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Mimic Magic (2,500,000J)

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Name: Mimic Magic

Elements: Arcane

Quantity: Limited

Description: Mimic is a powerful magic utilized by a few tricksters around the world. While the user is not capable of creating their own spells, they are capable of registering any spell that they witness in a topic. Upon seeing a spell in a topic, the user may then register that spell to train (or purchase) it themselves as long as they have the available spell slots. Mimics can learn spells from any element, however, they must be capable of using the Spell-type (e.g. Offensive, Defensive etc.). Copied spells carry over any modifiers stemming from the copied magic i.e. double range from Quake Magic for those specific spells. It does not carry over the enhancements of the copied target. The user cannot make variations of the spell that they have learned; it must be the exact same motion and effect (copy-paste). Signature spells and Transformations cannot be copied.


Requirements: None.

  • Signature spells are spells that are specifically listed in the pages of magics e.g. you may not copy the spells listed in the Heavenly Body page, however, you may copy personal spells made by a Heavenly Body user.
  • Copied spells do not retain the personal magic enhancements of the original user e.g. Overcharge, Mana Burn etc.

  • The user cannot create their own spells.


  • The user may copy spells that they witness (excluding signature spells). In order to fully acquire the spell, the user must still train or purchase it.
  • The user may copy 2 spells (excluding signature spells) per month out of the character sheet of another user. In order to fully acquire the spell, the user must still train or purchase it.
  • The copied spells are one rank higher in potency e.g. an Offensive-type is considered one rank higher in damage while a Debuff-type is considered one rank higher in debuff. Should the user have enhancements that provide a similar effect, it will not stack.
  • Copied spells keep the modifiers of the original magic e.g. if the user copies a spell from an Acid Magic user, the spell would have the Acid Magic effect. Though, personal enhancements cannot be applied spells if the magic modifier is similar to the enhancement of the user.


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Mimic Magic (2,500,000J) BgYy4ZU
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Toge Liso
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