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Blood On The Rocks [B-Rank Quest]

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The moment that the daemon had stepped upon the Great Baska Rock, she could feel the ripples of driving emotions that people had sweat and bled for on this battleground. Arrogance. Wanderlust. Greed. Desperation. Nobility. Those were merely some of the stronger echoes of the past emanating from the arena. The overall aura of earnest and violent conflict, no matter its small scale, gently pulled the corners of her lips into a pleased smile. History would repeat itself surely, and blood would spill again on this makeshift altar dedicated to combat.

Golden eyes zeroed in on the tournament organizer as the man gathered the volunteer fighters at the center of the ring. He held a box with a hole cut into its lid, and instructed everyone to pull out a number one at a time. It was an arbitrary game of fate, but the woman would play along for now to pass the time. With an unabashed and keen scrutiny her gaze darted from person to person, from combatant to spectator, searching.

Fighting would only be a part of the fun today.

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There was a rumor floating around that had brought her here. A Sleeping Calamity guild member with red hair traveling was throughout Western Fiore. A man in some accounts, a woman in others. Unfortunately Nadine had only met several guildmates previously, and only one had hair matching that description. That was all the information she had currently, but altercations were a fact of life for Sleeping Calamity. What better place was there to start looking than a local tournament?

Information flooded her thoughts as her unique gaze continued to wander. Faces, names, places, politics. The past two years had been more than enough time for Nadine to get used to her 'gift' of seeing more than what was in front of her. A cursory glance was all that was needed, and she had more than enough time to check all the fighters, and some of the spectators too, by the time that everyone had drawn a number from the host's box. The number of participants meant Nadine would have three fights to clear if she wanted the grand prize. Jewels were a distant secondary objective to her, but her informative scrying had turned up nothing relevant to her search.

'Not too surprising; Jikan might have punched her opponents into paste,' thought the daemon to herself as she chuckled and shook her head.


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Nadine's first match-up was with a young man; although, perhaps 'man' was being a bit generous here. The youth was old enough to shave as was clear from the stubble on his face, but it looked out of place on his boyish features. Light leather armor with metal studs covered his body. Nadine couldn't help but note its pristine appearance and how well it was fitted to its owner. The well polished handgun brazenly hanging from her foe's hip was the last piece of the disappointing puzzle. The fight's judge gave them the signal to start, but Nadine merely began walking towards her opponent in an unhurried pace.

"Hold it, lady," called out the young man as he rested a hand on the grip of his holstered weapon. The action seemed to feed a bit of confidence into his tone and posture. "I'll give you one warning to call it quits. I'm not here to kill anyone, but you don't even have a weapon on you. You're going to get hurt here."

"Did you come here today expecting not to get hurt yourself?" The question was asked in earnest as Nadine continued her casual approach. As soon as the distance between them dropped to a few meters her opponent finally drew his gun and pointed its barrel at her. In response the daemon finally stopped her forward movement.

"I'm not that naive, but I wanted to win this while hurting as few people as possible. You'll thank me later for this one, lady." As his eyes narrowed in determination he shifted his aim away from the horned woman's center mass, and fired a magical bullet at her left leg.

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For a moment, Nadine was listening attentively hoping to discern how determined her opponent was. However, he was keen on showing her instead as he pulled the trigger on his handgun. The daemon didn't have the means to dodge the projectile from such a close range, but she wouldn't have tried to avoid it either way. Her curiosity was rewarded with a sharp and sudden pain in her leg, causing her to grunt as she took a step back.

"That's a good pain," hissed the daemon as she glanced down to inspect the damage. Her armor was a little worse for wear, but still holding. "A few more of those and you might even break through." A playful smile appeared on her face as she took a step forward to regain the ground she had lost.

"What kind of leather is that?" The young man's eyes widened as he stared at the impact site of the magic bullet.

"Probably something like yours? At least I hope so, for your sake." Nadine's smile widened into a grin as she folded the fingers of both hands and pointed two finger guns at her competitor. "You just go like this, and pull the trigger, right? Bang!"

No sooner had she finished her words did two purple magic circles appear, one in front of each of her finger guns. Beams of dark energy shot out from the center of the floating symbols and struck the young man in the chest, blasting apart his leather armor but doing no further damage. Nadine let out a low whistle, impressed by how well her opponent's armor had soaked up the damage. However, now he was exposed, and his shock revealed that he knew that too.

"I'd say one more shot ought to do the trick, but let's make things fun."

The daemon's grin held as she reached into a pocket and pulled out a coin.

"Want to play a game?"

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In the end Nadine didn't get a chance to play. Her opponent panicked and had shot at her a second time, and she ended their fight with another shot of her own. The last blow had been a swirling sphere of darkness enveloping the young man and drowning out his screams of pain with howls of wind. After the spell ended Nadine knelt beside her unconscious foe to inspect the handgun he had been carrying. In the background she could hear the tournament organizer calling her victory, but her attention was already preoccupied.

Firearms had never been her forte, but she knew enough to make sure the safety was off as she charged the item with her own mana.

"Ah, Miss, we'll take it from here!" Approaching from behind Nadine with a couple helpers in tow the man in charge smiled politely, waiting for the woman to obey. "Are you alright yourself, Miss?"

"I'm fine, just satisfying my curiosity," answered Nadine as she continued her inspection of the weapon. "Two more shots, and he would have gotten through my armor. This is a decent weapon, if you were bullying non-mages. I wonder if it can even..." Her voice trailed off as she pointed the handgun to the unconscious man's chest and pulled the trigger. A gunshot rang out, leaving a sizable hole in her victim's torso and a mildly surprised expression on the daemon's face. "Huh, I guess he was just a weak mage."

"M-Miss!" stuttered the organizer as he reeled back in shock. "The fight is over!"

"So it is, sir." As Nadine stood up she tossed the gun onto its owner's body. "I'll be waiting for my next fight."

"What did you say your name was again?" Turning away from the body on the ground and letting his helpers deal with it the organizer put an uncertain gaze on the horned woman.

"Call me Calamity." With that Nadine gave a curt wave of her hand as she headed to the periphery of the arena. Hopefully if she couldn't dig up any leads regarding her guildmates here, the others would hear of her instead.

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A feline demi-human in casual Joyan attire was her next opponent. The demi-human had two thin and long white tails, and white cat ears on her head. When Nadine made eye contact she realized that her feline foe was already sizing her up with uncanny vertical slits for pupils. The daemon walked towards the center of the ring to wait for the start of their match, but her opponent decided to keep her distance, choosing instead to stand at the edge of the boundary.

"Not going to even shake my hand?" called out Nadine in amusement as she rested her hands upon her hips with a wry smile. "That's not very kind of you."

"You wear the mantle of Calamity as if it's a badge of honor. I saw how your first match ended. The only glory you will find today is being able to leave alive." Not waiting for the official announcement the demi-human raised up both hands, bracing one behind the other, facing her palms towards the daemon. A yellow magic circle appeared as the sound of electricity crackled.

Unbothered by the sudden escalation of hostilities Nadine removed a hand from her hips and snapped her fingers. A purple magic circle appeared underneath her as a similarly colored dome shield manifested over herself. The respite was only temporary. From the demi-human's own magic circle, a thick bolt of lightning launched out and struck Nadine's shield. The collision flared with light as the spells clashed and extinguished each other.

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Running through the smoke and heat waves the clashing spells left behind Nadine headed in a straight line towards her opponent. Speed was no longer one of her more reliable assets, but now she had the means to defend herself while closing the distance. The gauntlets she had grown used to as a berserker had only been weighing her down before, and she was glad to be rid of them. Smaller lightning bolts started to rain towards her, and she countered with her own barrage of black lightning bolts with an extended palm. Some projectiles did get through, piercing into her armor before fading away. Confident in her own durability though Nadine continued with her charge, adapting as her opponent did.

As the distance closed the trading of fire ceased as the demi-human tried to run away. Her body shifted into lightning as she shot upwards into the air only to materialize back to normal. Again the demi-human braced one hand behind the other before gesturing down forcefully towards the daemon. Another yellow magic circle appeared, and this time a large sphere of lightning extended down towards the horned woman.

Reveling in the flow of mana and surge of power in her body Nadine stopped her run as her opponent put more space between them. The new attack that came down to meet her looked strong, but she believed herself to be stronger still. Both of her hands snapped their fingers, causing two purple magic circles to appear below herself. Then her hands reached up and caught the ball of lightning, the daemon shouting in as much defiance as she did in excitement.


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She could feel her skin burning from the heat, but found herself thrilled by the sensations and smell. Enduring the attack with the help of two self buffs Nadine was left panting after the sphere of lightning dissipated. One of her golden eyes twitched from exertion and pain, but she still held her hands up defiantly. Her crazed glare found her opponent, still floating in the air. As the demi-human raised her hands for another big attack Nadine settled for several smaller strikes.

Magic circles appeared before her charred hands and her mouth as she felt the well of energy within her surge once more. She inhaled before releasing raw dark magic from her throat, firing a beam up at her enemy. Her hands also fired similar attacks, one with a spiraling beam and the other with a jagged appearance akin to lightning. The triple attack landed squarely on the demi-human's stomach, launching her further up into the air and away from the Great Baska Rock. It wasn't enough of an attack to kill, but it would be enough to get rid of the annoying cat.

Nadine caught her breath as she watched her opponent land hard on the sloped surface of the mountain. Had the other woman been within range, the daemon would have launched more attacks. Turning an impatient stare towards the tournament organizer she stared daggers at him until a 'ring out' was called. With two victories under her belt she smirked and trudged off to find a healer.


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The final battle was something of a special event in itself. The three top contenders would enter a battle royale with the last tournament champion, and it was winner takes all. It was something unconventional to most professional fighters, but the tournament here liked to keep things fresh. As far as Nadine was concerned, this outcome would certainly save her time on beating people into the ground.

The other two leftovers from her group was a hunter with a long rifle of some kind, and a berserker much to her surprise. The reigning champion was rumored to be a spellsword, and that turned out to be true. The man was unusually large, and his heavy plate armor rattled as he stepped into the ring with the others. Even with all of her brash actions so far the ranger and berserker both shifted their wary gazes from Nadine to the champion. Noticing this Nadine focused her own sight on the other would-be champions.

"If we're going to do it you better start shooting," she said helpfully, golden eyes resting upon the ranger expectantly, giving voice to what they were all thinking.

The ranger regarded her with a distrustful stare for a moment before shouldering his hunting rifle, and firing a shot at the current champion.

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"Go!" shouted Nadine to the berserker as she conjured a small sphere of darkness between both hands. By itself the ranger's shots weren't very effective against the champ's heavy armor. The large man had even summoned an axe with a blade that glowed a dark red color as he started to jog towards the trio. The berserker took the hint and charged for the heavily armored man, smashing his armored fists together and shouting a challenge.

It would have been a good fight, all three of them tackling the last champion. However, Nadine had other plans. Continuing to learn and take cues from her opponents Nadine pulled a ethereal looking rifle from the sphere she had created. The firearm felt clunky in her hands, but she managed to shoulder it just fine. She aimed its business end at the champ to get her bearings, and when she felt comfortable she also fired a shot at the armored man.

Satisfied, she then turned the rifle towards the ranger instead. Aiming for his neck while his attention was elsewhere, she pulled the trigger.

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