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Protect the Citizens [FTU-Phase 2]

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#1Kailani Fleurn † 

Protect the Citizens [FTU-Phase 2] Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 8:42 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani had been cheering loudly for her dwarven friend's victory at the arm wrestling contest when the sound of an explosion outside the guildhall caused the music to stop and everyone at the party to grow quiet. Another burst of explosives sounded, ringing through the air. Glancing up towards Yuurei beside her and then over to Brone, no words were needed to know they were about to race outside to discover the source.

They weren't alone of course, as a wave of people from all guilds ran outside to see what had been disturbing what was supposed to be a joyous day. Upon stepping outside the guildhall the Blue Pegasi would be faced with what seemed to be some sort of terror attack as small explosions were going off all over the township of Magnolia. The screams of the citizens could be heard as they cried out for help, trying to escape whoever, or whatever was behind it all.

A voice sounded from the guildhall urging all guild members present to help the innocent, by bringing them to the safety of the guildhall, where they would be protected by the member of Fairy Tail. The wind mage would look once more to her colleagues, ready to follow their lead with whichever way they wished to go first.



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Yuurei would nod as he was glad to hear that she was more than happy to help him. She threw out an idea to help each other out with their research to help Kaito. She never finished saying it, but he understood where she was saying. They would hear a bunch of cheering and when they turned around, they would see that their friend had won the arm-wrestling contest, which meant he stopped James’ winning streak. The light mage would find himself cheering as he was glad that his friend was able to do it, but he knew it all along.

While everybody was happy and enjoying their time, it would seem like there was an explosion at first. It was strong enough to make the entire guild quiet, and then a second one would happen. He would put his guard up as he was ready to protect Kailani, but it seemed like she had glanced over to the two of them. It seemed like she wanted to go out see what it was, and he was fine with that. He would follow everyone who was exiting the guild. After everything they saw, they were going to have to go and take out those who were causing trouble.

“We can go out and start beating up whoever is causing this trouble. If we find anybody who needs healing and needs our help, we will make sure to provide it for them. Kai will be our number one support, so we don’t have to worry about losing lives.” He said because he knew with her around he didn’t have to worry about a lot.

Now that the plan was made, Yuurei would start heading off in a random direction with both of his friends as he was sure that their teamwork was better than most people here.


#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone soaked in the cheering, including the applause from his own friends. He then leaned in and gave James a fair handshake, congratulating him on giving his all. The dwarf was already enjoying himself and was looking forward to the rest of the festivities, that is until a loud explosion caught everyone's attention. Brone immediately looked to his companions and judging by the looks on their faces, he confirmed that there was indeed trouble. Yuurei already came up with their standard tactical plan, giving Brone reason to slam the helmet onto his head, "Aye, let's go save some lives and bust some skulls" he gave the two elven friends a nod before he rushed out the double doors.

The streets were filled with body running about, trying to escape whatever madness they were witnessing. Explosions in the distance set off, to the dwarf's eye they all seem random, so he wasn't sure where to go or who to hit in the face, so he ran into the street and starting directing people towards the guild hall, "Everyone! Get into the building where it is safe! Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus will help!" Some people who heard quickly made their way towards the building while some were too frantic to move, so Brone rushed over to a young couple who were embracing one another in fear. The dwarf directed them and they too went towards the building. Now the dwarf needed to figure out where to go.


#4Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Following behind the light mage, Kailani sent forth her mana with three clicks, speeding up the dwarf so he could easily keep up with the two elves without any issue. As they ran past some fleeing citizens, the wind mage would call out and direct them to Fairy Tail's guild base as a safe house for them to wait in.

It wasn't until they delved further into the township itself that they'd finally find a building that had half-collapsed due to some sort of explosive force. The beams and bricks that had once been a ceiling and wall now lay as rubble at their feet. The wood elf was about to continue past in search of the culprit when the sound of muffled screaming caught her attention.

"Wait!" she'd call out to her comrades, "Someone's trapped in there." She'd point to the wreckage that was once a home. Changing her course slightly she'd be careful not to step into the rubble directly unless she shifted something and managed to crush whoever was caught inside further.

"Hey! If you can hear me we're here to help, keep talking so we can find you!" The wood elf called out, hoping for a response. There was nothing but silence for a few seconds and she was about to yell again when the muffled sounds rang through the air once more. "There!" She pointed to where they resonated from, leaving the heavy lifting to the muscle of the team.

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Yuurei could hear his friends working their hardest, and he was glad that they were. He moved around as he was helping direct people in the direction of the Fairy Tail Guild as they were moving as fast as they could. He moved over to Kailani as it seemed like she was moving around an area that had wreckage from the explosion. This was crazy how people could do something so evil and harm the innocent lives here. There was someone in the wreckage according to his best friend and soon enough she would tell the two where they were. The light mage would bring his hand up and with the magic circle that appeared above his hands the stars would come out before they entered him.

He knew that this would give him more than enough strength to move the heavy pieces out of the way. The light mage would move things from the top first, so that way he didn’t cause anything to drop on whoever was under it all. Yuurei kept moving things as best and safely as possible. It was a lot of hard work and honestly, he thought they were going to beat up some baddies, but he was fine with this. He knew if nobody helped this person they might die.

“Nice work, Kai. I don’t think I would have found out there was someone here.” He said with a smile on his face as he was speaking the truth.

He kept moving a bunch of the wreckage though as he wasn’t wasting time. After a few minutes of moving things out of the way, Yuurei would see a woman covering a kid from the wreckage. He was angry now but kept a smile as he was helping them out of the wreckage. When he got them out of there, they would start crying as they were thanking the three of them.

“Check and see if they’re okay Kai.” He said as he hoped they were and then they could be sent to the guild.

Yuurei cracked his neck and knuckles though because someone was going to get their ass kicked today.


#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone scanned the area, trying to figure out where to go next. Suddenly, he felt the familiar breeze of wind envelop him. Taking a quick look back, he saw Kailani finishing her incantation. The dwarf gave her a nod before rushing onward down the street with greater speed towards what he saw a cloud of ash while his elven friends headed towards a partially collapsed home.

Eventually the dwarf was made it to the source of the ash cloud that risen into the air; another partially collapsed building, however this one was still on fire. Brone heard the front door of the first floor, which was still intact, being banged upon, "Get back away from the door, take cover!" the dwarf yelled once he reached the door. He heard coughing, then the shuffling of several pairs of feet. Once Brone was sure whoever was trapped on the other side was safely away from the door, he pulled out his steel battleaxe and swung it, the blade slammed into the door which then cracked and shattered, however at the same time, the air from the outside was immediately sucked in through the opening and instantly caused a flashfire, bursting through the door and sending the dwarf flying back.

Brone was coughing up the ash he accidently breathed in. When he managed to get back to his senses, he found a young man and his family thanking him for helping them, "Head towards Fairy Tail" Brone said between coughs and the family made their way towards the guild hall.


#7Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani rushed over as Yuurei pulled the woman out from beneath the wreckage of what was most likely once her house and home. With a nod she'd get started, using her magical power to bring forth the gentle healing breeze to close the woman's wounds and put a halt to any injuries growing worse. Once she was content with her work she'd gently guide the woman away from the house towards the street before placing her in the care of another civilian to lead her to the Fairy Tail guild.

Between the three of them they'd managed to save a number of lives today, but until they dealt with the cause there would only be further incidents like these. As they drew deeper into the township, the wood elf placed her focus on searching for the culprits while healing who she could along the way. Upon spying another fire about to rage out of control Kailani took a deep breath, using her power over the element of air to help control the wind, stopping the fire from spreading further, while others worked to extinguish the flames.

There was just so much carnage and chaos.  The wood elf had begun to feel tired, wearing herself out through using so much of her magical energy. Still, she pressed on, following the light mage and the dwarf through the streets as they attempted to find the source of the destruction.

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It would seem like things were getting pretty hectic. The number of people being saved was outrageous, and the damage throughout Magnolia was crazy. Still, the three of them continued to do their best with helping. The light mage looked over to Kailani because out of the three she would be able to do the best when it came to taking care of the innocent. He could see that it was tiring her out, so they needed to find out who was causing this problem.

While they were moving around, he continued to see many people running for their lives. The berserker figured he would go in the opposite direction they were running, and he would possibly find the root of the problem. While he was doing so, he could see someone was running away and a piece of a building structure was falling towards them. The light mage had to be quick on his feet and he would swing his arm in the direction of the falling building. A magic circle would appear in front where he swung, and a light slash would soar straight at the structure.

With the two collided, he would destroy it into smaller pieces, and stop its descent for a bit. The person would be able to escape the falling objects without a problem as they kept running to safety. After he kept pushing forward, he would see a large group of people laughing and talking amongst themselves. Yuurei wondered if they were the ones who had caused this. Of course, he walked over to them close enough so they could hear him.

“Hey what are you guys doing? Please tell me you aren’t the group of people causing all of this?” He asked them hoping he was right actually.

They would look at him and would laugh when they heard him.

“Go to the south of the city and continue what we’re doing.” He said and a fourth of them would leave as the others looked over to Yuurei.

“Yeah we’re the ones causing this problem in Magnolia. Tired of people being scared to do what they want because Fairy Tail is around. So what is one man going to do to us?” He said to Yuurei as he waited for an answer.

Yuurei rubbed the back of his head when he heard this because he wasn’t alone. He knew that Kailani and Brone were not too far from him.

“I’m not alone though, but I think I’m more than enough to take you all on.” He said getting ready for a fight and his friends to arrive.


#9Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched as the blaze within the burning building continued to devour the structure. Not hearing any more screaming, he figured no one else was still within the property... he hoped. He looked about, though once he realized there were no other nearby dangers that needed attention, he decided to head back to his friends before moving forward with the rescue strategy. As he could remember, when he walked out the doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall, he had saw black smoke rising from different places in different directions, he didn't have time to see if there was a clear path, so he figured it was all random attacks. Whoever or whatever had caused this was more than likely still around, possibly a monster?

The dwarf saw the collapsed building from before where he had left his elven friends. Passing by the structure, he continued down the street and soon spotted Kailani. He rushed up to her, "Kailani, some places are set ablaze and the destruction seems spread out, I don't know what-" he cut himself off the moment his eyes fell upon Yuurei who was some distance away. At first he thought he was assisting another group of people find safety, but the posture of the half-elf and the group seemed different, the familiar atmosphere of tension in combat, "Ah by my damn beard" he gritted his teeth as he began walking towards Yuurei and the group while drawing his iron battleaxe. A fight in this situation? More than likely, that group may be the ones responsible for the carnage, and if not, they'll still get their bruises for interfering with a rescue.


#10Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
The wood elf panted as she turned to listen to Brone as he called out to her about more fires. However, his voice cut short as he stared off towards Yuurei had been, following his gaze her eye widened at the scene before them. The light mage's body was tense as he took up a fighting stance, ready to attack. Kailani panicked at first as she spied the man responsible for his posture, however, the anger she had been suppressing up until this point quickly took over.

Knowing Yuurei wouldn't be ready to fight for no reason, she could easily put two and two together, figuring they were more than likely responsible for at least some of the chaos in town. Although, she doubted they were alone considering the scale of the calamity that had been unfolding. Regardless, even if it was just one of many groups it would be a start to putting an end to the destruction currently consuming the town.

"So these are the culprits then, Yuu?" she'd ask, her voice laced with malice she reserved only for the worst of people. To put so many innocent lives at risk. The dragon slayer burned with a furious rage. It wasn't often she lost her cool, normally very level headed when it came to combat. But with how many people she had spent today healing alone, it was enough to make her blood boil. It didn't even matter at this point if they were the masterminds or not, they were going to pay.

Without another second of hesitation, she began casting her magic, spell after spell in quick succession as multiple circles formed over her mouth, hands, feet and back as wind drew in from every angle around her body. The wood elf was practically coated in her magic for the briefest of moments, only for her to burst forward with intense speed, wings on her back, claws on her hands and a dragon-like mask upon her face as she roared with a fury so unlike the wind mage.

As her claws met her mark, the man that had admitted to his crimes was sent crashing into the wall behind him, as she released another roar, sending the mask out, its fangs crunching into his flesh before she'd cast her magic once more, another circle lighting up under her feet allowing her to dash once more to close the gap.

"You!" Swipe. "Piece!" Swipe. "Of Trash!" Swipe. She unleashed a set of furious swipes at her opponent, leaving his clothes in complete tatters and his body cut and bruised from the razor-sharp wind. The man now utterly defeated lay unconscious at her feet. The dragon slayer would turn to face the others that had been aiding him in the destruction of the township, her furious eyes searching for their next mark.

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Yuurei would feel the arrival of Brone as he heard the man and his heavy armor get closer to everyone here. Then soon after he would hear Kailani ask a question, but the tone in her voice was different than anything he heard before. Okay, he was lying; the sound of her voice was very familiar. When he grew up every time he was bullied and she would show up, this was how she sounded. That only meant one thing, she was super angry.

“Yes, they are responsible for this destruction, there are more of them, but we have to deal with these people, and hopefully someone else takes care of the others.” He said to her hoping that would happen.

Then he watched his best friend go to work as she had cast a lot of spells before attacking the guy who spoke to Yuurei. The light mage didn’t see his friend fight like this ever, but to be honest he wasn’t going to stop her. He allowed the woman to do her thing because she had allowed him to do so recently. It was that or she feared him when he got angry, but this was something he always did.

When she was done with the beating she would look over to the other guys and Yuurei shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, one thing she hates guys is when you bullied those who cannot protect themselves. I know I was once in their shoes. It’s why I don’t like it either. Enjoy the beating you deserve.” He said as he rushed straight towards two of the guys that were there.

They were taken by surprise at how fast Yuurei moved and when he got to them, they tried to defend themselves, but they were too slow. He would punch them straight into their stomachs. His uppercuts pick them up into the sky. Still, before they could go any higher, he would move his hands to grab both of their faces and slam them right into the ground and rendering them out of the fight for good. His eyes looked around to see who else was going to have to deal with him and his friends.


#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone kept his eyes on the group, though mainly on the one who seem to be the leader heading the group. He was about to rush in but a strong gust of wind drew his attention. When he looked back, he saw Kailani seem to transform before his eyes; wind solidified around several parts of her body, for the moment, she resembled that of a dragon. The dwarf could have sworn he heard a draconic growl coming from the elf. Then she took flight and sped towards the group, tackling the head foe and tearing right into him.

As Yuurei sped into the fray as well, Brone followed suit and rushed in as well while drawing his second battleaxe. He yelled his battlecry, since he was the slowest of the three Blue Pegasus members, some of the enemies who decided to meet him head-on got a chance to draw their weapons. As the first terrorist neared the dwarf, Brone slapped the man to the side with the flat of his iron axe, sending him flying into the window of a store. The second foe took advantage of this and tried to stab the dwarf, however the blade was halted by the ringmail armor, unable to penetrate it, as a response, Brone brought his stronger axe over his head and slammed the blade down onto the shoulder of the enemy, forcing him to hit the floor, knocked out.

Brone yelled out again and rushed forward to help finish off the rest.


#13Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani had already been feeling how drained of magical power she was before the fight had begun, but now that she had used half the spells in her repertoire at once, she felt her body stagger a little. She couldn't just let these twats get away with what they'd done though. She could rest once they were all dealt with.

Yuurei and Brone had joined the fray by this point, both of them taking on multiple foes at once. Her eyes finally locked onto another that had noticed the gang was fighting a losing battle and was attempting to flee with his tail between his legs. A coward. One that didn't want to be punished for his sins? Another circle popped open at her feet, another burst of wind and speed as she dashed towards him, her fist smashing into the back of his head and sending him face-first into cobblestone.

By this point the wood elf was panting heavily, the overuse of her magic was definitely taking a toll on her body. Due to the lack of mana reserves still residing within her, the wings upon her back began to flitter before completely dissipating as she dropped to her feet in an uncharacteristically clumsy manner. Her head spun a little as she began to feel the tiniest bit woozy. She really had overexerted herself.

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Yuurei had a few more of them show up to him and would try attacking him. The light mage would slap their hands away from him as they would miss their attacks. He would take a step back before thrusting his left leg into one of the ruffians and sending them flying as they hit the grown in pain. Another person would run towards Yuurei as they were swinging their weapon around like a manic. He started dodging the attacks as he was avoiding being cut by this guy by mistake. When he saw an opening, he would take it as he would dodge the attack as his body shifted to the right side and he would counter quickly with a jab to the man’s face.

The ruffian would be hit and spin around until he the ground unconscious from the mighty blow. Two of them would come at Yuurei this time and they were trying to tag-team him. They looked like a duo, so he figured that he would take them out together. He moved back as he jumped back to avoid his clothes and himself from getting cut. He would just shake his head as he dashed forward with both his arms out. They would both take a lariat to the neck as they did a backflip and hit the ground in pain.

The light mage would look around to see who else was coming towards him, but what he did see was Kailani looking exhausted. Yuurei rushed straight towards her to see if she was okay.

“Are you okay, Kai? What’s wrong?” He asked her as he noticed someone was running towards him.

He didn’t have time to play around with these guys and he would thrust his right leg into the guy’s chest, and it would send him falling to the floor and rolling backward. He looked over to Kailani as he was concerned about her. Still, he figured or at least came to the conclusion that it was all the magic she was using right now.

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#15Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Though Brone bellowed his best dwarven battle cry, he felt it wasn't more intimidating as the roar Kailani let loose. He spotted a young man with dreadlocks, smiling at him while brandishing his blade, "Let's go short stack, I'll have you in cinders" he wittily said as he scraped the cobblestone floor with the tip of blade which then ignited the entire blade, engulfing it in blue flames, "I heard dwarves don't wield magic, so this may be too much for you" he laughed before he ran towards the dwarf.

Brone scoffed. The moment the young man with dreadlocks closed the distance, he swung his flame blade, however unfortunately for him, Brone had ducked beneath the flaming steel, then after the sword made it's arc, the dwarf swung his steel axe, slamming it into the young man's stomach, knocking him out on contact before sending him flying back.

Looking about, he noticed Kailani was down and her magical wings had flickered out of existence. He wasn't sure what that meant, but he guessed she may have overexerted herself. When Yuurei went to her attention, the dwarf knew he had to draw the attention of the rest of them while the two elves were on the sidelines, "Ye whole gang sucks dragon dung!" he yelled. Three of the remaining men ran towards him with swords ready and Brone met them with his own axes.

Brone slapped one of the bandit's swords away, leaving him unarmed, but not defenseless, the unarmed bandit grappled the dwarf's left arm. The second bandit tried to take a page out of the dwarf's book and tried to use his sword to disarm the dwarf. To his success, the axe fell, but with how strong the dwarf was and how durable the axe was, his own sword flew from his hand, so he took advantage and grappled the dwarf's right arm. The third bandit rushed in, but the dwarf, even though both his arms were grappled, headbutted the bandit's sword out of his hand with his helm. The bandit didn't care and use the chance to jump onto the dwarf's shoulders, a place where he couldn't reach, especially without his arms.

"Get off me you idjits!" Brone cried out as he lifted the first two bandits off the ground and tried to swing them around until they flew off, but the two were persistent. The third bandit, no weapon in hand, decided to spend his time on the dwarf's shoulders by punching the dwarf's helm repeatedly. All four of them were yelling at the top of their lungs... though from third-person point of view, they looked ridiculous.


#16Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"I-I'm alright, just a little tired." the wood elf replied, forcing a small smile in an attempt to reassure her friend. Her body was definitely crying at her to rest and recover. Yet she could still hear the clashing of metal in the background, Brone no doubt swinging his axes around relentlessly. Her lilac eyes gazed over towards the commotion, only to see three bandits clinging onto the dwarf. If it hadn't been for the dire circumstances, she might have laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Instead, the fury that had been building up inside her continued to well. How dare they even attempt to lay a hand on her precious little friend?

Despite having very little magical power left within her, the wood elf would bring forth what energy she could muster, she'd clench her fist and thrust towards the dwarf's general direction, sending the spell surging forwards, aimed at those clinging to his form. The spell wasn't an overly potent one but upon the raging tide of air striking one of the three enemies in the face, it would send them flying backwards into some nearby rubble. Freeing the dwarf from one enemy, now it was time for a second.

With a deep breath, another circle of magic would form as she opened her palm in the direction of her foes, this time the wind mage focused all her energy on creating a ball filled to the brim with as much air as she could possibly compact without it bursting, before sending it flying out towards a second of the three. The moment this one hit, a gale of tremendous power, far stronger than the last, would erupt from the ball. While it in itself dealt no damage, it would send its target soaring into the air, approximately ten meters up, only to have them come crashing back down onto the ground at the dwarf's feet.

The dragon slayer continued to pant, she really had used a lot of her energy before even casting those spells. If she drained herself much more she would no doubt be left completely exhausted, possibly unable to move at all. However, until the fight was done she wasn't about to let herself pass out.

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Yuurei would hear her words, and he was happy that she was okay. He would hear someone yelling and when he looked over, he would see that Brone was getting jumped by three people. They were even on top of him, which made him angry. He wasn’t happy with that either and it seemed like he wasn’t the only one. He watched Kailani push two of them off Brone, which would leave him with one on him. The light mage would ignore that one because if he was still clinging onto Brone, then he was in for a rude awakening.

The berserker went to the guy that was right next to Brone on the ground. While the ruffian was getting up from the ground, he would be met with Yuurei’s appearance. He was angry with what they were trying to do to Brone and the light mage slam his fist onto the top of the thug’s head, which knocked him out. Then there was the guy that had flown way back from the Kailani’s other attack. He went to check on him, but he was out cold from that attack, which meant there was one left.

Yuurei would allow Brone to handle the last guy before they went back to report back on what they were able to do and that there might be more ruffians throughout the town if they were not taken care of.

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#18Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone tried his best to shake the bandits off, but to no avail. The bandit on his shoulder knocked his helm down over his eyes, preventing him from seeing, "I swear, when I get free, I'm going to-" he was cut off by a sudden gust of wind that was strong enough to rip the bandit from his right arm, then before he could wonder whether or not that was Kailani or mother nature, another gust of wind exploded right by the dwarf's head, releasing the bandit on his shoulders and freeing him of the weight as the bandit vanished.

Now with his right hand free, Brone adjusted his helm so he could see Kailani's magic circles vanishing, confirming it was indeed her. He gave her a smile in thanks, then turned to the bandit who was still grappling his left arm. They both locked eyes with one another. The bandit knew he was in trouble and fumbled to find words to say, but before he could let off anything, the dwarf said "I did swear, didn't I?" then swung his arm and slammed the bandit onto the floor, forcing him to release his arm, then the dwarf body slammed the bandit, knocking him out cold.

Taking a look around, the last of the foes were out, at least in this area. One look to his comrades and he knew they needed to regroup and continue forward, so he went to collect both his axes.


#19Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
The moment Kailani had sent the two grunts sailing through the air, Yuurei was quick to react, following up on her set-up and removing one of the duo from the fight before they could pick themselves back up. It seemed her attack had been enough to remove the first fellow though, as he lay in the rubble he had most likely had a personal hand in creating. Meanwhile her dwarven friend, now free from two of the foes easily dealt with the third and final one with no issue.

With a sigh, it seemed that the fight with these goons was was all but done,.The dragon slayer felt what she assumed was a wave of relief flow through her body. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead of relief, it was complete and utter exhaustion. The wood elf would feel her legs buckle and crumple to the ground. She really needed a rest. She knew there were more than just the goons they'd dealt with though. Many had run off to continue the destruction of the town. The pegasi trio weren't the only ones taking part in this fight though, surely with the combined efforts of everyone involved they'd manage to put an end to all this soon. For the wood elf, she would have to return to the Fairy Tail guild building for sure and rest up properly before tending to the innocent civilians. Once she built up enough energy to walk again that was.

"So tired..." She sighed, closing her eyes as she now lay on her back on the hard ground.

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Yuurei would see Brone go to work and he figured he would as he shook his head as he watched the dwarf finish off the last guy that was around them. With that done it would seem like Kailani exhaustion finally took over her and he rushed to her as she was laying on the ground when he went to check up on her he saw she was okay. He would sigh with relief as she was resting, and he would pick her up gently and carried her like a princess. Still, they were done with the fighting here, and he would hope that everybody else would be able to do the same thing.

“Alright let’s head back to the guild Brone. I’m sure everybody is probably going to do the same thing when they finish what they’re doing. Kailani needs the rest, and I need a drink.” He said to his dwarf friend as started walking off with his best friend in his arms.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone took another look around to make sure there weren't any other enemies in the area, but all was quiet save for the distant signs of destruction and panic in other areas of the city. For a moment he was satisfied with the defeat of the immediate group of terrorists, but he then realized he could have gotten some information from them about what is going on. He picked up one of the unconscious bandits by the collar and shook him to try and wake him, "Oy! Wake up! Why are ye attacking? How many of ya are there?" he shook the guy a few more times, but to no avail, he was out cold. Taking another look around, the dwarf realized this would take too long and he wasn't even sure who of the litter were knocked out or dead.

Seeing Kailani collapse to the ground, Brone agreed with Yuurei to head back to the guild, at least to regroup for now. The dwarf was sure that the other guild members and the city officials could handle the situation, but he himself wanted to go back out and help as much as he could, "Alright, we'll head back to make sure she's safe at the guild, but I'm planning on heading back out" he said as he tossed the unconscious thug he had in his hands and followed behind Yuurei, making sure to be vigilant incase someone decided to drop in on them uninvited.

The destruction of the area was bothering Brone, even though he wasn't seeing any casualties or hearing any screams or panic, at least not in the immediate area. Every now and then he wondered if the distance noise he could barely hear were people in trouble. Either way, he planned on returning to help.

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