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Onward to the North. West to North Travel

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Onward to the North. West to North Travel Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 12:47 pm

Amir greeted the morning sun of Astera with anticipation. The young mage was about to start a new chapter of his life. The early morning sun shone upon his face as he started leaving from the Port. He was going to miss the place. He would make sure to return upon another time. It was a shame that he was going to miss this place for some time. This was not his first time in the North so he at least knew what to expect on his travels.

Amir started to travel out the gate. Walking slowly towards the Sieghart Mountains. His slow walk towards the mountains was going to be a long journey. He wished he had come along with some friends but he did not have the time. Amir was just going to believe that they were going to be there waiting for him. That or he would get there and start setting the place up for habitation.

The scholar was feeling a lot better when he made it to the Sieghart Mountains. The sun shining on the mountains gave him a good vibe. He was dusty and looked travel worn. Amir was happy to be able to make it. He was going to change out clothes again and get ready to start on his bright future.

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