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Something Blue [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Something Blue [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sun Mar 27, 2022 1:37 am

Haru Akagi
Haru had heard stories of the man called Dex Miller from other locals. He was apparently a bit of a weirdo, one that most people avoided. When she'd first seen the request from him the neko had nearly turned it down, but her curiosity and greed got the best of her. Why turn down a paying gig, even if the guy was a bit of a loony? Didn't matter as long as she got paid, right?

She'd asked for Yuurei to accompany her, just in case his crazy was a little too much for her to handle alone. With him and Renji by her side she felt a lot more safe and comfortable knowing that if something wrong were to happen they'd be there to help her out. Upon actually meeting the guy it was clear he was a little eccentric and strange, but the fear in his eyes and voice as he explained what he had seen by the river intrigued her. He seemed sincerely frightened to return alone, but was confident that there was a good chance it was the culprit in his 'latest case'.



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Yuurei knew of Dex and even though he was weird he was truly harmless. When they got to him, he would hear what he had to say, and it seemed like they were going to have to wait for the nighttime to continue on with the job. It wouldn’t take long for nighttime to come, and the two would spend time with each other, so it would make things go quickly. Still, now that it was the right time they would head to the river where Dex had seen the blue ball, to begin with.

Their travel wouldn’t take long as it was by the Orchidia River. This was perfect as when they got there, they would see exactly what they were searching for. Dex would also meet them there but wouldn’t go near the blue ball as he was waiting for them to be the one to get near it. Yuurei would go with Haru to go check this thing out and see what was wrong with it.

Yuurei was hoping that it wasn’t some weird trapped left by someone that forced Dex to bring them here.


#3Haru Akagi 

Something Blue [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sun Mar 27, 2022 10:40 pm

Haru Akagi
It was breathtakingly beautiful. The blue ball of light span ever so slowly as it hovered just above the riverbed. Haru couldn't help but be entranced by it. It was as if she felt all her fears wash away, the allure of it too strong to ignore. Her body started moving towards it without thinking of the dangers, just one sentence repeating in her mind. 'I have to touch it'.

As the neko extended out her hand she'd feel a slight tickle-like tingle down her arm before moments later images were flashing through her mind. Hazy visions of someone living, someone that shouldn't be? She didn't understand how she knew this, or what was happening. Before she could even comprehend it the ball emitted a blast of magical energy.



She felt the cool rush of water all around her as fear kicked in. Opening her eyes she noticed her face was beneath the surface and hastily stood up, her heart racing. She had been blown backwards into the river. Thankfully, the water wasn't deep along the edge and she was perfectly fine. Other than the feeling of pure terror she felt due to thinking she might drown. As she was regaining her composure she'd look around in the dark for the others.

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Yuurei would move towards the blue ball as well, and when he touched, he would feel and see the same thing as Haru. It was weird to see through this, and it was going through his mind all at once. It wouldn’t take long, but he would be sent flying back from the force that the blue ball had produced. He would get up from the knockback and he would feel as if harm was done to them even though it was slightly. He would get up from the ground as he would look to see if Haru was fine. She was indeed, but Dex, on the other hand, was unconscious.

The light mage would walk over to Dex and he would pick the man up as he had suggested that they would go to the hospital for this guy. The Nephilim would start walking in the direction as Renji was fine as Yuurei had taken the blow. While walking towards the hospital they would be met with a man named Dacol Lubex who wanted to help them take Dex to the hospital. He didn’t see the harm of it as they needed Dex to wake up anyways to get paid.


#5Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
Other than being completely saturated from head to toe and shivering in the cool night air, Haru seemed to be completely fine. A couple of scratches here and there but nothing major. Her friends also seemed to be alright, but their client not so much. The poor guy was knocked out completely cold. As they made their way to the hospital, Dex carried in Yuurei's arms, a fellow you called himself Dacol Lubex joined them.

The silver maned feline was sceptical of him, having appeared in the middle of the night, suddenly concerned for the guy known to be a complete lunatic. It was more than a little suspicious, but if Yuurei was fine with him joining, she wasn't about to start arguing over the matter. Upon arriving at the hospital Dex would be admitted and Dacol would offer to stay beside him for the night, causing alarm bells to ring in the neko's mind.

But upon Dex waking up and paying them for their help this evening, it didn't seem like the man was concerned about the sudden appearance of Dacol. In fact, he seemed more than eager to reiterate what had happened to him. Scowling Haru would leave the room, returning to the inn they were staying at where she could finally have a hot bath and dry her clothes.

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They would make it to the hospital with Dex and Dacol and they would get their client a room for him to stay. While they were with everyone. It seemed like Dacol wanted to stay with the man, but they weren’t going to leave unless they got paid. That would come to light when Dex woke up groggy and affected by what happened. Still, it seemed like he knew this guy was, which brought Yuurei to ease up a bit. What made things better was that Dex would pay them both, so they didn’t have to worry about anything else that could happen next.

He looked over to Haru as it seemed like she was ready to leave. The light mage would bid his farewell to Dex and he hoped that he would be fine. He figured that they would see each other again as he had helped him with a job that paid more than the one they just did.


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