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New Home, New Path [South - East - Central - West - North]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

New Home, New Path [South - East - Central - West - North] Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 11:57 am

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was excited for this. When he was informed about the new guild and a change in scenery, the dwarf, initially, wasn’t sure about how to take it. But as the thought began to settle in, he realized this would be a chance for him to see more of the world. He asked Yuurei what would the new guild focus on, or what the theme would be. When he heard the focus would be hunting monsters, he was sold immediately.

The dwarf had packed all his belongs in several bags in which he had carried without any problem on his part. The only problem was that Blue Pegasus' Christina, only had flown him to East Fiore. Either way, he was very appreciative. After he departed the airship, he had said his farewells to the crew of the ship and thanked them for all the times they had provided transport, "Hopefully we meet again before yer hair greys" Brone joked before he turned on his heel and began heading west. The joke was suppose to be lighthearted, though after catching a ride on the back of a wagon for a few jewels, he began wondering about the issue of time. When he had visited his family in Stella, he was away from the guild for nearly two years, which wasn't much time for a dwarf, but upon his return, he noticed several changes to the appearance of his human guildmates, a reminder that humans had a much shorter lifespan, even Yuurei, who is half-elf, shown physical signs of growth. Now he wondered if he would lose track of time and may return to Hargeon to see not his old guildmates, but their descendants. Such a sad feeling.

Brone had only stayed in Magnolia for a night before he headed west to Crocus. He was relaying on good Samaritans for directions and his own luck. There was moments he went off track and found himself fighting monsters such as goblins, but these moments were only obstacles and setbacks. Eventually he found himself in the large city of Crocus, the capital of Fiore. The buildings were so vast and large, the dwarf was intimidated and impressed at the same time. Even with how amazing the city was, especially it's nightlife, the dwarf was too excited to stay, for his new home and guild was in his reach, so he stayed only three days before he continued west.

The land became more green and fruitful with vegetation and trees the further the dwarf had went. He hitchhiked and paid his way, several wagons had taken him on, including a large family of humans who were very kind to him. At one point, he was actually hired to escort a family to their new home which was a bit off the trail from his destination, but the dwarf felt a sense of duty to be able to take on the job, which wasn't difficult initially, but when a group of bandits attempted an ambush, Brone was quick to thwart them with a few swings of his heavy axes. With how appreciative the family was, they offered the dwarf a place to stay in their new home. Even though Brone considered it, he had to turn it down, explaining his new adventure in life was just at the end of his journey. The family understood and allowed the dwarf to continue his journey on foot.

The town of Baska greeted the dwarf with as much energy as he had. The majority of the population were humans, but there were a few clans of dwarves who had made a living as merchants. Meeting other dwarves was one of the delights of his journey, so he spent more time in Baska than any other stop, spending nights drinking, being rowdy, accidently getting caught up in bar fights and even starting a few, and when day came, he slept until night had fallen. It was a week and a half later that he realized he had spent too much time in Baska, so the dwarf had said his goodbyes and made his way north.

He was closer than he ever was which brought a big smile upon his face, but when he entered the thick of the woods, he realized he had become lost. Whenever he found himself in such a situation, he was ask someone for directions, but in this case, he hadn't seen a living person in several days. With nothing else to do but to continue his trek forward, the dwarf did what he could, hunt local wildlife for his food, locate a stream to get his water and sleep under the stars at night. Though he had the fortitude to continue like this for some time, his armor was beginning to wear down. He needed to find a town, or at least bump into Yuurei.


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