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Something Spells Fishy(Aeris/D-rank)

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#1Aeris Umata 

Something Spells Fishy(Aeris/D-rank)  Empty Wed Mar 16, 2022 4:48 am

Aeris Umata
Although she had a long life ahead of her, Aeris was restless in her pursuit to do some good even if others might not agree with her new vampirism, regardless she kept at it. What did she keep at? Well like she told Khalfani the day prior, she had some business in Astera that she was checking in on, the port specifically.

Said port had rumors spilling out of it that seemed to even reach her ears while she was in another country, the random drop of fish being captured in Port Astera causing slight food problems in other area's. From whispers and rumors some blamed poison in the water, the fish were scared, bad magic, there was more but Aeris focused on the three most logical conclusions to investigate on and if her findings lead her to another answer, she tended to explore it, the world was filled with such wonder, mystery and magic that she had to keep her eyes open to possibilities.

Walking through Astera Port side, Aeris was able to talk to various people, some calm, some arrogant, believers and non-believers and despite the vast difference in the group they all had one thing in common, "A monster in a nearby cove." From the answers Aeris made a conclusion that the town's people chose to leave the monster alone out of fear of it attacking, or kindness, the latter being kindness due to believing the creature to be a baby comparative to it's species, in either case, Aeris was making a home visit.

So, her destination in clear sight, Aeris gathered some funds to pay someone to boat her to this mysterious cove. On the way Aeris stood near the front from where they were approaching the cove, "This is as far as we go.." The elderly man that she paid to get here there said at the edge of the entrance, he was clearly nerved by the rumors and Aeris thought not to push it, "Not very manly all you Old Sailor, a traveler of the sea shouldn't be so rattled. Nonetheless like we agreed you will wait about thirty minutes for me, if I come back the monster is dead and if I don't than assume the worst. The old sailor upper lip curled, "I may be fearful lass, but I am a man of my word, good luck and god speed.

Aeris chuckled, "That's a good sailor. see you later."

Walking into the cove Aeris was faced with a path of darkness before finally getting close to a cave deeper inside lit up by what looked like crystals, stepping inside she found herself in a twenty meter radius sphere cave the entrance she came from at the far east side, although the path was ground the cave ground was filled with water, looking as if it was almost a undersea pool, that was until she heard the water rumbling and then a animalistic growl. "Well hello, I'm making a house call creature, shall we talk~?" Aeris asked.

So, the talk didn't actually happen and it looks like the creature was eating the fish to survive but it was over eating out of a sheer greed, so Aeris cut it up until it died, the boat man arriving to see her walking out carrying the creature's head and tossing it on the boat as proof.

Returning to the port Aeris could see the fish swim freely among the water, "Today's a good day old sailor, a very good day" Aeris said while looking out into the water.


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