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Crazy Things Happen - Tempris [TDC: Hex Girls]

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Today was going to be a Concert about some girls who loved Halloween and dress up. The required attire was a costume of some kind, so she decided to dye only half of her natural hair and wear some clothes she usually did not wear. Black and white, red and black, these were her color schemes for this costume. Rather or not she'd look good in it will be judged by the beholder. In her hand was a thin and long smoking pipe that was actually filled with some sort of leafy stuff that made her feel calm. Calmer than normal at least as she took a few puffs of it already.

Some dude from another country offered it and it seemed interesting. What was it called? She didn't remember the name at the moment as she walked around the concession vehicles filled with goodies and drinks. Thankfully, there was not any children around so she could be as carefree as possible. Her eyes gazed at everyone as she wondered who she could mess with or perhaps bother. Quilla was bored and wanted to be entertained till the concert started at least. She had no clue on what she should and shouldn't do. Perhaps she can find someone to help her.


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To day, was a cold day. Whispers filled the halls with bad omens and Tempris could feel a new check point in her life. She did not think anything would topple the lost of the person she respected in Bosco or the Journey into those heretical Ice lands but she was sure it was not going to be pleasant. Still, she left her room and put on the costume. She promised to partake in the affair despite how she felt. She promise to at least play nice.

Her costume was nothing fancy. A simple humble snow white linen with golden sandals and a glowing halo hovering over here head. It was not as fancy as the last costume she wore. If anything, she was only in costume cause she had too. There was no point in going in any more than she did. If people did not get it then they were blind or just stupid. With a small smirk she walked into the area.

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Quilla felt odd during this night as if she felt like her boredom might be satisfied today, but how? She wanted to have fun for sure as she was rather chaotic if the boredom stays for too long. Her white and black hair was shining from the lights above them as there were colorful hanging lights all around. The main stage was still empty for now and people were ramming into each other to get their food, drinks and merchandise. What were these hex girls anyways?

The Priestess swayed herself towards some food, but as her eyes looked to see something glinting afar, she suddenly ran into someone. "Mmph," she mumbled a few words as she got up from the staggering. "Pardon me, I seem to be spacing off," she made a small smile as she saw a short child - compared to her as she stood 6'7. "Curse my boredom," she made a disappointed face as she spoke in her calm and cold tone, "How about I make it up to you by buying you something? I'm quite alone and bored so my offer stands," she offered the girl. She looked at the girl's costume which was an angel. "Are you perhaps into Seraphims and such? or perhaps you wanted to look cute,~" she didn't mean it as like a child, but more of an adult who wanted to look adorable. It was quite popular in Joya.


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Tempris walked through the area not paying much attention to other people. Most people in the guild knew who she was and tried to stay away from her. Even the whole being gone for two years did not change her image. In fact, now there were rumors that she was doing such weird things like destroying cities and raiding villages or something stupid. They could at least have something more interesting like she was purging the place but no... apparently she was a murderer or something. Either way it did not matter. She had her piece of mind knowing nothing annoying would bother her. But then suddenly, something knocked her down.

Tempris fell onto her behind. Once again, some tall person could not spare a shred of attention to look down. She let out a sigh. There was no point in getting angry. There was no point in even trying to protest. It was the nature of the world, this cruel cold sinful world. She pulled herself up and brushed off the dirt from her clothes. "Such... heresy. I swear... Why must everything be so dirty." The girl cursed under her breath. It was not until the tall woman offered to repay her that she decided to give her any attention.

"Buy me something? Quite a stark difference compared to the last person to run into me. But I'll humor you Miss..." Tempris looked the woman up and down realizing how tall the person was now, "Woah... your pretty tall. Maybe buy me a box so people stop running into me." Tempris smirked before returning to brush her clothes.

"Seraphims... I suppose their neat... but I wouldn't call them cute. My costume just reminded me of something I wore two years ago. And it was cheap and easy to make. That's all. I'm not really..." The girl stopped remember her promise. Maybe she could lighten her tone a bit. "I'm just keeping a promise. What about you? "I would assume your into... being umm, an aristocrat or something? Quite fancy Ms."

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The girl seemed rather interested at the least about her height, making her chuckle, "I have met someone taller actually, an elf by the name of Karisa. She loans me every so often," she commented as that elf woman was a foot taller than her or close to it. The girl was a little feisty, which she enjoyed. Reminded her of Akuko a little bit, but this child was more innocent in terms of interactions. "I can buy you some stepping sticks to make you taller," she jested in her calm-cold tone. Her eyes watched the girl as she wondered things about her.

She does with everyone.

"Aristocrat?", she questioned as she didn't understand this word in Fiorian. She was still 2 years new to this. She will just comment on what the girl said about her own attire, "I just bought things and called it good, it matched my irregular hair as I bleach it white a lot to..." she wondered how to say it without saying it, but she wasn't that type of person, "hide," she simply put as her eyes gazed towards the stalls. "What kind of things do you do for fun?", she questioned.


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"Karisa... I suppose I can see it," Tempris mused. Her mother was a gracious person, though a bit stern with her. The woman did not understand her but after learning her history, she could understand the lost of faith. It was really unfortunate but maybe that was why the things that happen to her happen. "She's a good person I guess. Though I..." Tempris grew quiet, moving her finger to her lip and studying the girl for a bit but moved her attention away. She never seen the person in the guild so she did wonder how she knew her mother. However Tempris promised to be good.
"Stepping Sticks... can't say I heard of them. Think I could knock over other short people with them," the girl laughed for a couple of seconds, "Thanks, but I like boxes. I can throw them at others. It's pretty funny." The girl looked at the woman again with a small grin, curious.

When it came to the woman's confusion, she wondered how educated the woman was. Aristocrat was a very popular word in her studies. She could explain it but she decided not too. Who knows if she was in the mood to be nice about it and again, she promised to be good. So she just kept quiet and let the woman come to her own conclusion. She was glad she did. The woman said something interesting. She was hiding. Tempris dropped her smile And stepped up to the woman. Her eyes closed. "So sad..." The woman's next question was the perfect transition into what she wanted to do. After all, she was a good girl.

"Me... I am a simple girl with simple interest." She took a step to the woman's side. "I dedicate my life to helping others. There are so many sinful things in this world, so much suffering. False gods, Evil Dragons, Murders, Tainted Preachers. They all plague the world and ruin lives." Tempris moved behind the woman. "You are such a pretty woman, and yet... you are suffering too. Arnt you Ms."
Tempris giggled while walking back in front of the woman. She clasped her hands. "I pray, that what ever is causing you suffering... whatever is keeping your beauty from being free under his warm light." There was a brief pause.

Tempris playfully turned around on one foot and stopped when she faced the woman. With a big smile she tilted her head and clapped her hands. "What about you Ms. I love learning about others!"

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The girl wanted a box, and as she saw her face, she wondered if she had said something wrong. Her pure non-Fiorian mind did not comprehend Fiorian words much, mainly the 'bigger' terms. "We can get you a box then," she nodded and started to go find one. She ignored the crowd, gazes of sinful men and people trying to talk to her that wasn't her company friend. Her eyes spotted some boxes next to a truck and went to the man. She put a hand on her hip and put it out a little bit in a sassy way, "Hello, there. I was wondering if I could bother some boxes?~" she spoke in Joyan as the man was a worker here.

All workers here were required to know Joyan and Fiorian. He turned and looked at her, a big dude with squinting eyes that looked tired. "Oh? Sure! They're in my way anyways, hehe", he chuckled and returned to his business. "That was easy..." she whispered in Joyan. She turned towards Tempris, "Grab any box, and we'll continue," she gave a small smile and folded her hands against her chest. She swayed away from the truck and continued their conversation.

She didn't see herself as pretty, but everyone else seemed to. "Mmm, those do seem troubling," she nodded to her explaining. Her eyes cornered to look at the girl, "I'm a runaway from here, but since I'm in disguise, no one should notice me...", she explained quickly as she was still nervous being here.

What if they find her here?


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"Wait... what?" Tempris was a bit surprise that the woman actually tried to buy her a box. "Wait wait... It was a joke. Please don't buy me the box." Tempris gave hardy laughed folding her arms. It had been a while since she had been this entertain. Maybe this event was going to be more enjoyable than she expected.

Tempris was quite impress at the woman's fortitude when it came to her speech. Most people got scared or at least went on their guard but this woman seemed unfazed. In fact she decided to delve more into her background. A bit surprising but Tempris promised to be a good girl. So she let it slide. "Runaway... I too relate to leaving home but that was to pursue the truth for who I really am." Tempris tilted her head the other way, "But that leads to wonder, If you don't want to be here... why are you here? To need a disguise, I hope this place isn't bring you more suffering."


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She arched her eyebrow and chuckled quietly, "Alright then, I'm sure you will look great with a box," she teased. The talk about her running away came up which made her facial expression turn deadpan once more as her eyes gazed at the girl's. Quilla looked up at the sky and then back at the girl, "I cannot let fear take me, not that at least as there are more things to fear than to be taken away," she one-shoulder shrugged, "If I get captured and no one saves me nor can I save myself, then so be it," she closed her eyes for a moment as she thinks about the people she had met so far.

"I don't think it'll happen anytime soon though as I have people who won't always be there for me, but they will if they can," she tried too hard in her Fiorian sometimes, but she wanted the girl to understand her well enough. "Hey party people! Let's Rock!", the girls yelled as the Hex girl's appeared. "Well, let us see what they have, mmm?~" she questioned her as she saw all the sweaty guys and sinful women go forward towards the stage. The only reason she saw them as sinful was due to the fact that they are willingly revealing most of their bodies. If it was loose so they could move, then it would be fine.




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Tempris gave one 'hah' at the woman's comment. Sure she was right but at the same time no. "If I get a box. I throw a box. Its fate, my second mission in life." When it came to the woman's next word, Tempris just folded her arms. Fear, being brave, and getting captured, Red flags were definitely going off in her mind. She was itching to know more, itching to enact the will of Illumin but she made her promise. Tempris bit her lip and looked away from the woman. She had to be good. She had to contain herself. If this person wanted help she would ask. Only then could she act. Would Karisa know? How hard would it be to silence everyone.

Then the band called for the crowd to cheer, giving the girl something else to think of. "I pray that no more happens at such an event." Tempris followed the girl with an uninterested expressing. After all, she still had questions and her curiosity would not die just yet.


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The child seemed disappointed in wanting to listen to the concert, and perhaps she could entertain her with more answers. "If you're good during this concert song, how about I answer more of your questions? ~", she cooed in her soothing cold tone. Her eyes looked down at her and gave her a small smile. She hopes she has a curious child-like her someday. One who wants to know everything to a limit is better than knowing nothing at all. If she agreed, she turned to face the stage and listened to them start singing Spell on You.

Smoke came out of the stage as they appeared. The main girl with black hair smiled with her vampire fangs as she started to sing. The blonde on the drums and redhead on the bass. They all had their unique makeup on as they sang perfectly together as if they'd done it for years. The song was about spells which were funny since they were in a magical world. Once that part was done, the blue, red, and green smoke came up to hide them. They were gone, but yellow smoke soon revealed that they were not done singing about Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air. What confused her the most was that wasn't Air and Wind the same thing?


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Tempris smiled at the woman, but just as quickly dropped. "It would not be in our best interest if I continue. After all, I promised to be a well behaved girl and I don't want people saying I haven't been anything other than that. Plus over my journey... I found other ways to complete my mission." That last part was a complete lie. If anything, she has found herself performing her god's work less and less. She wanted to do more but she just was not sure in what way she could further her goals and eradicate suffering.

Leaned against a near by wall with her eyes closed, lost in thought despite the heretical music. There were so much suffering in this one place. If only she would be allowed to give them all a true baptism of fire. She giggled at the thought enjoying her own version of this show in her head.  


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I... I am pretty open minded, so please, speak your mind," she offered as she rather have someone tell her everything than bottle everything up. A person is unique, different than others and if they cannot be accepted then what is the point of existing? To be fake? To be a canvas for some magazine? As long as everyone accepts and helps each other she feels like there could be equality and tranquility among all people in terms of war and crime. Those were her old beliefs before the wars and being sold. The only thing she had left that wasn't locked behind a mental wall was the belief that people should just accept everyone is different and not to force others into them.

The song was continuing and after it was finished, she looked at the girl in hopes she will open up. "Come, how about we go away from all this loudness and sooth ourselves with some warm food and drinks?", she cooed to the girl in her cold tone. If she accepted her offer, then they will go away from the people as she wasn't a huge crowd pleaser or appreciator. "Pick any place," she offered as she will buy. It was her mother's money anyways.


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"Well, if you insist. I find that the best way to help those who are suffering is to give them something called a Baptism of Fire. During the process, the suffering are showered his his warmth and freed from the sinful shackles that prevent people from being who they really could be." The girl lowered her head in an attempt to contain the excitement. It was her favorite thing to do, to save people from this cold world, her mission in life. She doubted the woman would actually accept but just talking about it filled her with tingles of excitement like a kid about to be rewarded with a warm dessert. "Tell me Ms. would you be interested in go through such a sacred ritual?"

When it came to leaving to go get food, Tempris was fine with that. She was not really big on music groups. The best she got was quietly humming to the echoes of the choirs on days of service. Looking around, the girl pointed to an empty table in the corner of the space. She preferred spaces where there was no so many judging eyes.

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She looked at the girl and shook her head, "I appreciate the gesture, but I have my own faith as well. I will listen to your faith, but I cannot be a part of it in a way you will want me to be.", she started and went to sit down with Tempris. Her dark eyes looked at her and then around to see others who sometimes gazed at them as a normal thing a human did. "That doesn't mean I won't defend it though as I believe no one should make fun of someone else's beliefs," her heart pained at this as some people felt it was necessary to make fun at others that are different.

She saw a woman come by and bowed her head, "Will you two like anything?", she wondered. "I'll take a water with some lemon and a funnel cake with extra powder sugar," she gave a light smile to her. Quilla looked at Tempris as it was their turn to order. Once they were done ordering, they could go back to their conversation. "If anyone tries to say that your god is fake, tell me. I will slap them myself, maybe a stab or two," she winked and gave a light chuckle.


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"Most unfortunate." Tempris took a deep breath. She did not expect anything different. Everyone gave her this sort of response but it did hurt to a little to get her hopes up. It was why she wanted to keep things to herself. "I do hope other paths opened up though I worry little the opinions of sinners. In life, we all are born. We all live. We all die. The our souls leave our bodies. Words of man does not change the existence of him. What is important that we do our best to remove suffering. As long as ones actions contribute to this truth, then I can forgive any amount words."

When the woman came to take their order. Tempris had returned to her unenthused personal and looking off into the sky. Thoughts of acting, of saving people filled her mind until the woman spoke. For a brief moment, Tempris closed her eyes. "I would be grateful for just a warm milk." When Quilla made her statement and or promise, Tempris let out a light sigh. "Thank you for your kindness, but we should strive to bring warmth to others. Even if they lack wisdom or mental strength. If belief that 'He' is fake is what it takes for a person to aid in the war on suffering, then I will welcome them with a smile. But if you see someone using 'his' words to bring others suffering." Tempris' expression went dark. Mana seeped through her body. Her head tilted down and her hand, now fist, trembled. "I asked that they be confronted and forcefully shown retribution."

A single tear would escape and flee down. This was the only weakness she would allow herself. This was the promise she made after those two years of travel. She would not run away from her memories. She would not break down any more. She would stand tall and continue to walk forward. Following this tear, she would do her best to smile. It was a smile wrapped in false hope, a diversion from the pain she experience, a front to keep up a strong appearance. People like that were not worth shedding tears over anymore. They were not worth the suffering their sole existence brought.

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She sighed softly as she listened to the girl. She didn't seem happy to even hear how she'd even defend her faith. Was it not good enough? It brought up questions to ask as she let the girl speak. Once she was done, she'd ask her own question, "What do you count as sinners?", she wondered in her clam tone. For her, sinners were those that murdered children and those that are defenseless. She also saw those who dared speak bad about any god, even if it's not theirs as her beliefs were that all people were different and if they were good people, there shouldn't be a problem.

"Understood," she simply replied to what she said as their drink then arrived. She brought her drink to her lips as she drank it slowly. Her eyes looked around as people seemed to be having fun with the music and hanging with friends. "Never asked, but why are you here alone?", she will answer after Tempris did of course.


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Tempris gave a light giggle. Oh how she loved this question. She could remember the time when she met a monk who aligned with Fairy Tail and how he asked her same question. Well, maybe he asked it in a different way but the girls answer would be the same. With a smile, Tempris responded, "What counts as a sinner? Hmmm, I suppose a person who acts with or has impurities within them are sinners. Maybe their is other criteria but... I strongly belief in those two things." Tempris placed her hand over her heart still smiling.

When it came the question on being alone, Tempris stopped smiling. Of course the easy and honest answer was because... wait. Even saying she was forced to be here would not truly answer the question. Nobody stopped her from asking people to come. So the girl tried to think up a more satisfactory answer. "I suppose... its because I recently returned from a long journey and had little time to connect with the few people I call friends." She tried to force a fake smile but she ended up turning away from the woman. Her true answer was actually darker but at least this one should have been good enough to cover the needed bases.

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Impurities? Such as what? She wondered these things but kept silent about it. Her eyes gazed at the girl and wondered what exactly she saw. "Impurities for me are things that should not be done before marriage," she shouldn't have to be specific about it as it was obvious for many. "As well as thoughts of murdering defenseless creatures, living beings in general unless they pose a threat to my faith," she answered in kind to what she said. It may not be the same thing, but they still loved and cherished their own religion.

She took a small drink and gave a small smile as she felt the coolness again her throat and into her stomach. She forgot her funnel cake! Her eyes looks as it as she then grabbed her fork and stabbed at it to get a piece, "Want some? It's really sweet and delicious~", she cooed in her cool tone of voice.


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Tempris was closed her eyes to process what the woman was trying to say. She listed off things she thought were impurities. Activities before wedlock, murder, and threats to faith. Sure maybe some of these fell into sin but the more important criteria was if actions brought suffering and or took away his warmth. But it was pointless to argue with other sinners. If they truly wished for education, they would act different. "At the end of the day, all that matters is that your actions bring less suffering onto this world." She opened her eyes and then proceeded to drink her milk.

When offered the slice of cake, Tempris refused. "I try not to over indulge on sweets." The girl then grabbed her stomach to pinch it and pull out. "I gotta stay fit. Who knows when Mother will want to host another beauty contest" Tempris snickered before taking another sip of her drink. "Oh tell me... do you fancy such activities?"

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