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A Friend of mine [Kazimir]

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A Friend of mine [Kazimir] Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 12:49 pm


Charon and Rhea, holding her hand as each shared one. Her golden eyes pierced the lands filled with City people and nature as she wanted to meet on open fields. She never will let go of her two children as when it comes to; wherever she goes, they go, it's literal. She has feared of them turning out like her two other children, or even worse... the third one. She sent a letter to Kazimir to meet them at the park as it has been a while since they've been together as a whole. Truly, she lost count of the days, weeks and months. The two were so much older now compared to how they were last year.

They were now able to walk, talk and communicate with what they want and enjoy their childhood all the same. She gazed at her son, white hair and blue eyes and then her daughter, pink hair and brown dark eyes - her original eye color. The pink hair was some effect from the experimenting of her fetus when it came to Kazimir's blood. She was sure there will be more effects as time flies. Today she wore a golden-brown Boho dress with a slit on the right side to reveal some of the leg. The dress felt loose and free, even the long hanging sleeves that were partly see-through. Charon was wearing brown shorts with a sleeveless black T-shirt, while Rhea was wearing a white and pink summer dress with a pink bow in her hair. The weather was warm, so this was the correct attire. Plus, Rhea wanted to make her mother a flower crown, so her dress matched perfectly for it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz unfurled the letter with a smile on his face. Even her written word was enough to stir his heart. And the idea of seeing them all together was a delight. Kaz dashed through the city and skidded to a stop on a nearby roof. The smell of cinnamon wafted into the air.

"I'll take four, thanks," he dropped some jewels for the baker and dashed away with a small box. The wind mage landed in the open field and saw his family walking hand in hand towards him now. It melted the mage's heart. He still remembered the day they were born. He never thought he would start a family. His life was headed towards running village alone in the wild and now he was able to split his time between both. Most of it going to Karisa and the kids.

It took a long time for Kaz to feel okay about the fact that the experiments had given them children when he was a vampire and that may have had some lasting effects on them. He was more bothered by the fact that he no longer was one, in case they ever felt more alone because of it.

The wind mage dashed beside them. A tuft of breeze trailed behind him. "Alright...I picked up cinnamon rolls, hot and fresh," he passed them out and hugged the two kids, then gave Kari a kiss. "It's nice to be all together again like this. Picnic in the fields, or did you have something else in mind?" He asked his loving wife.


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Right when her eyes caught him within her sights, she blushed a light pink. The feeling of sweet shyness has never left her as her heart fluttered every moment she was with him. The warmth he gave, the sweet kisses of passion he gifts her with gave her something none of her lives had, true love and happiness of the purest. She smelled the hot cinnamon as noticed him now passing them out. She was hesitant at first as she looked at her children, her heart was beating as she will always fear her children being taken from her. The Illumin God did not favor her and right now they were in his Country. With the corners of her eyes she saw herself letting them go as she finally looked back at Kazimir to take the cinnamon roll. Lowering her gaze, she smiled, "Thank you, m'love," her eyes looked back up as she spoke once more, "very generous you are,~" she giggled.

"Perhaps a picnic by the river and flowers. Rhea wants to make me a flower crown," she giggled sweetly and gave a kiss softly on Kazimir's cheek. "Can we go noow?~", Rhea questioned in her whiney sweet tone. She went to go tug on Kazimir's sleeve as she wanted to hold his hand. Charon on the other hand stood next to his mother as Karisa gave him her's. She giggled, "Looks like we have our traveling partner," she jested as she heard Charon gave a huff before holding her free hand. She started to eat the cinnamon roll, one bite at a time as she tried to now show her gluttony side at the moment. Ever since she had the two children, she felt hunger constantly. Slowly, it was getting harder to hide it.

Was this... all real?

It was too good to be real...

She happily smiled as she lead them towards the shining spot where the sun shined the most as it was close to the river, but not too close as they were surrounded by flowers. There was a blanket as she totally did not know they were going to do a picnic today. It was surrounded by food and drinks for them all. "Whoa! Who left this here?", Charon asked as Rhea tried to let go of Kazimir's hand to go roam in the flowers near the picnic. "I guess they couldn't wait, huh?~" she teased as she turned to go to Kazimir and kissed him gently. Her eyes looked into his as she will always swim in them. Her eyes went towards the picnic set-up and then back at him, "I totally don't know how this got set up already,~" she teased and walked off in a swaying motion. She laughed happily as she jogged off to her children who were now settling down on the blanket. Rhea had a ton of flowers beside her to make crowns and Charon was setting up the plates.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage waited in the moment, knowing how difficult it was for his love to let the child roam freely. The faint way she panned back up to meet his eyes with a giggle always sounded so pleasantly alluring to his ears as if it was always the first time he heard it. "A picnic it is then. Lead the way," He said stepping to her side so she could guide the lot of them. The kids took the cinnamon rolls and fought against the messiness of it. He placed a hand around her waist as she moved in for the soft kiss.

"Huh," Kaz let his shoulder tug downward as if Rhea's pull was hard enough to knock him off balance. He laughed with a wide smile, "Of COURSE," he said hosting her up on his shoulders. She squealed with laughter and held onto Kaz's head.

"I guess so," Kaz replied to Karisa. He looked around her shoulder to give a quick wink to Charon, letting the boy know he was not overlooked. "Make sure your mom doesn't fall alright," he said to his son.

Kaz set Rhea back down as they got closer to the meadow. Kaz shot a quick side-eye playfully at Karisa, after seeing the full picnic set-up already there. "These are gonna be beautiful!" Rhea exclaimed as she let Kaz's hand go and ran off towards the flowers.

A kiss fell on Kaz's lips from his wife. He scooped her waist up with a single-arm, pulling her in a little closer. "A guess it's one of life's greatest mysteries," Kaz joked back about the surprise picnic. As she turned away he mouther the words, Thank you," before she was fully turned around. He stood still for a moment, caught up by the sway of her hips. With a quick shake of his head, he wandered up to join them as they set things out.

Kaz began to pour small cups of fruit punch for the young ones. He looked to see if Karisa had brought wine for herself and would pour her a glass of that as well. "It's not often we get to spend these days together. He pulled out the sandwiches and divided them out among the group. Rhea took a quick bite and chewed while working on the crown. Charon hunted for his favorite snacks within the bag.

Kazimir sat back next to Karisa, and let the breeze soothe him. He was content watching them all find enjoyment. "Do you need anything," He asked Karisa.


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Kazimir, a man she did not deserve, it made her think many times of how he deserved better. Alas, he loved her unconditionally, or that is how he made her feel. Her love was just as strong as she will give up anything for him and their family. Her eyes watched the kids wander to do what they were going to do, Rhea being excited about the flowers and Charon watching over her. Her lover started to pour the drinks, her excited to be able to drink once more, "Thank you, my love~", she purred as she gave him a loving smile. Her eyes sparkled and heart beats fast for him as he was the only one to make her feel this calm and happy.

"I agree..." she whispered as she saw him put out food and watched the kids already ready to eat and drink their things. She had a light blush on her cheeks as she felt the motion of him sitting next to her till he asked her a simple question, "No, just yours and the children's company - well, other than more wine," she chuckled and took a sip. The last part was obviously a joke as she could finally relax with her family. The thing she hated the most was that Kazimir will leave once more to do what he needs to do and they won't be together every day. Her lips started to curve into a frown as her eyes lowered towards her glass to see her reflection in the liquid. She wanted that life where he'd come home to her and the children after a work day, do things with everyone and finally feel complete peace in her heart. Yet, she knew that he had so many things to do to where that may not be true for this life.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her sweet words etched a pleasant memory into his mind. The kids ran freely and gathered up flowers and more. The wind mage was content to be with his family and for now, away from work. The threat of the world was barely a rumble in the back of his mind. But he knew one day he would have to stand up once more to ensure the future of their children until they were strong enough to fight for themselves.

A quick laugh left his lips as she joked about the bottle of wine. He topped her glass off for her, "Of course," he teased. The wind mage drank a bit of water and laid back onto the blanket to stare at the sky. Everything was a calm buzzing around him. The faint sounds of the children. Teh wafting smell of flowers and the perfume his wife wore. His eye peeked open to see a frown on her face. Small but noticed.

"Yes, Kari? Something wrong?" he asked. It wasn't something that happened always but he knew there were things she worried about. And sometimes things too far gone for him to understand as she saw time differently than others did now. He always tried to understand though. And he understood pain, regardless.


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She took a few more sips of her wine as she watched her children. She was happy to be here, and the weather was perfect for this little event. Her head turned to look at him as they were beside each other. He wondered if something was wrong; of course, something was, but she was unsure if she wanted to be detailed. "Is there anything you wish to ask me about myself?" it was as if the Calendar told her something. Was he and Judith talking about her past life? That wasn't really what was happening, but she wanted to avoid the subject.

Her eyes watched every movement of her children and partly gazed at him. She wanted to look at both of them, but she couldn't the way they were positioned. "Mmm, honestly?" she sighed and looked at him really quick as she tried to trust her children, "I think I am getting to that point where... I can't handle our separations when you get busy, I truly just want to be with you and have the children be around you more," she gave a sweet smile as she put her hand against his cheek softly, "I love you, and I want to follow you till ..." she slowly frowned as she knew he was going to die someday. He was no longer a vampire, nor will he probably accept her gift of being aged every so often to stay with her. "you know..." she leaned in to give him a sweet kiss against his warm lips. As Karisa departed their lips, she gazed into his eyes and chuckled to look back at her kids, who were distracted with their activities.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Hmm," he said almost confused by her response. It sounded as if she had wanted him to ask her something or at least to clarify, but he wasn't sure. Then it struck him all at once. Her gift! A smile appeared on his face as he looked back at the kids. "I see. How sneaky," he teased.

"Judith was telling me about her past, and your past life came up in it. To be truthful your past lives are still very much a mystery to me. The whole process of it." Their daughter stumbled backward and was about to fall on her butt. Kaz conjured a small gust of wind that caught her like a chair, leaving the little girl giggling. He turned his attention back to his wife, "It's not something I need to know about though. It just came up in the topic as to how Judith began her life." There were still some secrets the two shared about thier lives, that neither of them had spoken about in too much detail.

Kaz enhaled deeply through his nose as karisa voiced her concern. It was a common thread throughout his life. It was hard to hear, as he wished he could give her more. But...he had a need. A drive in him that never ceased to put him in the front of conflict. The hand she placed on his cheek eased his woe, and put a faint smile back on his face. He leaned his head into it. "Thank you...and I'm sorry...One day I'll retire and be all yours. I know it must be hard being with me at times. I just...the world is still in so much suffering." He spoke pained by the pull between wanting to be with his family and help those in need. "But I hope that the balance we'll find will be enough," he returned her kiss. Her implication of his life span was not missed. Thoughts swirled in the mages mind of what would happen or need to be done. He looked back at the children that shared the vampiric blood he once had.

"Until what," he asked jokingly. "My wife can control time." He said, expressing that he wasn't opposed to being de-aged.


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She enjoyed seeing is charming smile as she wanted to kiss him once more. As she listened to him, she watched their two children play a bit. She felt like she needed to have a talk with Judith soon as she wasn't sure when Judith was going to get her memory back of her past life. Karisa's past life created Judith for her as they were sisters. Judith's name was never changed from her 'clone', but Karisa's was. After he finished speaking in general, she saw him watch the children as well and now it was her turn to speak, "For now at least as I will surely figure a way for both of our desires to be satisfied, " she joked in an innocent tone as she will be satisfied once she is with him every day like a wife and husband should be with their children. While he can do his duties and come home to her.

"Of course I can... if that is what you truly want, my love,~" she sweetly cooed as she wanted more of his kisses and embraces. That feeling can be saved for later as she then hears, "Momma, look what I made?~" she jogged to them with a flower crown and a bright smile. She lifted it up above Kazimir's head to put it on him, "Father, May I?", she laughed happily as she wanted her father to look cute. Charon was behind her in his tough posture of arms against his chest and deadpan gazing as that was his natural face. "Charon, what do you have in your hand?~" she lifted her finger to motion him to come to her.

He listened as he gazed away holding out a flower crown as well. "Awe,~ Who'd you make that for?", she teased and giggled, "Y-you," he blushed and slowly approached his mother to put the crown on her white-blonde hair. He hurried and retreated back to where he stood and sat down on the blanket on the other side of them. Karisa felt the crown and looked at the flowers in it. She realized that the flowers weren't even from around here and looked at them with a questioning gaze, "Where ... did you get these flowers?", she wondered to them both. "I uh, I created some mama, from the pages of big sister's art!", she claimed. Her head turned to Kazimir and then back to her daughter. What kind of nature magic did she have then...?

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Kazimir Seiryu
He snuck a small kiss upon her cheek as the children were still happily playing. His arm went around her waist to snuggle her closer, with the cool breeze upon their faces. "I have no doubt things will work out," he nodded and placed his head next to hers.

"Live forever, and make sure the world is safe and be with you. I think I can handle that," he joked lightly but was serious about it. He was never averse to living foverer. And it was something he missed from being a vampire. He worried more about the state of the world, and not being there now, and with the clan rebuilding itself. He wanted to secure the future and be a part of it.

"Oh," he slide apart from Karisa as the child arrived and held it above Kaz's head. He looked up at it and then smiled back at the girl. "Yes of course," he lifted his head as she giggled and placed the flowers around him like a crown. "I still have more to make, I can make bracelets too," she clapped her hands together, pleased with her work and hoping that her mother liked Kaz's new look too.

The wind mage put a hand on the boy's back as he ran back to his side of the blanket. He was a shy lad, with a good heart. Charon gave a half-smile but looked away and kept it hidden from the rest of them.

"Big sister's art?" Kaz mumbled to himself. "Ah yes...Mimi. We met once." It slipped his mind to think of her as a daughter and not a comrade.

Karisa's gaze drifted to the wind mage and the reality of it set in, "oh..OHhh," He sat up straight and took the crown off to examine it.

"How long have you been able to make flowers?" Kaz asked softly, not wanting it to feel like an interrogation and more like a father interested in the hobbies of his children. Although Karisa, could easily see the deeper look in Kaz's eyes, that thought about how to train and cultivate that magical ability. But it wasn't something he would push.

"Did you know Charon?" he asked his son about his sister's gift. He didn't want to ask if Charon had any magical abilities s if he didn't it could be a sad feeling for him.


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She enjoyed the comfort of his warmth as she felt safe, safe enough to fall asleep right there and then. Although true, she couldn't as her children were here and needed to be watched at all times, not that she wouldn't trust Kazimir to watch them or anything as she did trust him. Karisa listened to her daughter talk about making bracelets and more flowers for them as it was possible for Rhea. Her eyes went back to Kazimir as she listened to him saying he only talked with Mimi once and wondered what that was about.

Maybe they should have a large family gathering, with all of her five children even though the fifth one is always gone. No one knew she existed besides Karisa as the two of them wanted to keep it that way, even from her lover and children. That was when Kazimir asked Rhea about her flowers and magic, "Uh, about...", she started to count each finger, but as what? Weeks? Months? Days? "Four weeks?", she blinked innocently as she gave a large happy smile. "I wanted to practice before I showed you it," she put both of her hands behind her back as she swayed cutely left and right.

Charon looked at Kazimir and then looked away in his stern gaze, "Since day one," his eyes looked back at his father's and then their mother's. "I'm not in trouble, am I?", he wondered. Karisa giggled and shook her head, "Of course not, but do you have any abilities?~", she wanted to be blunt about it as she didn't want to use her own magic to find out. "I... I don't know yet," he crossed his arms against his chest, pouting with a glare that wasn't directed at them. Karisa frowned, "Don't worry about it, I'm sure yours will take time," she assured him, "Right, darling?~" she looked at Kazimir as a hint for encouragement.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled back at Karisa, meeting her gaze as he mentioned Mimi. No doubt something she could also peak back in time and see. Kazimir turned to their daughter and patted her head as she swayed, "Well what a delightful little secret. Look like you have been practicing hard." Another nature mage in the family. Someone that had inherited a bit of Judith's gifts. Perhaps they would benefit from spending more time together.

"hm," he replied as his wife and son bantered back and forth about his magic. He remained silent until Karisa directed a question toward him. His tiny son crossed his arms playing it cool. "My magic didn't set in until I was a bit older than you are now. And there was a steep learning process, but it came eventually. And so will yours. Especially if you can already feel its presence within you son." Not to mention the new influx of mana in the world. Who knows how rampant their powers will grow.

Charon uncrossed his arms and hid a small lopsided smile. "And we will be here to guide you both through using your powers," he looked back at Karisa for her input.

"And even now, I'm learning new abilities and deeper uses for my magic," he held out his hand and created some wind, "As a child I gained wind," he turned that wind into water, "And then over twenty years later, I gained water. Magic works on its own time."


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Karisa listened to Kazimir speak to their two children quietly as she gazed at his facial features. Her eyes were lost as her heart beats slowly. Something within her just wanted to grab him and run off somewhere, but another her wanted to stay here, forever. His memorable lips that were so soft were motioning as they spoke. His eyes, deep blue sea with flowers of beauty hypnotized her into just looking at him. Slowly, her nimble hands started to go through his hair strands as she combed through it. She watched every little movement his hair made.

Her eyes switched to her children that were listening to their father. "He's right, you know. My magic has changed many times to the point I'm not sure what it feels like to have nature magic anymore," she brings up. Yes, her first magic was nature, as her sisters, Judith's. Alisa's is Earth magic as its' always been. "Both of you were born from apart of us, so there is no doubt you will have magic, Charon. Let's just give it some time.~", she gave a motherly smile. "For now, let us finish this and maybe we'll go to a Country visit?~", she gave her husband a pleading look as she loves traveling and wanted him to always be there with her.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz would have blushed at the look he got from his wife, had he not met it with a smile. He knew that look all too well and felt the same. He almost instinctively looked around for a place they could sneak to. And old habit. But it was always nice to see that the fire still burned within her for him. He relaxed in the gentle stroke of her fingers that went through his hair.

He nodded along to what she said about magic. He had not known she used nature magic. Another tiny mystery unraveled with the time they spent together. He patted his son on the back to reassure him and met his wife's pleading look. "Of course. Let's pack up and take a little trip," he helped her up and started to pack up all the goods from the picnic. With one child on his shoulder, the family headed off to take a trip.


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