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What's Mine is Mine Pt. 4 [Solo Quest]

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#1Haru Akagi 

What's Mine is Mine Pt. 4 [Solo Quest] Empty Tue Mar 22, 2022 9:49 pm

Haru Akagi
As the feline made their way further into the mines, they'd find the air grow cold, the scent of moisture hitting their nose. Perhaps there was an underground spring nearby? She knew the mountain range fairly well at this point when it came to geography above ground, but her knowledge of the waterways beneath the surface was still lacking. She stopped momentarily, pondering if perhaps she should take up further studies on the matter. It wouldn't be wise to drill and mine too close to an underground reservoir.

The thought of having water gush through the tunnels and fill her lungs was far from pleasant. Such a thing just so happened to be one of her biggest nightmares in fact. The kind of death she would not dream upon anyone. Well, maybe there were a few exceptions. Those that had wronged her in her past. All those disgusting werewolves. But the idea of it happening to herself left goosebumps along on her skin, although that could have easily just been the cold air she supposed.


#2Haru Akagi 

What's Mine is Mine Pt. 4 [Solo Quest] Empty Tue Mar 22, 2022 9:49 pm

Haru Akagi
Shaking the thoughts away she'd lift up her lantern looking for any signs of precious minerals and gemstones. Occasionally she'd find a small patch and take out a small prospector kit she'd been issued by her most wonderful employer. She'd check the area beyond just the surface, only to find nothing of great value lay further in, the small patch all that remained. With a disappointed grunt, she'd go deeper still, far deeper than most would care to venture, considering the recent tales of how fragile these mines seemed to be.

Haru knew better though, it was not the mines themselves usually, but the people within, all fighting for the most lucrative spots, undermining one another and sabotaging each other's efforts. As long as she wasn't foolish enough to make any enemies down here she'd doubt they'd waste their time and explosive resources on her. Regardless, she was forever cautious, keeping her eyes and ears peeled for others that walked the mines, careful to avoid them as best as she could, or at the very least remain polite when she couldn't.

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#3Haru Akagi 

What's Mine is Mine Pt. 4 [Solo Quest] Empty Tue Mar 22, 2022 9:50 pm

Haru Akagi
At one point she'd even helped out a fellow prospector, giving up her claim to a location so that they could return back home to their family with good news. It was a little sad to give up such prime real estate, but on the other hand, she'd made an ally this way, one that was happy to invite her over to his home in Rush Valley if she ever had the chance. As such, she had actually managed to make an ally, a small win, although not one that would help pay for her drinking tab for the week.

Fortunately, it wouldn't take her too much longer to discover what she'd been in search of, and as far as she could tell it was completely unclaimed and untouched. She'd scribble down the details as she had done for the previous location, ensuring she included the finer details in regards to the types of minerals she'd found and how far they seemed to stretch. With her work done, she'd head on back to her patron to let him know of her rather productive efforts.

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