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Count The Blessings (Solo Quest)

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Count The Blessings (Solo Quest) Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 3:21 pm

Dan sighed as he walked towards the forest he had been requested by Father Jerad to look for Blessia flowers to help treat the sick families in the church. Dan was more then happy to help so he agreed and set out from the church to begin his quest. As he arrived at the forests edge he didn't see anything that looked like what Father Jerad had described the Blessia flower. Which was described as delicate and small, that had a red center and bloom into orange petals and grew on a shrub. 'of course it would not be so easy, guess I should head deeper then.' Dan sighed to himself as he entered the forest to continue his quest. As he continued on he began to think of his last time he took a trip in this deep into the forest. It had been not long after he started his magic training he had a run in with a beast in the forest. Thankfully he was saved by a member of his current guild which he was thankful for.

As he went deeper he saw a small shrub underneath the shade of a large tree as he took a closer look he saw a flower with a red center and orange petals sitting on the shrub. He got closer to get a better look. He had to be certain these were the correct flowers if not he would be wasting not only his own time but Father Jerad's and all the sick families to, And that was the last thing he wanted. He confirmed that they were indeed the Blessia flowers and began to pick them only to feel a stick in his finger 'ouch!' Dan thought as he pulled his finger away from the small flower and saw a small drop if blood. 'of course there would be thorns' Dan thought to himself. He returned his attention to the small flowers again this time avoiding the thorns as best as possible, though he did get stuck a few more times. As he continued to gather the flowers he noticed that they were pretty looking not something you would give as a gift but something enjoyable to look at.

As Dan finished up picking the flowers he looked up at the tree in thought. 'you know I think the reason I couldn't find the Blessia flowers before now is they always grow under the shade of a tree.' Dan thought to himself as he stood up and dusted his pants off. He gathered the many flowers together and started his way back to the city proper. Dan watched as the scenery slowly shifted from nature to the city. As he walked up the stairs he met Father Jerad at the door. "Here you go Father Jerad I got the Blessia flowers as you requested." Dan says as he hands the Father the flowers he picked for the request. Father Jerad looked as if a weight dropped from his shoulders "thank you now we can begin making the medicine for all the sick inside. On behalf of all the families in the church thank you." The father then hands Dan his reward and enters the church. Dan then turns around and heads back to the guild.


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