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Caught Up [SQ]

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Caught Up [SQ] Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 11:35 pm

The guards below the vampire searched endlessly, only to find nothing but a dead corpse and a table of papers drenched in blood. It was too easy so far and Khalfani didn't like that. Nothing in life came free. Surely, there must have been something that the Black Panther was missing. His tracks had been covered, and his identity had remained a mystery for now. Maybe he was just thinking too hard. Regardless, he kept his hoodie on and decided to depart the area. Knights began rolling into the castle one by one and the people of Minstrel alongside people who had only been visiting watched curiously. Many of them turned to their peers to express how shocked they were. Apparently they couldn't understand why anyone would do such a thing to Lady Soren. That's what the Eternal Nightmare mage didn't calculate. Just because she was undoubtedly a villain in the grand scheme of things, the people here loved her.



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 How could he not take that into consideration? It was clear that his emotions were getting the best of him. If the vampire was going to do this, he was going to do this right. As the prince of Desierto fled the scene, and made sure to stay high above ground. It was only an hour or so past noon, sure, but with his vampiric abilities, the chances of him being spotted were extremely slim. Building to building, he hopped. He was so close that he could nearly taste it. Lady Soren directed the young Lord hunter to the end of some road he wasn't familiar with. Hopeful, in this moment, was how he felt. Why would Lady Soren lie if she thought there was a chance for her to survive if she told the vampire the truth? There could have been a chance that she was instead attempting to send Khalfani to his demise either way or because she knew she was going to die regardless, but only time would tell.



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 The building Khalfani needed to get to quickly approached rather quickly. It no time he stood on top of the brown, seemingly abandoned building. The area had hardly anybody here. And the people who were around looked a lot different from the people on the other side of the city. The people here were living in poverty. Khal had been so focused on getting to where he needed to be that he didn't realize that the city had shifted according to class in a matter of minutes. The panther stopped in their tracks, gazing down for a moment before hopping off of the building and taking his hood down. If this Lord Ozo person was in here then the young Eternal Nightmare guild mage wanted him to remember his face. Khalfani Morningstar, the one who would put an end to him and end the trafficking of children, and all other people. This was the moment of truth, he thought. With a deep breath he pushed open the door ready to barge in and destroy everything.



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Or not. At first glance the place looked completely barren. It was disgusting, to say the least. Roaches and all sorts of critters scattered as the door swung open. It was almost as if they had something to hide. The once hooded man stepped deeper into the building, stepping on a plastic bottle and causing its crunch to echo throughout the building. Little did the Eternal nightmare mage know that he was in for a big surprise. Suddenly under cardboard and blankets humanoid creatures arose turning to glare at the intruder. Their skin looked like t hd been melted off and their eyes were damn near popping out of their heads. What the hell happened? He asked himself. It was the only question he could ask. On one-hand he could say that these individuals had been cursed for one reason or another. He could also infer that they were experimented on and left for dead when the results weren't up to the creators liking.



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Whatever had happened to them, they were no longer the people they used to be. If they had families, none of that mattered. If they had friends, there was no way that they could recognize any of these...creatures. The Desiertan Prince remained where he was. He didn't move, he didn't speak, he didn't even blink. Maybe they responded to sound? It was better to just ignore the fighting part of this whole situation if he could help it and instead he would exit the premises safely. It was obvious from the moment he walked in the building that Lady Soren had indeed set him up. He should have expected no less from a lady of Minstrel. He knew they were all corrupt politicians in one way or another. They lied, they cheated and they stole from the same people that praised him. Maybe that wasn't entirely the fault of the Ladies and Lords.



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The people weren't all oblivious, not at this time in history at least. The corruption was as clear as day and anybody who didn't address it just chose to ignore it. If you choose to ignore a system that is harming not only you but millions of other people, then you too, were complicit in said harm. Unfortunately these people were had bee products of someone else. They looked like they hadn't eaten in days. weeks even. In fact, they looked like they were in the mood to eat the Black Panther himself. Not on his watch, he told himself. As he took another gentle step back the humanoid whatever the fucks darted forward. They foamed from the mouth and began wildly attacking the sorcerer all at once. They weren't very intelligent either it seemed. There was no strategy to their fighting style. It was like they were on a rampage.



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So, Khalfani would have to fight to get out of this situation much like he always did. Imagine dying in Minstrel some crack-headed white folk? That would never be him. Not today. Khalfani was capable of holding his own so he did just that. He counted a total of ten drugged out cannibals ready to taste his body. Who wouldn't though? It would have been kinky if there were no teeth or blood involved. Alas, death was not meeting the vessel of Apep today. With a quick leap over their heads, he threw his foot behind him kicking two of cannibals in the head and sending the two of them crashing into the front door of the building. This fight would be over in no time. Khalfani had no time to waste. He could have simply run away, but the beasts would follow him no doubt and probably terrorize the innocent bystanders.



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Khalfani was pretty adept when it came to fighting. He had taught himself for the most part but he had also studied people like his brother and Konyo who had trained him and fought alongside him. As the cannibals recklessly engaged with the dark-skinned man, he simply kicked them around, pushed them around and threw them into walls. It would take a while to defeat them because they were so persistent. It reminded him of the war in Stella where he had fought countless crazed cultists, essentially, who beleved so deeply in their cause that no matter how many of them were murdered or beaten to a pulp, more came in. They were like the rats and roaches in this building. Witha grunt, Khalfani leaped backwards. It was time to end this. With seven down all he had to do was beat up four more. Normally he wouldn't have killed them because he felt like their condition was not solely their fault.



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Yet still, they had to be put down. If he didn't put them down then it would only be a matter of time before they began to move towards innocent people. Calling them cannibals was only a hypothesis. The Black Panther wasn't actually sure that's were they were. So as the last three lunatics barged forward, he swung his leg and swept them off of their feet. When they fell, he quickly maneuvered towards them and stomped on two of their heads. The last one got up quick and swung wildly. With a quick weave, he grabbed the arm and wrapped it around their head. It served as a holder until. *Snap*. Just like that the last creature was dead and now he could walk out of this building and continue searching for what he needed to do. But now...where would he go from here? He thought. Lady Soren had led him astray so now he had to improvise.



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Wiping his hands on his bottoms, he stepped outside of the the building. Immediately as the sorcerer exited into the rest of the world, five assassins moved quickly to apprehend him. He couldn't even defend himself. One person kicked his leg in, the other kicked the panther in his stomach, and another kicked his other leg. All he did was grunt and fall to his knees. Each apprehender had their face covered, but Khalfani tried to remember their physiques. Quickly a bag was thrown over his head. Not a sound was made. it happened so fast. The only place he could assume he was going was to prison to pay for his crime. Khal had murdered a Noble. Now he was in the shit for it. Not a hint of fear revealed because fuck this stupid ass country, he was picked up by his arms after being tied up and dragged off.


- EXIT -

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