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Locations of the Damned

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The Damned

Please know these are just examples and options. You may use part of these and create your own of other things such as; Enemies, what you find and a possible truth behind the place.

Name: Ibachi Cave

Details: Ibachi Cave was used as a Sacturary for those who ran away from a war till it was found by a group of Soldiers who turned out to be possessed by Sinful Demons. Many women, children and elders were killed by the group and some say their souls and voices could still be heard. After the possessed were finished, they were found in front of the cave on their knees, mumbling curses. It was said that skeletons and bodies of those who died were used to build the walls alongside the earth and it's now used as a graveyard for the nearby town due to shortage of space or was it a cult who lived there? No matter, no one dares to go deep where the haunted and danger lies within nor go in at night. What will you find down there?

Possible Enemies:

  • Skeletons: Wondering skeletons that are soulless.
  • Soldiers of the Damned: The Soldiers that were possessed and killed all the women, children and elders. They wear their uniforms that are torn up and parts of them are decaying.
  • Cultists: People worship the demons that possessed the Soldiers and will kill anyone who contaminate the location with their presence.
  • Yūrei: The women filled with sorrow as they had to watch the children die first and then were tortured to death afterwards.

Name: Abandoned Prison

Details: The Prison is located on a small island that held the most dangerous criminals till a bomb exploded and desegrated most of the people that were there, those who survived fell into desperation to live and became ghostly creatures. Those who go in, never come out as it requires a boat to get there. Some boats float back empty and some have heard they were possibly eaten alive.

Possible Enemies:

  • Jikininkis: They are ghosts of Hunger or Greed who were once human and cursed to eat human flesh without control even after death.
  • Oni: The Oni was once the Warden who was corrupted and tortured the prisoners. They said he enjoys releasing his anger on them even after death.

Name: Higurashi Temple

Details: Higurashi was a sacred temple that was used to sacrifice to gods and pray for those who wanted good health, wealth and happiness. It was resided by a Priestess till a man came and defiled the temple by murdering her for rejecting him. Before her death she cursed him and anyone he came to love to suffer for eternity. Many who tried to go in to take the treasures and to study have been cursed and died a year later exactly.

Possible Enemies:

  • Oiwa: She's an Onryō that creeps in the dark to find her next target and curse those that dare enter. She once was a Priestess, beautiful and pure as she gave her loyalty to the gods.
  • White Snakes: Snakes that are white as snow that are said to be related to the Snake Goddess. Many live within the Temple as there is said for a larger one living further in the temple.

Name: Yanagawa High School

Details: Yanagawa was an elite school for high school kids that many dreamed of going. Although it looks great on the outside and according to others, it had their cliques. The Principal's daughter was a student in the school as the Principal loved his daughter and wanted what he thought was best. Without knowing, his daughter was being constantly bullied by the others till she was pushed into jumping off the school's roof. It devastated the Principal and once he found out the main party that did that to his daughter, he punished them to death without anyone noticing till it was too late. He killed himself afterwards and the school was renovated.

Even after renovations though, the most popular people that bullied others turn out dead from mysterious accidents. They had to close down the area and move the school.

Possible Enemies:
Saaya: She is a silent spirit who was once a beautiful young girl. She was bullied to the point where she jumped off the school roof. She tends to be a kind spirit, but becomes violent once she realizes she's in danger.
Principal: Saaya's father who is a vengeful spirit that will kill anyone who interrupts Saaya's rest and anyone who trespasses the area. All the children and adults who abused and bullied were his victims. How he kills them, he had no specific favorites as he kills everyone uniquely.
The Punished: The first group of six teens who tortured and bullied Saaya. Each one was killed differently and was said that if you see one, depending on which one you see you will not make it out alive. Each one had different feats about their spiritual dead appearance such as; severed head, missing eye, etc.

Name: Gunkanjima

Details: Gunkanjima was a place where families resided in to give birth to their children. Many loved it there and could remember the days when it was filled with smiles and giggles of children. One day a mysterious troubled woman came in and had a child. She laid her baby to rest and took a nap to wake up to her baby missing. She went ballistic and believed the people who worked there stole her child. Once the night appeared she decided to murder everyone, including herself afterwards. Anyone that was reported going in were found dead, body parts of those who went in to create fake children and babies.

Possible Enemies:

Lone Woman: The woman appears to be an Obake who sulks through the halls and rooms to find her missing baby. It was said she's the one killing all the people going into Gunkanjima, desecrating body parts. To get people to follow her, it's said that she shapeshifts into someone or an animal the person knows and will follow.
Mizuko They are spirits of dead infants that were miscarriages, or aborted. They appear as skinless with a cord dragging from the belly. Their eyes are filled with flaming-like textures.
Nurses They're the nurses that were murdered by the woman. They fear her and will obey anything she wills. They freeze in pure darkness and quickly moves if any light shines in the room. It is said they still wear a torn version of their nurse attire and uses surgical tools to execute anyone they sense.

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