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Oh, The Road is Plain.(Foot travel East to West.)

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Oh, The Road is Plain.(Foot travel East to West.) Empty Sun Mar 27, 2022 1:19 pm

Well if she was going to be a member of this guild, she had to most likely not sit around in the east and not seem like she doesn't exist to it. So better late then never to just show up to it eventually. It seemed Quillareine just left on her own and did not speak a word to her, For some one who made sure they came here together she was sure as heck wonderful and quick to say nothing and leave. Akuko would have to have a few words with her about that. Or torment her more.

One of the two.But she would collect her small amount of things for the road to make the travel some one stand able. She would have some final drink. So she would rest on the area of bar with in the inn of Daliah and say them for a few shots of Jeppson's Malort. Just to get her normal taste of bitter in her system. Then after she raised a few shot glasses of what she ordered and drank them quickly she just walked out and left.Walking over and paying quickly before she forget. Sure she could just tricked her way into not paying, But it was honest work for them.

She was a daemon but she was not a simpleton who would attempt to skip out of her drinks when she had the money to pay. Then stepping outside and looking around Daliah for a moment, She would lite up one of the cigar she took when she was with Quillareine last, give it a few moments to make sure it was well lit. Then after a few puffs and a content smile on her face, She felt like she was ready and good to head off.

Daliah and the east was nice but it was not entirely all that she entirely came her at least in theory, She was here to figure out a few things and what to do with her life with what changed for her, Just not outwardly expressing her insecurity that was with in her mind. But she had time to think it out it all out while she walked to the west. After all she also had to ponder whom she would meet in the west when she travelled over there. Hopefully these people would be interesting and ready to deal with Akuko.



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