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II. Something Smells Fishy [Quest]

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II. Something Smells Fishy [Quest] Empty Thu Mar 24, 2022 6:03 am

Quilla looked at her morning tea as her hands both cupped each side. She had a lot to think about even though today was the day she helped more people. She has been getting longer breaks in-between all the helping, but she enjoyed it. Sure, enough though at the end of the day she could be seen as evil, or well, she is just misunderstood. Soon enough, she won't care what others think of her. She just wants to do what she feels like is right and what she feels is just. Of course, she knows she will make enemies on the way. All that she really helps is that her friends and allies will stand beside her on the way. Softly yawning, she took another sip right after. She swore she heard her jaw pop as she was yawning. After she was done with the tea, she got up.



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She walked with words, the kitchen to put away her teacup. The tea tasted really good as she had some cinnamon and a little bit of orange peel inside of it. Really needed it to wake up as she didn't really drink coffee like her friends did. Don't want to wake up Ragnar, so she slowly walked towards her bedroom of hers and started to get dressed. Thankfully, they had their own room so she could get dressed without much worry, but she still locked her door behind her. It wasn't that she did not trust him to open her door, but she didn't know he was protecting her. And if he heard any sounds that was not regular, then he would bust into her room. She slipped on a crop top that was white, black jacket and her regular baggy pants. Her bamboo sandals were dirty, so today she was going to wear some combat boots.



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She left out the door very quietly and then left the hotel room. Thankfully, she did not skip breakfast as she had it with her tea earlier. She had her little cinnamon pancakes. She also had a really good omelet. It was really quiet in the morning as there is no one walking around the town. She was happy to know that she could get there in peace without having to bump into people, nor people talking to her. She has been asked a few questions about that night when all the assassins were killed by Ragnar. She flipped her white hair as she started to walk with her new and improved comfortable outfit. Enough about her own outfit, she had to get to the docks of this area now in Astera. She wondered what exactly the problem was this time as she knew that the town before had a friendly monster or creature.



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Well, she didn't notice. Was that her moogle behind her? She could hear the sparkling noises as swirled around behind it. She turned around and tried to tell it that it was going to be dangerous, but it did not want to listen. She shrugged and let it follow but wanted to make sure it was not going to be in danger at all. Once they got to the dock, she wanted to find the guy who she was supposed to work for it today. Why every day did it feel like she was, moreover, mercenary than anything? Wasn't a mercenary's job to find someone to work for it and then get paid for it no matter what it was? She shook her head at the thought and then look to find the guy who was at the end of the dock on sitting on a crane. He seemed alone.



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She approached the guy slowly and started to try to talk to him. He looked towards her and nodded as he started to talk about how there was something approaching. He then looked behind her and wondered what it was. Quilla explained that it was her companion and not to worry about them. She believed that her companion was going to behave as it didn't even talk. She smiled happily as she saw the moogle dance. Her eyes looked back at the guy and asked if they really think they were going to be really that dangerous. He shook his head as he agreed, and then continued his story about what he needed done and what was the problem. Who started his say? There is a beast or a monster or some kind of the water taking all the fish. It was almost like the story from the last quest, but this time it seemed to be in the water and not a cave. Till they explained that it came from a cave.



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She nodded. It went towards the boat again as it was a different boat this time. The boat was small, but it was a sailing one. Her moogle can just hover over it. She wondered what this creature was, as it could be anything. Last time she did not expect such a friendly monster, but this time it could be even bad. The way the guy was explaining was that the monster actually killed a few people and disrupted all the fish. Once she got to The Cave, she walked in. Slowly she unsheathed her katana and continued to walk further. Who Muggle was slowly and quietly following her. I heard a little noise as the water was motioning within The Cave. The Cave had a small pool of water that went out of The Cave itself. Was it still in the water and like the last one? Nowhere it sprung out of the water and towards her.



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She dashed towards the right and turned to look straight at it. Her moogle hid behind some boulder that was far enough to not get him. With all her strength she jumped forward and cut the mid-section of the monster's face. Due to her strength, she was able to split it in half and since half of it was still in the water from being a serpent, it could not move quickly enough. It must have thought that it was able to get her, and she would not have dodged. She started to put her katana away till she heard more motioning from the water. What was there? Didn't she just kill the creature? Suddenly more came out as there was a larger one and one small one just like the one she just killed.

What in the wild fuck - She curses in Joyan. She barely curses unless she's angered.



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She sighed and took her katana all the way out and let the smaller one come first. She sometimes wished she had a companion that had magic or something and keep the moogle as an at-home pet. As the small one comes, it does within a few seconds as it was weak. The larger one on the other hand got angry and roared at her. As her anger issues arose, "RAWR TO YOU TOO", she was coming out with her other self. Its face dived into the earth and it was her moment to stab it in the head. Due to her war experiences, creatures were easier than humans. She looked at her companion who slowly came out and followed her out, but not before taking the head of the creature. Once she got to the docks she showed him the head and told him that this area should be good.



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