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Cailyn Umata

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Name: Cailyn Umata

Age: August 15th, x731(63)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevenese

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Vampire

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Tattoo: Cailyn has her guild tattoo printed on her tongue.

Face: Khadi - Digital art(No anime)


Height: 5'2

Weight: 121 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light brown

Overall: Cailyn unlike her sister Aeris has a darker complexion due to being raised in the sevens all her life, her eyes are a light brown and turn crimson when her blood lust kicks in. Cailyn is rather small being just a inch above 5 feet, her chest is nearly flat as she is only a B-cup but she has a hourglass like figure with her hips widening making her ass stand out more. Additionally Cailyn hair is thick and she always wears them in diffrent braided styles to highlight this.

Extra: Other than the guild tattoo placed on her tongue Cailyn wears a piece of jewlery around her neck given to her by the god Gaea.


Personality: Along with her sister Aeris, Cailyn while she was still human, one could consider her the kind type of person. Like most females in the Umata household Cailyn while she was young served the gods primarily making her a firm believer.

Besides her personal belief in the gods and there will Cailyn presents herself as the cool beauty type, ever hardly giving outburst even while angry and tends to keep a cool head if she can. However her cool beauty like persona cannot hide how much she cares for her friends and family, Caillyn sacrificing just about anything even the gods if it meant keeping her loved one's safe from harm.

As she grew up older one could say her instinct to protect grew even stronger as did her belief in one particular god Gaea, Cailyn favor making her more generous and kind overall as she served the people of the land under her gods name. It was about the time she turned into a complete vampire did her faith in the gods start to become rocky while at the same time awakening her specific magic, cynical of the gods somewhat now and a bit less kind than she was, Cailyn still tries to do the gods will while questioning if she is doing the right thing.

  • Faith or Devotion Once a priestist or something akin to it Cailyn faith or Devotion is stronger than most, although it may not always be towards the gods she favors Cailyn still likes anyone who shows such qualities in themselves
  • Blood: As a vampire, Cailyn has developed a taste for blood, although she mostly sticks to animals Cailyn cannot deny that it tastes delightful.

  • Lies Cailyn hates liars, although she can recongize there are sometimes when lying is necessary she still overall hates the act of lying.
  • Point less Death: Although Cailyn speaks for her god Gaea of earth, the teachings of Gaea make sure that all life is precious and not wasted. To her a pointless death without reason is the abosolute worst thing.

  • Finding her Sister a cure: Although it was Cailyn that turned her sister into a vampire as she was on deaths door herself, Aeris body has been in a constant state of trying to reject and accept the blood Cailyn passed to her, she knows her sister life is prolonged but finding a cure to her vampirism is what drives her the most.

  • Sister dying: As the last remaining family member she has, Cailyn has gone through great efforts to keep Aeris alive throughout the last two decades despite her frail body, her sister dying would be a living nightmare for her.
  • Dying without knowing peace: To some extent all humans dream of there deaths and what they would accomplish by then, for Cailyn, one of her greatest fears is that she would die without accomplishing a single thing.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 0

Speed: 0

Constitution: 0

Endurance: 0

Intelligence: 0


Magic Name: Aspect of Gaea

Magic Element:Earth

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn(Debuffs)

Magic Description: Cailyn devotion to Gaea has blessed her with the ability to use earth magic, she can create diffrent shapes and sizes out of the earth and use it to boost ones attributes or bolster them in battle defensively or offensively.  


History: "They say the gods whisper into the ears of their believers. But I have never heard such whispers reach my own." My name is Cailyn Umata, born of Kira Umata, and a faithful servant of the gods of Seven, Himila Fio, my mother. The first born to be exact, my sister Aeris Umata was born later, much later, but this is the story of me..

Once upon a time she was a little girl living with her parents in the sevens, her father an outsider that learned the way of the sevens and became a faithful man of the gods, the family was so proud to call him the man of the house, her mother would always say while praying to the gods since she was blessed with such good fortune financially and romantically, she found her mother a bit silly but she looked up to her father nonetheless, a warrior from afar land and his way of fighting was foreign to her but in time she would learn.

Her family came from a long line of sevenese priestess, the firstborn of every family had sung the tale of the gods for generations, and now it fell on her to learn the art of the gods, mageia. Her family was naturally attuned to producing mageia vocally, a song, a hum or perhaps even a dance, in either case her family art was to give entertainment to others while retelling old and anew tales.

Her training started when she was but only six, and now she stood a women of 19, a year after she became a grown women in the eyes of the world of sevens. Cailyn receiving the role of head priestess and singing tales of the gods, but one in particular she fancied, Gaea, god of earth. However in the end of her trips she always returned home but one night she would find that returning would be the end of her beloved family.

Demons, enemies of the gods had invaded there home, screams, so many screams by the dozens rang thorough the town, she ran to her family home but was caught by one such demon, it bite her, and she felt the life energy, her vitality drain from her and thought it was all over as she fainted.

Waking up hours later, Cailyn only concern was still her family, she crawled through the town, sticks and stones and all leaving her bloodied even further by the time she got to her family home, parents dead, sister barely breathing. She wouldn't realize much later but as her heart started beating wildly in her chest and she heard the slight expand and contraction of her sisters veins, her next actions would be just as the demon did, she took a bite and began draining her sisters blood entirely, but just as her sister life was hanging on a single thread she jettisoned her own blood into her sister out of instinct.

She kept her sister alive but at what cost? What was she now? Cailyn left to find answers, her sister? she would forgot all this, even her, and live life as if she was an only child, she would forgot her entire existence, and should she ever near Aeris would drop into a coma..Cailyn put a curse on her beloved sister as she prayed to her god Gaea, and after all this time...Gaea finally approved of her request leaving her sister cursed. Years have gone by now and although Caithy is still young, she is twice the age of there mother now, her sister breaths yet she can feel her life force fading each day, it was time to put her to sleep until she found a cure for the afflictions she casted upon her.
Reference: Khalfani,Yuurei

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Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 536
  • Strength: 32
  • Speed: 150
  • Endurance: 114
  • Constitution: 115
  • Intelligence: 125

Other Changes


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This character is approved.

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