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Pirates #5 [Quest: Vyra]

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Pirates #5 [Quest: Vyra] Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 1:46 pm

A cool wind brushed against her hair, the feeling being one that felt so foreign to her, despite the relatively short time in which she had been parted from it. Even the smell of the air around her brought forth a level of vitality that had been so long stolen from her. It was refreshing, and sweet. Perhaps more salty than sweet. The scent of the sea water just beyond the dock had that familiar scent, far nicer than that of what it had been back before within the confines of the horrid cell that she had found herself within. Vyra, despite her efforts, despite what she had hoped to be some semblance of time or special awareness, was as much lost for the exact nature of things, of where she had been, the fortunate nature that she had een within Hargeon this whole time, there was a sense of relief that washed over her as she stepped further out to the familiar site, one that brought a smile to her face as she noticed the ships beginning to dock within the harbor.



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It was a solace, to know that this was a place that she was comfortable within. Even in two years’ time, this had not been lost upon her, the chance to come out here, watch as the ships move throughout, the people coming and going from places far and wide, it always left her fascinated. And it left with a sense of longing to some degree. In the two years that she had been living within Hargeon, living with Blue Pegasus under the hospitality as a guest of Alisa, never had she much ventured out of the city, let alone to the worlds that existed far beyond elsewhere within the realm of Earthland. She wished to see them at points, but after her recent ordeal, the last thing that she could have envisioned herself anywhere at this point was being somewhere that wasn’t here within Hargeon. But, that was a fascination that would exist regardless of recent events. It would be a lie even to suggest that a part of her wanted to venture out even more in the wake of everything.



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The warm weather lent to a nice contrast compared to how things could have stood to be. It felt like just yesterday that it was the middle of the winter season, the ships that were docking now to unload their goods having been few and far between, circumstances simply just leaving Vyra to sit there alone to collect her thoughts, to contemplate things, figure out what she hoped may happen down the line.

In a way, things were simpler then; the idea of where she would be staying for the night, wondering and panicking over what it may have been that she would get to eat the next day had been alleviated by the gift that she had been given by Alisa. Freedom. A home. Food. Survival. Family. All of this were things that she never had going into Hargeon Town. Then, in what felt like a single moment, all of that changed. The escape that she had once come to the port to try to find, the illusion of a better life, it had become a reality.



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At least it had been a reality. For a time, to know that there were no concerns facing her, it was nothing short of wonderful. There would certainly be days like this, her coming out to this port, to watch the ships again as she had before on countless occasions, but now the fears that ran within the back of her mind, she could put them behind her, at least in part. How much of what she was afforded to enjoy was in some respects limited to her being close to Alisa. By herself, she was a nobody, if not regarded as even less than that. Her mind harkened back to the first memorable encounter she had with the baker, just before she had met Alisa. That encounter was undoubtedly the stance that many held towards her, whether or not they wished to have admitted it. It hurt, knowing that regardless of how much she may have wished to be accepted, knowing that if it were not for Alisa and her influence, Vyra would be viewed as little more than disposable garbage, less even than what was being offloaded upon the ships before her.



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Was that how the world viewed her? Vyra wondered to herself, curious to how people actually felt towards her. She had heard the whispers before, at times even hearing it escape from the lips of someone either in or relatively close to Blue Pegasus. Alisa’s pet. It was as demeaning of a term as she perhaps could have heard. Demi-Human, the slurs that were thrown her way, she was hardly unfamiliar with them. Those had been thrown her way for much of her entire life, from people she had wished to believe were closer to her than random strangers. But there was something different about that remark, to be regarded as a pet, it hit differently, and hurt perhaps more than anything she had expected it to. She did not believe it to be true; Alisa had saved her from a world that would have consumed, one that had repeatedly threatened and would have continued to do so. She had revealed her greatest pains, had exposed a fear and an affliction that few in the world would have been able to survive with. That those who knew this still felt the need to belittle her, it broke her heart.



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It was weird now. Knowing this, seeing the world from the perspective that she had endured through. For a time, she had felt barely more than that. Simply a woman locked within a cage. Allowed out only when the pale woman indicated that she had some task towards the girl, and even then task is a very generous term when considering what it was actually was. Some sick type of game for her amusement. Vyra hated it. Hated her. Wished that she had never set out to try to find help in the first place. She had been subjected to a living hell, with nothing out of it other than the suffering and pain accumulated over her time there.

Perhaps there could have been solace in Seras, whom had managed to save Vyra and accompanied her here. She had been perhaps the lone thing which had kept Vyra alive through the entire ordeal. That and Alisa. Throughout the entire experience, she just wanted to go home, back to Blue Pegasus, to see the tall brunette, grab hold of her, and never let go. A lone tear began to fall as she rose a finger to wipe it away, feeling the faintest trace of wetness as she imagined some of the semi-dried blood being further smeared along her cheek.



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It should have been something to draw attention to herself, to be worried about, and yet, she wasn’t in the least. Perhaps it was the fact that it mattered so little in the grand scheme, the sight of blood, feeling whatever remained upon her face was little more than a reminder of what had happened. It wouldn’t have changed her outlook, it would not erase what occurred. And there was something more about all of it that hurt. Not the actual nature of what she had endured, but knowing just why it happened. She was not in Blue Pegasus, she did not have the protections that came with being in the guild. Perhaps among some in Hargeon she was known to be special and protected, but the pale woman did not see it that way. She viewed Vyra’s place within the guild as one that could be afford to be lost. She was expendable. The pale woman viewed Vyra as simply a means to hurt Blue Pegasus, to hurt Alisa. It left her with little doubt that if given the chance to do things over, Vyra being a member or not of the guild would not have mattered.



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No, the way things played out, Vyra was targeted as soon as she had met Alisa over two years ago now. Whether or not she may have felt it, the idea of being “Alisa’s Pet” was far too much of a valuable trait for the pale woman to pass up on acquiring and using for her own intentions. Perhaps she should have known better to think it would have been different. But then again, her should have known better than to have gone out looking for help to deal with the other of her, the one who existed within the shadows of her mind, waiting and biding its time for whatever it was that it may have been planning.

Deep in thought, she couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. She had managed to get through the ordeals of the pale woman and whatever sort of plot it may have been that the other of her had sought to achieve. She could still recall that moment in the hallway, the pale woman striking her, her hands upon her throat, calling for the other Vyra to make her appearance. Vyra wondered what it may have been that had the woman invested in making some sort of deal with her other self, but the thought that maybe it had failed, that was as reassuring as Vyra could have wished for.



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A faint sound took Vyra out of her moment of reflection, the sound of a ship heading into the dock being exactly what she needed. The last time she had been here, it felt like it was barren, a byproduct of the winter months, and this most recent winter was nothing to scoff at. Vyra had the pleasure of watching several seasons now of this cycle, the winter months leading into what inevitably would become a dry spell, seldom few ships except for the few that were designed to endure the rough seas and the heavy risk of ice that so commonly drifted through the ocean, even on occasions finding its way upon the docks. Oh what a sight those tended to be, to see the people whom worked the docks, whether ship crewmen or just employees of the businesses that frequented the docks all rushing to remove the ice as quickly as able. If there were one thing that seemed to get people moving, even during those colder months, it was the fear of what damage ignored ice could potentially do to hulls of ships.



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But, the cooler air meant that the risk of ice was less than that it may have been. Spring, though it may not have been here quite yet, was on its way, and merchants who sought to take advantage of the more favorable waters had already begun to dock within Hargeon. Though the season had not yet started, it was enough incentive and potentially profitable for ships to go ahead and unload their contents sooner. It was a trend that Vyra had seen enough times; a merchant ship would try to be first, unload everything, do whatever they could to profit early and then hopefully leave sooner to return sooner. What was becoming more common were ambitious merchants who sought to expand markets beyond that of Fiore, the introduction of a new luxury good coming from some place like Bosco turning into more routine than a rare occurrence. Not that Vyra seemed to mind, either from the perspective of the increased traffic or even what need thing may be bought with the coming season. More than likely, if it were anything of significant luxury, undoubtedly Alisa would commission someone to make the purchase on behalf of Blue Pegasus. Thus, even if she herself never had the chance to appreciate the ownership of it by her own hand, she could at least appreciate its beauty within the confines of the guild hall.



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Though, there seemed to always stand something in the way, especially during these times. From the corner of her eye, she could make it out quite clearly, the group of people who were at the far end of the docks, watching as a particular ship began to unload its cargo. She had seen this song and dance time and time again, and though it seemed to vary greatly to the level of the success, it was almost always the same in the end. Some makeshift plan to go ahead and rob the ships of whatever their cargo was, though seldom did anything like that work out how they hoped that it would be. Ironically enough, it seemed far more often that it was Vyra would came out of these situations for the better. Watching as the group, no more than a trio of young men barely in their late 20s even, seemed to bicker about, she could not help but think that this would play out much like how those other attempts had too.



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Intrigued, she waited. The bickering persisted for a time before finally it seemed that they had some sort of loose agreement. Loose being the key term. As they proceeded towards the ship that they seemed to be targeting, it was apparent that they did not seem to agree on anything, two of those who more trailed behind exchanging frustrated glances at one another. Despite this, it at least seemed that their efforts were a bit more coordinated than that of other groups Vyra had seen try to rob these ships. The first one distracted the merchant while the second one was able to knock out what little of the resistance there may have been on the dock, shoving him head first into a wooden crate, a thud echoing as the two made contact. With that taken care of, the third man proceeded to help the first, similarly knocking him out as they made their way onto the ship while the second one monitored everything on the docks, at no point having paid attention towards Vyra who had been making her way closer and closer the entire time.



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It proved to be a worthwhile attempt by the trio, as the two men who had entered the ship as quickly had departed from it, a number of items within their hands. Gold necklaces, some assorted jewelry, and other trinkets which must have been scattered about, they threw all of the contents in their hands upon one of the large crates that lay about near the ship. They then started to divide the contents between one another, but in no short order it seemed something went wrong. One of the men started to shove the other, which prompted the third one to try to break it up, though it seemed his efforts were only halfway. The infighting led the trio of youths towards the water as eventually one of them either lost their footing or were able to overpower the other, it not being entirely clear from Vyra’s vantage. What was clear was the two of them falling into the water.

As the other sought to try to help them up, Vyra made her move, finding one of the larger boxes that she felt comfortable enough to carry on her own. It was heavy, not too heavy that she couldn’t move it, but certainly enough that if it were thrown, it’d have some force behind it. She chucked it underhand towards the third man who had been leaning out, extending a hand to the duo who were in the water and he seemed to fall forward as the box made a loud cracking sound as it hit against his backside. With the attention and focus of the two now towards their third comrade, not sure of what exactly had happened, Vyra had already rushed towards the crate and grabbed most of what was laying there into a small empty sack that had been laying about. As far as she was concerned, if the trio of them weren’t able to work out a fair distribution, only fair that she be the one to reap the benefits from it all. Never once giving a glance back towards the trio, knowing that they were still desperately trying to get out of the still-freezing water, she left with a weak smile on her face. If nothing else, the money she would make off of these jewels would be a loan solace on the day.


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