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When people think of the primordial, the very concepts that began all that would be the foundation for the universe, the gods, the realms, and the very mortals that existed within. People rarely consider just how integral all these concepts, these very forces were in everyday life.

Creation... The Concept of Life. It was the Beginning. The beginning of the universe, the beginning of time, the beginning of consciousness. You name it. It was. Creation is found in all things, and all things could consider Creation as part of them.

Destruction conversely. Was the End. Death, Decay, Silence, whatever you wished to attribute to it, it was. Destruction wasn't necessarily evil, it just was. All things had an End. It was just the nature of the Universe.

And then there was Truth. Truth held Creation and Destruction to their tenants. Truth was the glue of the primordial trinity. It was Law. It was Order. It was Chaos. It was Entropy. All things that existed between Creation and Destruction bowed before Truth for it governed all but the others.

These concepts weren't something that normal beings could tamper with. They were absolutes in their own right. To be it must be Created, to exist it must follow the Laws, and when it's existence finally ceased, all things must Die. They weren't 'Evil', they weren't 'Righteous', they just... 'Were'.

But what happens when beings with immense power, immense influence, and immense boredom begin a game of whims and wishes that play with these very absolutes. What happens when the games that those beings play are disrupted, halted, stopped. Well...


A lone figure stood before a great sparkling creation. Thousands upon millions of worlds, grouped by their various universes and subsequent galaxies. In one of the many existences that were possible, this figure stood alone. Not by choice, but rather in patient wonder as one of their many trees were finally bearing fruit.

Here stood one of the many versions of what could be a God of Chaos. An entity so minor and meaningless that they likely didn't even have a name, yet so powerful and absolute that even with their minor status they ruled over several universes themselves along with several other Gods, Goddesses, and Entities. Their focus was on a particular world in a particular universe. One of many iterations of what could have been. It was always interesting to see what true Chaos could be, how it could shape and mold a universe into taking a path that it would have never taken.

A person here. A word there. Minor events in the grand scheme of things, but in the true sense of the concept, chaos bred change. Chaos wasn't merely random, but a simple grouping of a 'random' set of predetermined circumstances that were minutely changed to achieve the greatest divergent outcome possible. It spawned empires, and destroyed planets. Entire universes were born and subsequently destroyed by the sheer 'randomness' that Chaos bred and manipulated.

Soon however it was joined by one more. It's sister deity, Fate. An enigmatic creation that operated truly as the opposite of Chaos. Whereas Chaos simply manipulated the events to create the greatest potential outcomes. Fate seemingly dictated that which was and would seemingly always be. In the realms that Fate controlled and was a part of, there seemed to always be a constant. Whether the world had magic or not, whether certain individuals would rise to prominence or fade into obscurity. Just as Chaos could shift the parameters of a universe to breed randomness, Fate could equally shift the tides to always predetermine what should and would happen.

And now here both stood, testament to their natures across from each other. The creation blinked once before disappearing entirely, fading into a dusting of light that slowly reformed into an intricate board of figures. Both sides clearly manipulate their pieces at a whim in a great dance. It seemed that once again their game was afoot as two pieces in particular moved to come at a head for what could possibly have been the millionth time. Who knew how many times this game had been played between the two. And though the pieces and tactics changed, eventually one would become the winner and the game would begin anew.

Neither spoke, for language and rather the concept of communication was not so much as beneath them but rather not necessary. They had done this so many times that they knew what the other was thinking, they were two sides of the same coin after all. It would be as simple as the shifting of yet another piece. The great glow of light coming from it would have burned the sight of any normal mortal, but in its opposite was a great void, a darkness that could swallow even the greatest of creation. To which would win this time the gods did not know. That's what made the game so great to watch.


Sol shifted.

Great masses of heat and energy bubbling and bursting forth with fury as it watched from far above as its Chosen Champion moved forward once again towards its destiny. It did not know how it had come to this. The entity was not all knowing, nor ever powerful. Truthfully it only had as much power and influence as its many followers granted to it through their worship and patronage. And thus while the God of the Stars could be considered powerful to many, it truly was limited in scope and impact. It could be said that Sol truly only had domain over the worlds it shone upon, illuminating them in its vast warmth and providing them with its love and affection.

But recently it has begun to feel an urge. A terrible nagging dragging feeling to inflict pain and misery upon those who it cared for. Perhaps it was a byproduct of its Champion's many personality traits bleeding back through their connection. It was one of the many downsides of establishing something as finicky as an Avatar. While the God could greatly influence their Chosen in many ways, their Chosen could just as easily influence the God if the God was not nearly powerful enough to avoid such corruption. It was why many Gods and Entities avoided invoking such a thing before they grew powerful enough to establish their own domain and set of rules.

Sol had been warned of this when both Amun-Ra and Amaterasu had heard of what it had done, but for Sol there was no other way. It could not let its Champion fall. There was too much at stake for it to lose a Champion, and the Entity turned God could not afford to wait for another to rise and take its place. So Sol had taken measures into its own hands, and in effect had likely weakened its own stance in the Cosmos. But the deed was done, and now the true effects of what it had done were coming back to bite it.

It wasn't as if Destruction wasn't part of Sol's nature. Sol was a 'God' by proxy it was the Sun and the Stars itself. It provided Light, Heat and Energy that created the conditions for life to grow and prosper. But it could just as easily burn it all away with a mere whim. Most mortals failed to understand this when they worshiped it however and thus when it was born from said Worship, it tended to lean more towards Creation than anything else. Benevolence for the sake of Benevolence. But what would happen if that side of Destruction was evoked? Would it still be worshiped as a benevolent God? There to provide light and life to all who prayed for its blessings? The Entity did not know.

But beyond that, it feared this interaction that it could witness from its Champion. There were forces at play that had led to this. This wasn't as simple as removing a Cult, or taking down an otherworldly being that had overreached its bounds or who had been partially evoked to cause death and destruction. This creature that its Champion now faced. Was a product of something terrifying. Something far more powerful than Sol itself, yet had possibly less influence in the realm than it itself had now. What was such a creature doing in this realm and why did it harbor so much familiarity with a being of immense power and fortitude. It baffled Sol greatly and now drew Sol's complete attention. The outcome of this was to change everything.

--- Plot Stuff Ends Here ---

When Seika made contact with the doors, he idly marveled at their make, even as he destroyed them without a second thought. The doors were made of quality materials, aged woods and hardened steel. Expertly crafted into heavy bastions that have withstood the test of time, weather and probably countless invasions upon those within. The history that they likely have witnessed and been a part of was something to behold on a normal day but for all intents and purposes none of that mattered to Seika.

As soon as his hands had touched their lacquered exterior, the smooth mahogany that had been sanded down to soft yet firm wood, the energy and heat that his body normally always held within immediately began to flow into and deteriorate the bonds that held the wood and steel together. The wood cracked, smoked and burned. The steel softened and began to boil. Of course all of this happened at superficially quick rate, the heat expanding through the creation at such speed that literally as soon as his hand made contact the mere force of expansion and contraction on the structure and frame itself caused it to bulge inwards before exploding violently in a crash of fury and destruction.

The aftermath of such a spectacle would reveal the interior of the Lair. The Great Guild House of Eternal Nightmare. The designated home of the Wizard Lord and known terrorist, Odin Morningstar. The man himself sat in his gaudy throne on the far side of the room, across a growing expanse that seemingly illuminated itself as soon as the doors were blown open.

Great torches magically lit themselves just as Odin had sat in his chair just before the door opened, and were still lighting themselves even as Seika forcefully entered the guild hall. The many fixtures illuminating a grand space about fifty meters in length from door to back wall and over eighty meters in width from wall to wall, the ceiling seemed to stretch on for eternity but really was about twenty meters over the floor itself. The door itself was positioned in the direct middle between the two far walls and directly across from the throne which sat thirty meters away from it leaving an additional twenty meters behind the throne for access to the back rooms as well as a grand staircase likely to higher floors and a mysterious teleporter-like creation that could barely be seen from behind the raised dais that the throne sat on.

Before the Throne laid out was a large open space filled with two massive dining tables. Each one flanked a center pathway that was covered with an intricate royal purple carpet that was accentuated with golden flairs befitting the status and wealth of the guild. The far walls contained massive pillars that were about one meter in diameter each, spaced evenly along the walls. In between each banner was a great golden banner befitting the insignia of each of Eternal Nightmare's more prominent members. Light seemed to filter in from some sort of paned glass fixture that sat high up on the walls but the light itself was drowned out by the torches themselves.

The dining space sat lower in the floor, preceded by steps both leading to the door and up to the throne, placing not only Seika's group but Odin's over what would be assumed to be the future battlefield. The 'ground' floor only sunk a mere three meters into the earth, but it was enough to prevent the tables from blocking any line of sight from either side of their adversaries.

All in all it was a beautiful setting to not only live in, but likely to converse and grow with like minded individuals. It was incredibly terrible that it was about to be tarnished with fighting and blood shed.

Odin seemed to start the conversation as soon as the doors came off the hinges. As stated before, the man was already in his throne as if he had been patiently waiting for their entry. His words were loud and full of power as they carried over the distance to the group across from him. From the many rooms and locations in the tower, others seemed to filter in and fill in beside their leader, their positions clear as their intent was to stand by the leader and friend against what they likely viewed as a hostile menace. That was fine to Seika, they could believe what they wanted in the end. It would not change the outcome as he perceived it.

He would open his mouth to retort, cutting in before Konyo would have a chance to state their proposition as a way to show the purpose of their entry, "Odin Morningstar, you are hereby under arr-."

His words caught in his throat as the sight of Hitomi coming from behind and to the left of Odin truly caught him off guard. It was always agreed between the two that they would never speak of her apparent defection and subsequent return to Eternal Nightmare. It was a gross oversight and abuse of his position that he had never sought to incarcerate her for the abandonment of her post as well as the fact that she had returned to a known terrorist. All of that was ignored for the most part during their travels and adventures in Joya and had been agreed upon with their return to Fiore.

So when the sight of her standing beside what he could only consider was the greatest threat currently to Fiore, all of that information was suddenly returned to his mind, filling him with instant emotions of anger, betrayal and sadness. But it was the sudden arrival of a new emotion that stayed his hands for but a moment. It was the softness of her voice, the confusion in her face. The slight way that she stood and the concern in her eyes. Seika realized then that he loved this woman. And in a way by forcing her to essentially hide, by ignoring the gap between them both. He had inadvertently forced her to make a choice between who she was, and what she believed. But that did not have to be the case. No... There was still another way.

Licking his lips, Seika returned to reality, his speech silent, and Konyo's proposition finally voiced. It seemed he had only phased out mentally but for a few moments, not enough for someone to have launched a surprise attack that he couldn't have responded to, but enough to have missed what Konyo had proposed entirely and any byplay that arose from it.

In truth, even as he had only returned to a sort of waking reality, his eyes never left Hitomi. Of course he could still see the others and react to them, but in his eyes the only one there that mattered now was Hitomi. Odin was merely an afterthought. He knew that she was here. They had come to Oak to find out more about the cultists, so he knew that she would be in the Guild Building that she naturally called home. She had no reason to sleep in a hotel, just like he remained at the Rune Knight barracks up on the hill while he was in Oak. He should have known that it would come to this, but it was a gross oversight on his part in his willingness to take down a far greater threat that existed against the stability in the Kingdom.

Maybe he should explain himself? Or perhaps apologize? He was truly lost for words, but it would be the slight look in her eyes and the demure features of her face that would make up his mind.

His eyes had returned to Odin and time resumed.

Yet again this byplay was mere fractions of seconds. Thoughts were nothing in the grand scheme of actions in terms of the time they took. In that fraction Seika had made up his mind. And in his heart of hearts he only hoped that Hitomi understood what he was doing as the room suddenly filled with a great and terrible heat. It was suffocating how hot it was for those who were used to Seika's presence. It did not matter how strong you were, nor how resilient you were. Seika's form of heat was almost as absolute as the concept of heat itself. It was enough to instantly curdle and singe the floor around him as well as the beautifully luxurious carpet, the hanging banners and even hot enough to flash boil the rain that came in contact with it turning it to steam.

Literal waves of heat rose almost instantly from Seika's body, creating a sudden gust of wind that wouldn't knock back any of the people in the room but would be strong enough to blow out the torches and shatter to glass panes. None of it would fall upon any of the participants, but that wouldn't matter as Seika's actions would occur before anything was even shattered. In fact, even as the temperature rose, so did Seika's arms. His body quickly shifted in what could only be telegraphed as the casting of a spell as he raised his hands not to the ceiling, not to the skies, but to the very heavens themselves. And in those hands he grasped light and fury itself, and brought it down upon those who had deemed unworthy to stand in his beloved's presence.

He knew that Hitomi would survive this, even if she were to be caught in it. And hopefully once this was all over he could truly explain his actions. But Seika was no longer for words, even as he mouthed a prayer to Sol itself, wishing not only for victory, but for penance. This was no longer done for the good of Fiore. No longer did his actions represent that of Sol's. Seika had become like any other mortal that walked this land. A selfish individual who lashed out at the circumstances that had borne a situation that had now spiraled out of his perceived control. And so like any of those individuals he lashed out at all who stood before him. For like any other mortal that walked this land, he was but a petulant child before the whims of the Gods.

Stuff Seikasolar

Light shined beneath his feat as a great brilliant golden circle of magic appeared beneath him. Spanning an absolutely gargantuan eight meters, it filled the space that he currently stood in and was visible to all before it. A little over a second later another magic seal would appear just over the throne, this time much larger, and much brighter. This magic seal would likely etch itself into the memory of all that saw it as the rapture of the heavens it was intended to be. This magic seal was over twenty six meters in diameter from great glowing tip to great glowing tip. Interlocking circles of golden runic energy spun vibrantly as the seal glowed with intent before the literal light of God suddenly was released upon all who stood underneath it with the epicenter being the very Throne that Odin sat upon.

Seika had not heard Konyo's proposal, but even if he had he likely would have performed this act anyway. For it was no longer Konyo's choice on if he was to fight Odin.


Odin was his. For the love of his life, and release of the grip that he had upon her brilliantly glowing soul, Seika was going to end the man, the entity, the legend known as Odin Morningstar. Or die trying.

Just before the Final Flare would drop from the sky, Seika spoke something very briefly in a language he had only recently picked up. Meant for the ears and heart of only one person in that room. Of course it was possible for others to pick it up and understand it and to that notion Seika didn't care. The intent was clear and the message was even clearer, "I'm sorry... My Light."

And then the world turned to white.

--- More Plot Stuff, You can ignore it if you wish. ---

Up above and in realms far beyond the perception of those who existed in this universe, entities watched with interest as two titans clashed for the first time. Unknowingly bending to the whims and machinations of fickle gods who played games of chance with each other in an ever present attempt to stave off the boredom that was existence. Truly mortals were nothing more than ants in a farm, so minor and minute that they were barely even noticed until one of their homes were shaken and then they were forced to scurry about to pick up the pieces or be crushed all the same.

And of the 'Gods' that seemed to think that they held power? Nothing but pieces on a board. Pawns all the same. The game was afoot yet again, and only time would tell what the outcome of this latest event would bring.

  • Fully described the battleground. If there are any further questions about this, feel free to ask.
  • Began to respond verbally to Odin and then stopped to look at Hitomi
  • Got big mad
  • Initiated and cast the spell Final Flare targeting everyone in the vicinity of Odin.

Disclaimer: The first part of this post, and the very end are very much fluff/pieces to my own personal plot. I have indicated the sections in which the post returns back to the actual thread. Feel free to read those sections if you wish, but they are not necessary to understand my post. Check Combat Information for more details and a better synopsis.

Also: 100% the song of the post and the vibe I was going for. If you want to understand the vibe and intensity, just throw the song on repeat. Don't have to, but definitely fills the mood.

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