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Katori Masami

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Name: Katori Masami

Age: December/20/X774

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Demi-Human(Wolf)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Infinity Wolves

Tattoo: Inside the palm of his hand(Dark Green)

Face: Susano’o - Blazblue


Height: 180cm

Weight: 70kg

Hair: Dark purple with green highlight

Eyes: Green

Overall: Katori's whole body looks different from other demi-human. He is a demi-human wolf but he uses his armor all the time, he can’t even remember how his face looks. His armor colored black with some green accent all over, only his dark purple hair coming out from the back of his helmet armor. His helmet is in the shape of a wolf but with 2 pointy horns, and the same shape is used on both of his shoulders. Katori is pretty muscular but the looks are also helped by his armor. He also has sharp blade claws on all of his fingers.

Extra: None


Personality: Katori is a calm person, with the ability to control his emotions and his actions accordingly. His emotions control ability really helps him be professional with his job. Katori might seem hot headed but that will never be a problem, as long as he's in the middle of a job, he will never let his emotions take the wheel. Besides that, he loves chaos on a catastrophic level. He is wiser than others at his age. He never put his trust in people and never gave his loyalty to anyone. In every situation, he always thinks logically and puts himself on top of his priority list. It’s hard for him to trust anyone and he almost never trusts anyone, every decision he makes is purely to put himself in a better position. He is really selfish and mostly care about money, even during a job of assasination, he might stop his work if his target pay him more than his client. As long as the situation will give him the advantage, he will probably do whatever it takes to get in that position. Even his decision to join a guild is only to put him in a better position and only for his own sake.

  • Chaos: He likes chaos on a catastrophic level, seeing everyone run around or scared and put himself in a fun and pleasing situation. How people get confused during a chaos is something fun to see in his opinion.
  • Sword Art: Growing up as the son of a samurai, Katori also trained to be one, Katorii developed a really deep connection with sword art. Not only the skill to control them as a weapon, he also saw the beauty of creating them, he even named some of his swords that's special to him.

  • Drama: With his logical way of thinking, Katori hates when people overreact to certain situations. In his mind, it’s unnecessary and people should just calm down and use the time they have to calm down and think about the solution.
  • Hesitation: Katori hates when some hesitation comes in his heart or mind when he has to do something. It annoyed him especially when his mind and his heart told him to do an opposite action.

  • Learning all swords arts available. : His love for sword art is big enough that learning as much as he can to get the chance to learn those skills. It’s pretty simple, compared to other people that tried to take over the kingdom or something.

  • Irrelevant: He hates to feel useless and unneeded by anyone in this world, despite good or bad ways, as long as he is needed for something, he feels fine about it.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 11

Speed: 1

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Metal Manipulation

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn(Offensive)

Magic Description: Metal Manipulation is a magic that allows the user to manipulate metal around them, mostly by touching them. In Katori's case, this is why he has his armor on all the time, covering all parts of his body. His magic is pretty much swifting the metal from his armor to his liking.


History: Katori was a child born from a joyan family, a respectable samurai family. His father was a skillful samurai and his mother was a housewife who spent her time on Katori’s side. Growing up with his family, Katori really looked up to his father who was a master of one samurai dojo in his hometown. He fell in love with sword art because he grew up seeing his father doing his job as a samurai and as a teacher. But his interest doesn’t stop there, he is actually interested in some other martial art as well, but not as much as his love of sword art. His father was a werewolf, but he managed to gain the trust of the local people because he proved that he’s not a threat to them and he can control the beast inside him. He proves that he can use the beast in him to protect the people of the town instead of dangering them. With his racial abilities combined with his skillful sword technique, he manages to protect the people and proves his words.

With that trust his father gained from the people, he managed to build more reputation and ended up making his own dojo where he teaches people how to use a sword. Katori grows up spending most of his time in that dojo watching his father teach others while sometimes joining the class and learning about the sword technique himself.

His love of martial art, specially sword technique put his mind in a wrong understanding of the purpose of that art. He uses that knowledge he has for his own benefit, and he loses his morals behind the art and ends up loving the violence apart from it. As he grows up, he faces the world and finds out what he needs to do to survive and have a good life, he believes that if he is good at something, don’t do it for other people without any worth it trade. That is the base thinking that made him work as a contract killer where he can please himself with the killing part and use his skill to earn more money and reputation.

Reference: None.

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Howdy partner. Welcome to FTRP I will be assisting you in this process.

- Your appearance is a bit short. We require it to be a total of 100 words. I recommend talking about your bodies build or further talk about your Demi human traits in more detail.

- For your Enhancement Mana Burn, You need to select a spell type to have its effect. Since you are a spell sword, you can pick between the following:

Offensive, Self-Buff, Supplementary, Debuff

-Other than that everything else looks good

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This character is approved for roleplay.

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