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Port Astera - Something Smells Fishy [Kon/Khalfani]

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Port Astera - Something Smells Fishy [Kon/Khalfani] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 5:55 am


Kon nervously rubbed his ring on his left hand as he tapped his foot, he was impatient, to say the least. He was supposed to make contact with whoever had sent Kon the message. It was hard to lock him down in the first place and if they had a reason to try and reach him then it was pretty darn critically related to him. Were it not then some person whether it was in the Infinity Wolves or some other guild member would resolve it. He was taken aback when he was met not by a man of mystery or some illustrious figure but by a series of fishermen that had for some reason requested him of all people. As to why Kon was just rightly confused causing him to leer and raise up both of his arms as the newly magically endowed fishermen approached him gleefully. Things would have been fine had his peer, Khalfani not been causing a series of onlookers to gather around them. Kon was never a fan of crowds and a member of foreign royalty did little to avoid such things from happening. Sure that might not be the case in more rural towns, but this was a Port where it wasn’t uncommon for people across the continent to be found.

Overcoming the burden of social anxieties, Kon ignored the growing troop of looky-looks and instead directly spoke to whoever seemed to be the leader. A rather decorated figure that suggested for them to have a more senior role. “You sir, you called for me, what can I do on this fine day?” And it was with a steady slow breeze picking up the seawater cutting back the harshness of the sun that bared down below them.



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Back in Astera. As much as Khalfani hated this city, it always seemed to reel him in one way or another. The air reeked of dead fish and the smell of the ocean didn't make it any better. So how did he end up in the worst city in the west region of Fiore? It was simple. Hanging with Konyo. The two of them had known each other for quite some time now, their relationship was healthy. Simple. Both of them were straight-forward people with cold demeanors. In fact, their demeanors were so cold that if anyone should get to close, they'd probably get a frostbite. Perhaps that was why, despite the people now knowing who Khalfani was, nobody got too close. Instead they would admire the view from a distance. It was rather annoying really.

Khalfani had left the kingdom of Desierto to follow his own path and not the one his grandfather believed was destined for him and yet here he was grabbing the attention of Astera's citizens. This was not what he intended and it was almost embarrassing. Doing all those quests this past week paid off, but the downside was the reputation the rogue prince of Desierto had built. With his shield on his back and eyes gleaming forward, he could feel Konyo's anxiety. If the demi-human had to guess, they were here for a quest. That much could be pieced together as a group of fishermen began to approach the two mages. If it happened to be another sea monster, Khal would ultimately lose his shit. He had a major fear of bodies of water this large and although he had been slowly working to overcome it, he feared that he wasn't ready to face this fear. Not yet at least. The idea of Konyo being revealed to that side of him was also nerve-wrecking. Yet, of course, the spell sword would maintain his composure.

The slayers golden eyes danced around the city, counting the number of people peeking over at them as his teacher spoke to the captain in charge. "Ahoy! I be glad ye could make it. Konyo, right? an' ye brought a mate, jolly! I be Cap'n grune. It seems we 'ave a problem an' I could think o' nobody better than the unyieldin' blizzard." the captain said. Khalfani folded his arms, biting the inside of his mouth anxiously. Dammit, it was another fucking sea monster. To make matters worse, there were eyes on them from virtually everywhere right now. If the young Morning Star didn't pull it together than everyone would know. The dragon slayer nodded towards the captain as he tipped his hat to the two figures. His Lackeys watched in awe, surprised to see Khalfani but moreso surprised to see Konyo. This was a good thing, Khalfani thought. Truly, he was panicking like on the inside and doing everything he could so that it wouldn't reflect on the outside. He was stoic enough though, hiding it wouldn't be a problem.



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The Astera accent was truly something Kon despised, it felt so lazy compared to the formal Fiorian that he had been told when he first came to Fiore and even worse than his own tongue of Boscian. Yet all the same he held his tongue from insulting the men before him. With a heavy heart and a deep sigh, the fact that they were mentioning his title still left him with a tinge of sadness but revealed something far more important. They were after someone to take something or someone down. Obviously these being fishermen it was likely something and when it came to the sea, it was always some monster that was mucking up their word. Feigning interest, Kon listened on as the captain spoke once more, revealing what he was suspecting. A creature of countless tentacles had been consuming anything and everything in the sea near the fishing boat as though it were attracted by the bait they had been using. Resigned to fighting such a creature Kon looked at Khalfani showing a bare minimum of expression before opening with a smile. “Sure, we’ll deal with this creature.” Kon was seriously confused why they had requested him, they all seemed to have magic, just what was stopping them from killing it themselves? Maybe they had already but Kon wasn’t the type to pry into someone’s business.

Apparently, they had tracked down the creature to a cove just off the coast. Given the distance, And obviously lack of doors to teleport, Kon motioned to Khalfani. “I think we’re going to need a boat…” More than accommodating, the two had been offered the use of a fishing boat within the fleet that the fishermen seemed to possess. When he had seen the fleet properly Kon wondered whether it, in reality, had been some kind of self-fulfilling retribution that they were now experiencing, the sea’s way to get revenge for the overfishing that they had been done. But the cause wasn’t Kon’s issue only what was happening right now. Prior to parting with the fishermen, Kon hastily transitioned from his casual wear to his battle attire with a swift twist of his ring. Immediately he shifted from clothed to partially nude save for his underwear and bra before being donned in full heavy armour with his golden bow in hand. A true sight for the unaware but something Kon was not embarrassed to show. It was his body, nothing more he saw no need to sexualize the transformation. “Ready to go?” He asked Khalfani, he, himself ready to leave the harbour preparing to remove the ropes that shackled the boat to the pier.



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This was good training. As much as Khalfani hated the idea of dealing with the same reoccurring situation over and over again, it really was good training. Paradise Dawn would come into fruition in a short amount of time and the guild was centered around monster hunting and Mercenary work. Tasks like this would magically appear onto their door step damn near everyday. In fact, as word spread about a new guild appearing in the north, people had already come to Khalfani with their concerns. Some merely expected him to do the work for free, but he was adamant on only doing shit that paid well. Not just for himself, but for his entire guild. He would have to worry about an entire community after all. The thought itself sent an electrifying chill down his spine. The Black Panther had hardly been paying attention to the men in front of him, that's how excited he had grown.

Over a span of a few moments too. The only thing he managed to hear was tentacles and that alone was enough for him to determine the mission at hand. There was a monster who had been terrorizing the community and they needed a powerful mage to stop it. It was virtually the same thing every time. Perhaps this time the two mages could find some treasure inside whatever creature was causing the fishermen issues. After the man finished speaking, Konyo reassured the men that the duo would get it done. "Mhm. Not a problem." He nodded as his lips had tucked themselves like a newborn baby in a blanket. He could feel the moment approaching when they would have to get in a damn boat.

Khalfani watched as the fishermen began to prepare the boat they were using for travel. It wasn't anything fancy, but it would definitely do the trick. It was medium-sized, wooden hull and a mermaid on the front of it. It looked like it had been through hell and back, but she seemed sturdy enough. The archer began to prepare himself, twisting his ring and allowing his gear to manifest upon his body. It was a neat trick, Khal would have to get one of those. The panther nodded to Kon "Mhm." when he was done changing and was the first to take steps towards the boat.  

As if he wasn't the one who was practically shitting in his black fitted sweatpants. Gently, the Dragon Slayer stepped onto the boat. Bracing himself, he used every fiber of his being to contain his composure. When he was on the boat he closed his eyes for a brief moment and took a deep breath. He was as still as a rock on the boat, as they began to drift off into the sea. There it goes. It starts with the rocking of the boat, the small waves crashing against each other, swaying the boat to and fro. His body tensed up and his hands became clammy as he clenched them into fists.  

"How far do we have to go?"



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“Not a fan of boats, aye?” Kon commented as he noticed his partner immediately reveal a great discomfort towards the idea of even sitting in the boat only worsening when he got on the bloody thing. He wasn’t fond of them either but Khalfani seemed to have some form of phobia that bordered on debilitating. A laugh left Kon’s lips as the first question the black panther was the distance between the cove and them. In earnest, he didn’t know and could only estimate never having been there himself. “Sorry bud, I don’t really know. Here have a bucket in the meantime.” Chucked a bucket formerly holding fishheads and guts at Khalfani. Ignoring any further potential criticisms or outcries from the royal highness, Kon pushed off properly and began rowing both rows, with Khalfani clearly too out of it to be of assistance. The hefty thrusts Kon made as he penetrated the sea sent the ship soaring at an incredible pace towards the cove’s rough location. A few fortunate things about using a boat this size was its speed and manoeuvrability.

It was through this Kon was able to avoid something that had befallen another group that had come to the cove, sharp and dangerous rocks threatened to consume both the boat and them, he was only able to save himself and Khalfani by hastily turning the boat to the side and grabbing his out of commission partner by the collar and perfectly timed a jump off the wooden craft and landed on the rocks with slightly reduced force still scratching up the two of them.



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"Mm mm." Khalfani managed to breathe. Words were incapable of parting the lips of the dragon slayer. He had been too focused on not dying by the the hands of the sea goddess. If it was up to him, he wouldn't have even gotten on this ship. Khal was clearly not a fan of boats, but it had more to do with the water than anything else. It seemed his attempt to hide it wasn't good enough. He wasn't the best actor after all. Konyo would likely never forget this moment and the panther couldn't blame him. If the shoe had been on the other foot, the mage of Infinity Wolves would be teased to the end of his days. Alas, this was not the day for Kon to be the center of his amusement.

The boat was sturdy enough to handle the minor waves. Nothing the Black Panther couldn't handle at the moment. As he rode in the boat, tensed up. Suddenly the waves began to strengthen and the captain of the boat seemed to grown concerned. Konyo handed the light mage a bucket which used to be filled with the guts of sea creatures. Some of the liquids remaining dripped down from the sides of the bucket. Khal turned towards Kon and mugged him, rolling his eyes as he grabbed the bucket and hurled out his insides. As much as he would have hated to admit, he definitely needed this right now. It was hard enough already trying not to freak out.

The boat suddenly began to speed. Now, it was becoming something he couldn't handle. As the waves picked up and as Kon grew impatient, the boat dashed through the waters. It was dangerously stupid for the unyielding blizzard to move in such a way. His actions would prove to be the demise of everyone on the boat aside from the black panther himself, and his partner. As they closed in on the rocks, a crash occurred. Khal had lifted his head in the nick of time as the boat made impact, grabbing two fisher man by the collar before stepping off to leap even before Kon had done so. However, the icy wolf was faster and had darted off of the boat, grabbing Khalfani's collar in the process and yanking it so hard he nearly choked. With the captain and another sailor in his hands, the four of them landed on a small island deep in the seas of Astera.

The captain coughed and the other sailor struggled to stand. The rest of the sailors were lost at sea, probably already forced to the bottom of the ocean through its sheer strength alone. What a horrible way to die. "Noooo! dammit! see what ye've done? ye killed me men an' ye almost killed me!" He exclaimed. He had a reason to be upset, the prince wouldn't take that from him. Konyo did take it too far. Still, things like this happened. Sometimes mistakes caused good people their lives. Khal pushed himself up with only a little scratch to his arm before turning to Kon. "Losing your touch, old man." he said with a sigh. "I'm sorry about your guys. We'll handle this and be on our way. Stay here." he turned to the captain and his lackey.

The panther didn't expect his cold words to provide any real comfort, but he truly was sorry, even if it didn't seem like it. Regardless, there was a job that needed to be done and the dragon slayer intended to finish it quickly. Contrary to what people believed, powerful mages weren't just on standby waiting for someone to call with a problem. They also had lives and other matters to attend to. Immediately after Khalfani spoke, a large screech bellowed from a cave on the small, barren island. No trees, no other signs of life, just rocks surrounding a giant cave. "Let's go." He said as he took the first steps towards the cave. The Spell sword was merely glad that he was no longer on the boat, at least not for now.

When this was over he would likely call to his Gryphon to fly him out of here. Shit, the Gryphon would probably have to fly them all out of here seeing as there was literally no way to leave the island without swimming. It could be done, but swimming a couple hundred miles would take all of his stamina and it just wasn't worth it. For now, the rogue prince focused on the task at hand. As he made his way towards the caves whether Konyo had decided to come or not, the ground beneath him shook. Again, the creature inside the cave screeched.

A giant octopus you would think would remain in the sea right? These monsters were growing weirder day by day. Soon they would take the form of something a lot more human-like. Constantly killing these creatures weren't going to stop the problem. A more sustainable solution was needed and fast. In any case, this was another beast that would be added to Khalfani's book of monsters. Khal had been working on a portfolio for all the monsters he had fought. From ghosts, to demons and sea critters, they were important to note should he ever encounter the same creature again. The captain and his lackey watched the duo walk towards the cave. They watched them closely. Perhaps they doubted the two of them would make it out alive.

Finally they had approached the cave. Without saying a word to his teacher, the light eater entered and tapped his earpiece causing the helmet to take shape around his head. Perhaps he couldn't see anything inside a cave that was completely dark, but he could definitely hear the slithering of tentacles about 30 meters out and he could smell blood..a lot of it. This is the part where Khalfani had missed his vampirism. If he had it now, he would be able to see in the dark too.



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Part dissent, part apathetic, Kon looked at the devastated captain outraged about Kon’s behaviour and lack of care for the wellbeing of the crew that had accompanied them. In all honesty, he had entirely forgotten that they had joined them. Frankly the idea of bringing them seemed foolish given what they would be facing, a sea monster that they had already explained was problematic beyond their control. Knowing that retorting anything less that apology would only end in a clash between the remaining crew, Kon held his tongue as the man spewed his venomous words. The otherwise silent archer only opened his lips after Khalfani directly referred to him, describing him as losing his touch. “Bah!” In the broadest of senses he had been right with Kon having lost his magic, however the accident that had just ensued was not his fault alone. The crew easily could have warned him of the rocks, the harsh weather, everything, but no they had remained silent like sheep despite knowing everything about the area around them. While the Prince-Brother apologised for the two of them, Kon refrained from even looking back. They had been assigned a task, the loss of life such as it had been unfortunate didn’t present as his own burden to deal with. It had been their choice to come, their choice to be obtuse about directions.

His intent to complete the task as soon as possible was reaffirmed with a hallowed scream calling out to the group from further in the island itself. Khalfani appeared to have no reservations entering what could be certain doom to lesser men. For the ranger though a sense of thrill, excitement, a twinge of fear ran through his body sending him on edge, the hair on the back of his neck standing up from the howl only steadily easing and he followed the Prince-Brother into the cove. His presence was a benefit and a hindrance, he certainly welcomed the added support from the man, however was also bound in a sense to ensure his well being and no lasting harm came to him. Afterall how would the Pharaoh think of Kon if the man returned with half of his face missing. Having seen the Pharaoh's responses to them being injured however, Kon didn’t think a few cuts and bruises would be all that problematic, yet he still needed to ensure the wellbeing of him, at least until he was capable of doing so.

Kon’s grasp on his bow’s handle tighten only further still as the distinct irony smell of blood consumed his thoughts and yet felt tainted in a sense, human yet not human as though it was from a creature that bordered on being human or there had been a conflict been man and the creature with neither side having a imperacial victory instead the creature suffering significant injuries as a consequence. To most the cove was nothing but a consuming black, to him the cove consisted of layers of interlacing blood splatters splashed around in a chaotic fashion, it was almost art with the older splotches being highlighted by fine particles from secondary attacks. Briefly rubbing the right side of his chin with his golden prosthetic, KOn thought for a moment on the best course of attack. Much of what had become of Khalfani still remained a mystery to Kon with the man having acquired a more refined means of magic and yet he didn’t know where he would be best place, afar he might be of assistance, close at hand and his presence might do more harm then good. Wanting to ensure their well being more than anything, Kon suggested that he held back while Kon entered further as he had a clear sight of the inner works. “Khalfani, how about you support me back here while I go in, give them a quick one, two and then we’ll be back at Astera sipping on some cocktails in no time, well you will be haha.”



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Khalfani enjoyed the hunt. Although he wasn't a vampire, he enjoyed the thrill pf hunting beasts and killing them, cashing their body parts in for some neat prizes or a hefty amount of jewels. Having vampirism would have made it significantly easy to maneuver throughout the cave, alas Khalfani would have to figure out another way to manage. Konyo on the other had had the abilities necessary to finish the task. Khalfani hated the idea of being useless, especially in a moment like this. However, he was a good team mate nonetheless. He knew when to step up and when to step back, as much as he may have despised the idea sometimes. Khalfani also didn't really have his magic under wraps.

Khal's magic, ever since turning back human, had evolved and he still needed to learn how it worked. For the most part it was like the magic he once had. A god-like magic that allowed him to teleport. Although this style of light magic hadn't allowed him to do such things as far as he knew at the moment, it turned him into something that moreso resembled Apep. Not to mention reverting back to his human form somehow didn't change the knife-like fangs he had. Regardless, he would manage how he knew how. He was a surviver. He couldn't stand by and do nothing, he thought. Although he could hardly see his partner, the sun eater turned to where Kon had been breathing and nodded. "Understood." At least with him here he could end it quick.'

Suddenly, Khalfani heard the shuffling of the feet of the men they left behind, but he could also hear the slithering of tentacles on the surface of the small rock island they had been on. "I'll meet you out front." He said to Konyo before turning and sprinting towards the entrance of the cave. The dirt beneath him was wet and sticky, almost like glue but it was not enough to slow him down. When he got to the entrance of the cave, he could see the light. He could also see a large octopus like beast crawling towards the fishermen who had pulled out whatever weapons they had. It amazed the panther that although the entire world could use magic, these men here had shown signs of using none. Khalfani darted towards the creature, stepping in front of the sailors before bringing his shield forward.

With a second to spare, the octopus began swinging his tentacle but Medusas gaze had been doing its magic. Quickly the creature turned to stone, starting from its tentacle until it finally reached its head. Then, the dragon slayer walked over to it and simply punched it where its stomach may have been, shattering the creature. With a sigh he turned to the men and nodded, calling his Gryphon with a whistle. It was a shame that he wouldn't be able to take any remnants of the creature with him. As stone it was pointless. After Kon had exited the cave he would know the job was done. He'd then hop on his Gryphon with one of the men and returned to the docks, leaving Kon to figure out how to get off the island with the other man.


- EXIT -


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Despite Kon’s well thought out intentions, his efforts were otherwise in vain. Khalfani had agreed to Kon’s plan for him to take the forefront while the black panther would support them from the back. This all went up in smoke as a creature blocked their exit out and presented themselves directly in front of the Prince-Brother, he meanwhile had also been assailed by another creature. It seemed the fishermen had been less than forthright in that number of creatures. Just as Kon was about to shift his stance to add his comrade, he was struck on the side throwing him off balance and into the blood splattered rocks causing a small dent to form where he had landed. Rolling to relieve some of the force that had been applied to his prosthetic from continuing onto his vulnerable fleshy body, Kon stood up to confront his attacker. Drawing up to one knee, Kon aimed his left hand at the creature, flicking at them with his middle finger, sending them flying into the rocks carried forth with a tinge of frost.

A layer of rocks fell upon the creature and the briefest of shakes vibrated the island, he had never used such a spell before but he would certainly do so again should he need to create space. Dazed and separated, Kon rose to stand and pulled back his bow string, before releasing it a few moments later sending a shot piercing through both rock and flesh alike. A pained howl rang out as the creature drew it’s last breath. Kon had been clinically precise aiming for their heart and his bow answered his call. His enemy defeated, Kon shift to help his comrade but his assistance would be unneeded with them having slain his own attacker. Dialogue was all but absent between on another with him only remaining up until kon left the entrance to the cove itself.

Clearly he had more important things to attend to, though felt somewhat puzzled about khalfani's decision to leave kon with the captain given their distaste towards one another. The distance between them and the port made things even more difficult as he had no other means to return, no teleportation close at hand or flying wyvern to help him. Perhaps there would be some natives that he could borrow a boat from. And seemingly with the luck of the gods he had been able to find a tiny dingy in the wreckage barely capable of holding the portly captain and golden kon. Through a combination of charm and force, he was able to get the man on board and return back to Astera. He would met up with Khalfani at a later date, but would press them for his absence.



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