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Ideas for SL

Name: Treasure of the Llanganatis

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Collective Minds

Story: Treasure of the Llanganatis has a history of being a legend of Enca due to the artifacts that went up missing. The history behind it was long ago a man named Enrique began a conquest of the Encan Empire, and within that year they captured the late Encan King, Atahua. Atahua saw that the Stellan people loved gold above anything else and promised to fill a room with gold and the most treasured artifact of their Country. He agreed, but in the end Enrique distrusted Atahua and his people as his people disagreed to this compromise.

The General of Encan was on his way with the treasure and gold till he learned that Atahua was murdered. It was found out that the General had the tiles of the Sun and Moon as well as the dancers of the Temples. Knowing the murder, he decided to hide it all somewhere only he knew. Sadly, he lost his battle against Enrique and the Stellan Warriors and even though he was tortured, he never revealed that location and died with the secrets. Many say it is hidden by the Largest Volcano of Enca, a cave or even in the deepest lake, but no one knows for sure.

Objective: The Collective of Minds shall travel to Enca and discover any clues of the Treasure. With clues scattered around they have many places to look and much history to discover. Hopefully, they will find the Artifacts of the Sun and Moon, along with many of their treasures.

Enemies for Battle
  • Stellan Warriors of the Damned [A]
  • Amaru [S]
  • Sacrificed Temple Dancers [A]
  • Quetzalcoatl [S]

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June/1 [Kaito]

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