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Ebony King in an Ivory Tower [Khal]

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#1Veronica Wintour † 

Ebony King in an Ivory Tower [Khal] Empty Mon Mar 07, 2022 5:30 pm

Veronica Wintour †
The frigid cold that wrapped around Astera wasn't the most pleasant thing to Veronica. Of course, the cold weather was never something she liked to begin with, which was funny since she wielded Frost magic. Strutting down the main street of Astera, swaddled in a luxuriously thick white fur coat, the glamorous daemon had nowhere in particular to be. Having just got done meeting with a few potential clients in regards to a new pharmaceutical of her own making, Veronica was in a particularly good mood. Having been in Fiore for a few months now she created a source of income for herself. Dabbling in Fiore's underbelly, Veronica took to pushing products that were in high demand due to the potency, and the fact that it was made from her hand, meaning no one else had what she was selling.

Moving away from the main street and toward the more desired part of town, where the rabble couldn't even afford the clothing in the thrift shops. Veronica decided to have a celebratory drink as a congratulation for today's success. She would find herself in a lounge that gave off a warm and inviting vibe where her coat was taken from her and she was sat down at a table near the window so that she could watch the snow fall. Dressed in a sleeveless, form-fitting white dress with lace trim near the cleavage, white boots that came up to her thighs, a black choker, and a headband to hold her hair back but leaving full bangs to frame her face, You'd think Ms. Wintour was waiting on her date. Not even a moment after she was sat down she was presented with a small but well-put-together waitress with bone straight black hair and violet eyes. The young woman went over the menu and drink menu before leaving Veronica to decide what she wanted.

Soft jazz filled the area of the lounge as Veronica sat and stared at the drink menu. It had been a while since she was alone like this, at peace, and utterly disgusted about it. Sighing she called over the waitress and placed an order for their monthly special drink which was an apple and jasmine pear martini. with her order placed she would sit back in her chair and stare out as the scenery.


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I mean really, there were so many things Khalfani Morningstar could have chosen to do. Drinks at the pub or a stroll through the art gallery. Yet, today the Prince, who had only recently denounced whatever claim he may have had to the throne of Desierto, had chosen to accept an invite to come to one of the most prestigious lounges in Astera city. With his long black leather trench coat, mixed with black designer Cajenciaga boots and gold jewelry for the pop, he stood closer to the bar area around a group of men and women. These folks had money from all sorts of sources. A few of them traded in illegal goods, some had been legally making money but participating in illegal activities. Khal himself was here simply to make connections. He pitched an idea to a friend who then pitched the idea to a friend of a friend, using Odins connections to solidify this date, so to speak.

"It's for people like us. People who are simply just trying to thrive." He ended off. The conversation continued as the group discussed potential plans, structure and the link. All Khalfani was here for was their contributions. Sure they were assholes, but at least they weren't nobles.

The door swung open. It was the first time in about an hour that someone had entered. It was safer that way, especially since this lounge was moreso for people who participated in the darker parts of the system. Quickly the vampire turned his head and when he did he was completely amazed. A woman walked through the door dripped out from head to tone. An icy girl, to say the least. If she was able to enter, then surely she was someone worthy. Out of everyone in this place she stood out the most. Most of the folk here had simple tuxedos and dresses but this woman? She wasn't fucking around. Khalfani's head tilted to the same before excusing himself from the conversation. Approaching the bar he told the tender to send someone to Snow-white's table and relay that it was on him. This was someone he needed to meet.

So the tender nodded before a server lightly walked towards the woman with whatever drink she had already ordered. "Courtesy of Mr. Morningstar." She said. The Desiertan turned to the woman from the other side of the room and gave a slight nod.

#3Veronica Wintour † 

Ebony King in an Ivory Tower [Khal] Empty Mon Mar 07, 2022 6:26 pm

Veronica Wintour †
Upscale places were the best usually. The wait for things was shorter and hardly anyone acted out of place, or at least they didn't do so in the way the common folk would. Lost in the swirl of the snow, Veronica was pulled back to reality when she heard a voice that belonged to the waitress that had been serving her. A frosty gaze looked down at the girl even as they were at eye level. Veronica didn't expect anyone to be paying for her drink but she wouldn't say no either.

Mr. Morningstar? Had she heard of that name before? Perhaps in passing but because he wasn't relevant to whatever she had going on currently she couldn't pin where she might have heard of the name. Plucking the drink from the little platter she took a sip and directed her gaze at the source of her free refreshment. With an elegant flick of the wrist, she waved him over to the table. If her was giving free drinks he surely wanted something, and if he did want something, well he would have to work to get it. Perhaps he was being nice, perhaps her beauty caught his attention, whatever the reason was she going to keep the ball in her court. He was handsome though she had to give him that. Well dressed, much different from the usual suit and tie set up she saw around the place. It was refreshing and a welcomed sight. Perhaps this night will end better than she expected?


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Everybody here ws the same except for this girl who had an aura that outshined everything. She gestured for the panther to come. Quickly he turned to the little group. "Excuse me." He said before casually making his way over towards the winter woman with his cup full of sparkling water as his hand combed his hair over to the side. Sparkling water was all he could drink without throwing up his insides. Khalfani would then pull the couch-like chair on the other side of her out before sitting. For a moment he didn't speak, instead he tilted his head with squinting eyes, trying to read her. However, she was a mystery. The only thing the Desiertan could say was, "Is that Melton Aviore?" He inquired about her perfume, raising an eyebrow in genuine curiosity. It smelled expensive. Not harsh, subtle, not begging for attention, but... you knew it was there. Intrigued by her entire demeanor he awaited her reply. Khalfani wasn't too flashy when it came to clothes and his style was more on the grunge, underground side of fashion but he knew a bit about the bourgeois tastes.

#5Veronica Wintour † 

Ebony King in an Ivory Tower [Khal] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 12:26 am

Veronica Wintour †
For all the ice breakers, compliments, and pickup lines in the world this man could have chosen, he instead chose to ask her about her scent? With a smile and a frosty gaze over at the man, she opened her mouth to speak. Oh, no. I believe what you smell is simply a woman who takes exceptional care of herself. Though the flowers I choose to bathe in help a bit. Her voice wasn't as cold as her gaze. In fact, when she spoke it was pleasant and welcoming, comfortable in fact. Moving her gaze from the man and back out of the window she really did apprciate the beauty of the snow, even though it was cold and wet. Name's Veronica, yours? Folding one leg over the other as she introduced herself, the ice mage turned her attention back to the man. She couldn't very well keep her eyes off such a handsome specimen for too long.


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Khalfani let out a single chuckle at Veronicas comment. So it wasn't some fancy perfume, it was simply just the scent she had from taking a shower. Khalfani gazed into her eyes and studied her movements as she spoke. She was extremely chill for the most part. Easy going from what he could tell. Opposite of her, the rogue prince had a very very cold tone. Dead almost, but his eyes were a lot more expressive. "I see. Just goes to show how much of a scam these expensive brands are." He sighed before leaning back in his chair. Khal wasn't much of a fan of expensive things, usually just the idea of clothes that looked different and fashionable. Today he wore more exclusive branding because he knew money talked that talk that he would need to get shit done around these parts. However, he felt the opposite about Veronica. She looked like she had a thing for the best of the best. "Khalfani." He said before sipping the water from the glass. "You just here enjoying the night?"

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