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III. God Hunter

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#1Khalfani † 

III. God Hunter  Empty Thu Mar 17, 2022 5:45 pm

Khalfani †


Name: God Hunter

Slot: Weapon

Type: Dagger

Class: Unique

Quantity: Custom

Element: Light

Damage: +90

Durability: 2xS


Description: A long dagger forged by Heras of Seven. It is made of metal from all over the world and was once broken into pieces and scattered after being used in an attempt to kill a lesser god. The dagger is imperfect and therefore was not able to do the deed.

Lore: The story with a boy named Heras of Seven had a strong hate for the gods. He was a poor commoner who lived in one of the poorest countries in the country of Seven, blaming the gods for his misfortunes but the god of death for "taking his family from him". His mother first died, then his brothers, and lastly his younger sister before he reached the age of 17. With hate in his heart, he went around searching for magical materials from all over the word, finally forging the God Hunter. Little did he know, he was a demi-god; the child of the Sevenese god of light. Legends Say that Heras was able to reach the realm of the gods but he was no match for them, though had the God Hunter Dagger been forged a little better, he could have changed the world of gods. The gods chained him to the moon. Some believe that a Lunar Eclipse is Heras attempting to break free and wreak havoc on the gods. In the end, the gods broke the weapon into pieces and scattered it throughout the world.

Measurements: God Hunter is a triple-bladed dagger. The longest blade is the main blade being 31 centimeters long, the second blade is 15 centimeters long and the third blade sits above the users knuckles above the handle and is 10 centimeters long. There are ancient rune markings from various countries etched into the blade.


Requirements: -

  • +20 Speed


  • Superior: The user receives a 5 meter increase in range only to flight spells.


  • Name: Connected
    Rank: D
    Mana Cost: 25
    Requirements: God Hunter
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Light
    Range: 5 meters
    Cooldown: 1 Post
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: When the hilt is out of the user's hand, they may pull it back into the palm of their hand, so long as it is within the spell's range.

  • Name: Rebuke
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: God Hunter
    Type: Supplementary | Debuff
    Element: Light
    Range: 20 Meters
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: When the user points the God Hunter towards a target a magic circle will appear under the target, giving them an A rank debuff to their constitution.

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Unique (+20 points)
  • Weapon
  • + 30 Damage (-6 points)
  • Lvl 1 Effect  (-5 points)
  • D-rank spell (-1 point)
  • A-rank spell (-8 points)

Total points Acquired: 20
Total Points Spent: 20

#2Khalfani † 

III. God Hunter  Empty Thu Mar 17, 2022 5:48 pm

Khalfani †

Custom Claim Source

1x Unique ticket in my "other" via storyline


III. God Hunter  Empty Thu Mar 17, 2022 5:50 pm

@Khalfani has claimed God Hunter using Unique Storyline Rewards.

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