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Aeris Umata{Done}

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#1Aeris Umata 

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Aeris Umata


Name: Aeris Fio Umata

Age: May 15th, x759(35)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother:Sevenese

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Vampire[incomplete]

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: upper right shoulder

Face: Elsis(Elsword)


Height: 5'3

Weight: 121 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Aeris due to being a vampire has considerably pale skin, unlike the rest of her kin however she retained her blue eye color even as a undead creature of the night until she fights which it then becomes red due to her high level of bloodlust. Locked into the age of sixteen Aeris body shows examples of her blossoming womanhood primarily in her hips and back side, her chest being just below a C-cup making her look almost petite in design. Aeris usual outfit is a red almost burgundy zipper jacket with white lining at the shoulder area and leather black long pants leading to black travel boots. Her hair goes down to mid-back and naturally curls.

Extra: Aeris guild tattoo is on her upper right ahoulder but besides that she keeps a skull necklace belonging to her mother and a small wooden Joyan toy sword from her father that can't be used as a weapon


Personality: When Aeris was still human, one could consider her the kind type of person. living among the Sevenese at the time Aeris often helped set up for the sacrificial rituals to the gods and took pleasure in knowing she was doing right by her mother and father and the rest of the village by doing her best for the gods. Even when it didn't involve them Aeris often helped the village out by doing the tasks assigned to her and her peers. Always helping out, always nice, always smiling.

By the age of ten Aeris had mellowed out, still helpful but more so doing her own thing, exploring, thinking back on it Aeris loved to explore and see the world beyond, the world the gods could not speak of or see, a world only see could explore. Less time helping and more time exploring the world beyond her meager village.

But all that ended by the time she had been turned into a undead creature of the night. Deep in her heart Aeris was still the girl that loved to help, loved to explore but now instead of the sense of adventure and wonderer she did it to survive, to keep living and helping those without them catching onto that she was now a monster in human clothing, almost guilt ridden by the lost of her humanity Aeris continued traveling through the world as a shadow in the passing night. Still helpful, but carrying deep darkness.

  • Spirited people: Aeris from the time that she was a human has always been drawn to those that have spirit in that sense that they are alive, not just living through life but truely living.
  • Being Helpful: Almost since she was a baby Aeris always loved to help people, helping people made them happy and it made her happy to see them happy. Not as much as she used to Aeris still continues to do this even after turning.

  • Downers: Already living a impossibly long life, Aeris cares not for those that find a reason to complain or be depressed about the smallest thing, if she's got to live life, she's going to do it with a upbeat attitude.
  • Blood: Although she needs it to keep surviving through her wretched existence, Aeris is not pleased at all by the sight or the act of having to drink blood as it conflicts with her intent to always be helpful, not to help herself.

  • Good intent: The only thing that motivates Aeris through her immortal life is one thing, the belief that in the world rampaging creatures like her and much worst that even as wretched as she is now she can still continue to do good through her actions and be a beacon of cursed good.
  • Turning Human: The second best thing that motivates her is the possibility of gaining her humanity and escaping a life of immortality, choosing to die as a human than live as a monster always feeding off others to survive.

  • Killing: Aeris isn't a killer, never has been never will. her feeding victims often come in the form of the sick or the weak, nearly never the healthy or strong.
  • Immortality: A life where one could never die might be beautiful for some but for Aeris it is hell on earth. Too watch everyone you care for be born, live and turn to dust while your clock keeps ticking away is madness to her.


Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 10

Intelligence: 5


Magic Name: Dark Ice

Magic Element: Ice/Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic

Magic Description: Dark Ice is a mixture of Ice magic and Darkness magic, Aeris magic appears as ice that moves fluidly like a shadow with the same freezing effects as regular ice magic , the main form of this magic is weakening and slowing.


History: Aeris was born in the year x759 to a love that should have never been, a lone warrior from the land of Joyan named Kira Umata, and a faithful servant of the gods of Seven, Himila Fio. A traitor to his nation for reasons Aeris still doesn't know her father Kira sought refuge in the land of Sevens, a world much similar to his own where multiple gods existed and were regular prayed and given sacrificial gifts too. Giving up the sword for a simple farmers life is when her parents meant and conceived her about a year later, mixed blood.

In the beginning Aeris life was peaceful living with her parents, she lived to help out her family and the village she belonged to always running around doing tasks for her fellow villagers feeling rewarded just to make a difference but as she got older a part of her began to want to explore, to travel and as she got older she began doing so, just first out of the village and little by little escapades that would lead her miles away. Eventually she could not hide her journeys outside, her mother praying for her safety while her father taught her his own personal fighting style involving what appeared to be a slim sword so that she may protect herself beyond the village boundaries.

However as young as she was foolish, Aeris desire to help would be not only her undoing but would also be the undoing of her family and entire village. Outside the safety zone Aeris found a gruesome looking figure, beating red eyes, a descended stomach, this thing looked savage and it instantly put her on edge. But fear striking through her the last thing she saw that day was a blur of sharp teeth coming at her and then..blackness. When Aeris had woke up last she was in a carraige full of the deceased of her village, getting up and screaming out of fear she would soon find nearly the entire village was killed for reasons she not knew of, in the end she only knew that it was her fault after being warned. Years went by and Aeris goes under the name Fio, a traveler of the lands landing help to those who need it.

Reference: Yuurei

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Hello, and welcome to FTRP! I'll be taking a look at your application today. The following changes need to be made before approval:

  • Currently on this site, we are in March of X794. The birthday given for Aeris and her stated age do not correspond with this.
  • While you may start as a Vampire, you will not have access to its perks until purchasing the race. As such, you may list your race as: Vampire [Incomplete]
  • If your class is Adventurer, you cannot have a magic. Either remove the magic portion of this application or select another class.
  • If you decide to keep your magic, it is not necessary to list the description of your enhancement. Simply listing Combo-Elemental Magic is sufficient.
  • While you state the guild tattoo is on her right shoulder, the physical description mentions it is in the centre of her stomach.
  • While it is okay for a character to have certain items for RP purposes, do note that this toy sword cannot be used as a weapon for combat purposes.
  • You may remove "Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute."
  • You may also remove "View previous topic View next topic Back to top ¬†Message [Page 1 of 1]" at the very bottom of your application.

Once all changes have been made, you may link back to Character Review for reevaluation.

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#3Aeris Umata 

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Aeris Umata
edited as requested


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This character application has been approved.

Aeris Umata{Done} NjlPZG5
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