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A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.)

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#26Kaito Todaro 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 17, 2022 6:41 pm

Kaito Todaro
he smiles at Judith. "It was quite already I am just glad we were able to get through to him, I expect great things from him." He stands and walks over to Judith. "I figured if I ever crossed him I would try to help him make his way to you." He rubs the back of his head, he guessed he had a plan the whole time for it to try and help someone that had fallen into the shadow to take their step out to the light once more.

"I figured from there you would have a plan of your own, sorry it it sounds selfish that I took it onto myself with out telling you I would try this." He knows if she had felt any ill will toward him doing this plan she will probably forgive him soon enough so he won't have to feel guilty for long. He turns his attention back to the graves he straightens the items on the graves so they look better and then he steps back.

"You had a plan all along didn't you Judith? Or was Kaito the bait so you gave him permission to come here in hopes Regis would be lured out one day?" Revy had a cute smile and a hands on her hips stance like she had cracked the case and was ready to be told she was right.

#27Judith Karlinius 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Mar 18, 2022 10:38 am

Judith Karlinius
The more insane part of this situation was, Judith never had plan for this. She just kind of came here out a strange feeling. But that would be explained a bit later at least it seemed some one else seemed might have attempted to see if they could do the very thing that ended up happening here. Just with in his own fashion."At least I was not the only one with it in mind."She admitted because she was not upset about it, if some one else had attempted was not something she could control, Katio seemed like he was fairly sure of himself to work it his own ways.

To answer Revvy's question."No I did not, A lot of the time it is better to figure out and plan on the go."Judith admitted to Revvy, Katio was at the right place at the right time for the situation since he managed the time."If I had such future sight, I would have planned for Katio to not be around to have watched me talk like I had too."Then again if she had future sight a lot of things would have been different for Judith.

#28Kaito Todaro 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 20, 2022 9:04 pm

Kaito Todaro
He smiles at he he is glad he could help her even though he knows his time left in fairy tail is short from the things he had seen through the dimensions, he is glad even if it might be the last thing he does, he will have maybe helped a family heal a little and it couldn’t have been for a nicer person than Judith.

What would you have done if Kai had failed? she tilts her looking at Judith with a smile and hugs her leg.

Kai laughs a little and looks at Judith. "Knowing Judith she woulda dragged him kicking and screaming like a baby. I didn’t mind it was good to see how a mother would react. " He is glad to see how Judith acted with Regis she seemed the perfect mother to him, she kept her tone perfect and she handled her son in an honest and true way, she seemed the right level of strength and caring to make it sound like he was loved but he had work still yet to do.

#29Judith Karlinius 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 3:43 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would be very simply put at least by Judith.Patting Revy on the head she would answer the question with."Would have to depend on what you could consider the failure."It was a good question to ask, Which part would have been the failure? finding Regis or not being able to talk to him?There was a few things to ponder over with that question."There are a few options that could have happen."In the end the good thing happen that was the better the anything else.

"We are all products of how we are raised, You raise one with understanding and respect. You can only hope it resolves as such."That was just it at least in theory of it all. it was showing her parenting skills was not anything horrible. At least so far. "Is this something you wanted to learn, how my parenting skills where? Do you intend on taking notes?"she laughed about it slightly.

#30Kaito Todaro 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 4:05 pm

Kaito Todaro
he smirks looking back at the elven woman. "Yeah I am not gonna be around forever so I guess I will have to make a few next generation, cause I am getting to that age and reckless levels of strength where I might bite off more then I can chew." He is teasing her of course, but he doesn't know what the future may hold for him, at this path many of himself have died or are close to their deaths, so the choices he makes matter in the long sense of things, so other versions of him have a family others have sunk to darkness others to champions of light.

"I hope you can keep him on the right path from here on out guild mother." Kaito hopes that Regis' sister and family are looking down smiling on him as he seems finally ready to whip the world back into shape and in a shape of his own rather he remains in the light, joins the dark or finds a happy medium Kaito will be happy for Regis. He doubts Judina would have taken kindly to Kaito and his weird aptitude for trouble or appearing out of no where, where he is needed.

#31Judith Karlinius 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 7:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
But now Judith had to be a different kind of mother, The Fairy Mother."Well, We will see what the future holds for him, One can only speak so many words. While another does need to take action."Which was a good point to make. After all words were good but there was very little words that could at time take action. As for being around forever."One who never be worried about what can take place forever, But what can be done with the time we're given in life." Well Regis was right now, Judith's strange mystical talking was going on again. She had her ways and reasons for it.

However Judith had an offer for him."But alas, the time is done. Now how about we leave the ones who passed to sleep."This would lead into something else nice for Katio and Revvy."And to thank you for visiting here. I am offering to buy you both snacks and drinks."So far she was not placing limits on it either, In which showed Judith was grateful and delighted over what happen."It can be either of what you both want as well."Judith mentioned just to make it clear.

#32Kaito Todaro 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 8:19 pm

Kaito Todaro
They both shake their heads at her denying her offer. "No need for a reward go and make the most of what you have, and do your best to never let it go no matter what." Tears slide down Kaito's face and he turns away and does a forced laugh. He didn't think a time would come that he would need to cry again even a little like he is now.

Revy runs back to Kai and jumps onto his back and starts climbing back up his back and into his hood. "Yeah we have some things we have to do today so we will see you some other time." Revy as well as Kai are horrible with good byes, so if they don't say it does it really have to be a good bye, she knows the time to go is coming soon as Kaito was open with her about it and how it pained his heart to have to do it too Judith who has always treated him well.

Kai opens a portal and runs through it without another word, Revy waves good bye with tear filled eyes as she disappears into the portal and the portal closes leaving Judith there alone.


#33Judith Karlinius 

A Son Long Gone, But Has Not Forgotten.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 8:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
Refusing such an offer was eventually to be expected, Not that it was overly annoying to have happen but it was okay in the end. He was a good lad and most likely she would find him later."Very well, I will see you later Katio."There was a strange off feeling with this, But no matter what if there was ever anyone who would never judge anyone for their choices it would be Judith.

But she had a few minutes to walk over to all three graves and kind ponder to herself if she was doing the right thing anymore, If she was actually a failure of a parent for what had happen to all three of them."If only I could speak to any of them now...For their comfort is something else I do miss as well."But she was getting carried away with her thoughts, Like they could actually hear her, when that was not the case at all. Then she went back home or work.


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