Age: 21, June 9th, X773

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Desertian

Ethnicity, Mother: Desertian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Currently Guildless, Ikanbi plans to have her guild tattoo placed on her throat.

Face: Caenis, Fate


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 172 Lbs.

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Blue

Overall: To most, it is said that Ikanbi, or Lii, is quite beautiful. Soft, pale hair and dark skin, she strides with grace and beauty. Her hair is typically kept up in some sort of bun and/or messy ponytail with a ribbon or headband accessory and typically wears form-fitting combat-focused garments which she picks accordingly to the terrain and environment that she intends to be in that day and week. Most often, she has a streamline hunter outfit which obscure her otherwise muscular and toned body. A usually dark grey top that is tight fitting with many pockets lining it, a lighter grey overcoat sits atop this, with many straps and buckles for holstering her gear and equipment.

Usually, black boots with many straps and metal buckles don her feet, with dark gray pants with many holsters attached to them tucked into her boots. Form fitting, the pants are kept in place with a secure belt. There are six straps each about half a meter in length that extend from the insides of Ikanbi's coat, flowing between her arms as she walks.

Otherwise, Ikanbi can be seen in various assortments of the same outfit, save for color and pattern changes dependent on her intended terrain.

Extra: There is a large purple spider tattoo that begin at her upper left arm and extends downwards to the elbow, where another tattoo, a purple moth, flows into it, wrapping entirely around her elbow and flowing further into the next tattoo. A purple snake wraps around the lower half of her arm. This tattoo is typically concealed anytime Ikanbi wears a coat.


Personality: Ikanbi, who prefers to be called  Lii by unfamiliars, is considered courteous, often helping others in need with anything ranging from the simplest of tasks to the most laboring of chores. A risk taker, Lii tends to dive head-on into tasks and reap the rewards and losses either way. Ambitious, she strives to make fortune as a hunter and scholar, finding lost treasures in the world and turning them for profit. Innately curious, Lii has a knack for experimenting with arcane magic and for exploring the unknown.

Ikanbi is known to exhibit exceptional self control, having a full handle on impulsive controls due to their hunter training. In tune to their courteous nature, Lii is always quite nurturing, especially to those that are unable to defend themselves. Somewhat trusting, Lii has grown less so as the world has become more riddled with the plagues of the night. Typically honest, except when it benefits her, Lii has no problem truly lying but typically resorts to other methods first. Affectionate, romantic, and flirt, Lii is a silver-tongued menace in a bar or social setting.

Sympathetic and not considered altruistic, Lii does what she can to help. Optimistic, Lii tends to look forwards to favorable outcomes though still plans for the worst, praying for the best. Observant, she allows her experiences and and lessons to really sink in, silently observing the world while she plays in the shadows. To some, Lii would seem illogical, to others, cold and calculated and remorseless. There is a great deal of logic to the way Lii's mind works, but as she is typically quite silent unless intentionally being social, this trait is usually hidden from others.

Lii is considered to be quite emotionally stable, and isn't known to be incredibly moved by much.

  • Candles
  • Smellgood Stuff
  • Money
  • Exploring
  • Dates
  • Also, Dates
  • Also, Dates involving a date with dates
  • Magic
  • Reading
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Sleeping
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Trying any food
  • Making Priests Cry With Her Legs
  • Artifacts
  • Painting
  • Shopping
  • Dancing
  • Cards
  • Dice
  • Humanoids
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Demons

  • Demons
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Other Strange Races
  • The inevitable heat death of the universe
  • Knowledge hoarders
  • The color of her eyes
  • Giant Mfing Mommy Milkers
  • Overpriced Gear
  • Albinos
  • Boiled Vegetables
  • Teenius Mcpeeniuses

  • Jewels
  • Pursuit of knowledge
  • Travel the world
  • Become Immortal
  • Gain Experimental Body
  • Obtain Moth Magic
  • Obtain Fission Magic
  • Obtain Crash Magic
  • Join an appropriate Guild
  • Magic Enhancements
  • Recover Artifacts

  • Dying before she can obtain her planned immortal body
  • not a damn thing.


Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Hunter Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

Magic Description: Ikanbi's Hunter Magic utilizes Arcane tricks to be essentially an arcane trickster, stalking denizens of the night in a fit of reverse trickery and winning magic and magic melee battles through deception and cunning with the versatility and fluidity of arcane magic.


History: Lii was born into a hunter family of somewhat shy merchants in Desertio. Her family made a mass of wealth doing dark dealings with vampires and other dark denizens. Taught from an early age the weight of a weapon and an animal, Lii became quite comfortable with killing sport for food and pelt, and then later learned that she came from a family of vampire hunters, that were somewhat related, strangely, to vampires themselves somehow through various marriages and weird enchanted pregnancies. The Liivuduntiz family has now, for generations, bared several women in a lineage by the name of Lii that have been exceptionally excellent hunters of the night.

Notably, Lii's father, Liiku, was known for being incredibly capable of dealing with werewolves, said to utilize cunning Arcane tricks to confound and overwhelm werewolves and split them off, then hunt them down one at a time easily once the odds were evened. Lii's mother is said to be equally as skilled, though as more of an elemental magic user than an arcane user, making work of her prey by turning them into ice and shattering them from the inside out, or the outside in, and sometimes both.

Lii however started the world in her own path, and attended a secret Hunter academy within Desertio and excelled quite where there as she aged and continued her coursework. She eventually became quite adept at arcane magic, and learned a small handful of spells before moving on to start a small equipment manufacturing company that utilized arcane magic to streamline the manufacturing process and create weapons specifically tailor-made for hunters and explorers.

After a few years, Lii joined up with a bit of an adventuring crew, and archeologists guild, not a mages guild, of sorts that did things that mages guilds would typically be known to do. They explored caverns, sought artifacts, and harnessed and learned to utilize wild and dangerous magics. She travelled with them for roughly three years before returning home to Desertio, where she stays now and plans to leave soon after a short rest and visit with her family just in time to enjoy her twenty first birthday.

Reference: Konyo

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Hello! I will be grading your application.

Please state a birthday with month/day/year

For your likes, dislikes, etc. Please follow the template's font and lists.

For now, people are not allowed to have nobility nor Royal status. You can state that you come from a rich family at most without the head admin's permission.


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Okay fixed I think.

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This character is approved

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