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Por Hargeon - Pirates! Pt. 1

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Por Hargeon - Pirates! Pt. 1 Empty Mon Mar 07, 2022 1:07 pm

It was a weird day today in Hargeon, the weather was beautiful even though it was still winter. It probably had to be a weird phenomenon with the weather or something. The light mage had been outside and enjoying the weather as he could only hope it was like this all the time for quite some time. Renji was on his shoulder as he wasn’t wearing the Santa outfit today. It was too warm for that, and they were by the docks. The nice breeze that had come from the sea was amazing and the number of people that were enjoying the day was amazing.

“Hey Yuu, what’re your plans for the future? Are you staying in Blue Pegasus forever?” He asked his friend.

“I want to stay by Kailani’s side forever, but I’m starting to think that’s an idea that’s not going to be.” He said to Renji as they continued walking around.

Renji question had been answered indirectly as they kept moving. What the two didn’t know was that today was an amazing day for pirates to be annoying. A ship of pirates was moving towards the docks, and they figured that coming to this port would bring them a lot of money, women, and food. They didn’t know the trouble it would cause them.  


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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The day was beautiful, the sun shone in the blue sky along with little clouding. The warmth foreshadowed spring and it brought forth happy citizens... except for Brone Heavyaxe, who grunted at the weather, for he favored the winter and fall months. He was use to cold given that he and his kind were use to the mountain weather.

The dwarf was heading towards the guildhall, though he was fully armored, he had left his leather and fur cloak home and just kept his linen clothing in order to keep the armor from chafing his skin. Before he spotted the guildhall, he saw a familiar face, Yuurei along with Renji. It was hard to miss the white hair and the orange feline.

"Oy! Yuurei! Renji!" Brone called as he waved at them. He wasn't sure what he was going to do today, but he couldn't stay home when he didn't have any cooling unit, but the cool breeze coming from the ocean help him greatly. When he neared the other two, he greeted them with a sweaty brow, "This weather sucks eggs" he simply told them without even greeting, "I don't understand how anyone could enjoy the heat and the damn blinding light from the sun" he shaded his eyes with his hand as he spoke. His eyes were perfect for the dark because dwarves are akin to the dark tunnels of the mountains, so bright light wasn't his favored thing.



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While they were walking through the docks, they would hear someone call out to them. The familiar voice caused them to turn to see Brone. They would wave at him to reciprocate what he had done. The light mage would laugh when he heard Brone’s comment about the weather.

“I love this weather. It’s amazing to have the sunlight ray down upon you. It also gives me an excuse to take off my shirt.” He chuckled at the last bit.

“Were you heading to the guild?” He asked him.

While they had gotten together now, the pirates that were at sea would find themselves settling on the docks of Hargeon. A bunch of men would start walking out of the ship when the gangplank was placed down and the captain would just look over at everything in the port with eyes of treasure.

“It seems like this city is thriving boys. If that is the case, then we know what we got to do.” He said as the group of pirates would shout in agreement.

It wouldn’t take long, but they would find themselves moving around the area and looking at everything around them. It wouldn’t take long before they started taking things that didn’t belong to them. It wouldn’t take long before commotions started happening in the portside of Hargeon and it would soon reach both Blue Pegasus members.


#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone scoffed at what Yuurei said, "I can do without the sun and heat, but to each their own, I guess" he shrugged.

"Yeah, I was heading to the guild out of boredom, but since yer here, I'll just follow ye until my boredom is done with" he gave a small chuckle, trying to keep his mind off the heat.

Suddenly, a scream had caught the dwarf's attention, he looked back further into the docks; he wasn't able to see the commotion, "Well that's a good excuse to rid my boredom" He told his elven friend before he started running towards where he had heard the scream.

It wasn't long before he began to see a scattering of people. The dwarf started to scan the area, trying to figure out what had caused the scream and the dispersing of the civilians. Then he spotted a large man holding up another smaller man by the collar of his shirt while also surrounded by three other rough-looking men, "I'm starting to think this dock is just a magnet for trouble" The dwarf said as he drew his iron battleaxe.

"Oy! Ugly!" Brone called to the thug who was about to pummel the smaller man, stopping him in his tracks to distract him.



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Yuurei would shake his head as he laughed at Brone. It seemed like they were opposites indeed. Yuurei tolerated the cold, but he was not a lover of it. He had trained himself for two years to get used to that weather and he was glad he had done so.

When he heard the scream, they both looked over to where it had come from. He watched Brone run in that direction, and the light mage would have a smile on his face as he would follow the dwarf. It wouldn’t take long, but they would arrive at the scene, and it seemed like there were indeed a lot of people. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed like there were a lot of people causing problems.

He had seen Brone take action and when the ruffian looked over to the dwarf, Yuurei decided to take action. The half-elf would rush straight towards the man but circled around him. When he got close to him, he had a smirk on his face as the other three pirates would see him. Still, the light mage would speak up before they could.

“Always pay attention to your surroundings.” He said to the pirate as he landed a punch on top of the thug’s head.

It would cause him to fall to the ground as it cracked a bit and the man being held would be released. The other three pirates were angry with what had happened as they surrounded Yuurei. The light mage would crack his neck a bit as he shook his head at them.

“I hope you’re stronger than your friend here because you not going to like how things end.” He said to them as he figured Brone would be joining in on this while they were distracted.


#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The moment the four rough-looking men looked the dwarf's way, Yuurei made his move, the half-elf's speed never ceases to amaze him. Within just a moment, the largest of the four was attacked and knocked out, releasing the civilian who had then ran for cover. While the other three thugs were distracted by Yuurei for the moment, Brone rushed forward with his axe ready. As he came up from behind one of the men, he swung his iron battleaxe while his other hand began reaching for the other axe. The iron battleaxe slammed against the back of the thug, knocking him out, then he spun, allowing the momentum from the first swing to help him strike with his steel battleaxe which then slammed into the other man who was then sent crashing into a nearby crate.

"The hell's going on here, ye punks?" Brone growled as the remaining two ruffians who looked worried and ready to run. The dwarf's main tactic was strike first and ask questions after, something that usually works for him and has rarely failed, he was glad the light mage can follow up on such.

Instead of answering, the other two men made a break for it while yelling, "Enemies on the dock!" and whistling some kind of signal.

"What-?" Brone was about to question the situation but the whistling was then replied with similar whistling from several different places both on the dock and aboard a nearby vessel. When Brone noticed the vessel flew a black flag, he grunted, "Take a look at that" he pointed at the black flag that flown high above.



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A smirk would appear on his face as he watched his friend come in to take out another ruffian that was here. He would look at the other two as they saw their friends being taken out that easily and start running away. He saw this and when he was about to chase after them, he would hear them shouting out loud. Their words stopped him, and he would look to see what was going to happen. He saw a black flag not too far from them on a ship and soon after a bunch of goons would come out of several places. His eyes looked at the pirates that were showing up and he would chuckle as it seemed like these guys weren’t just some random people making trouble.

“Yeah it seems like pirates don’t understand that Hargeon is to be left alone. I guess they don’t talk to each other because I wouldn’t be here if I knew about all of the pirates that get their ass kicked here.” He said as he laughed a bit.

The number of pirates that would show up was enormous and he would laugh a bit because he figured they were going to have a lot to handle.

“Well you go right and I go left, or I go right and you go left?” He asked waiting for an answer before he made a move.

The pirates were grabbing cutlass, other sharp weapons, and even blunt objects with spikes to fight against the two that were in front of him. Then there were those still on the ship watching the entire fight unfold.


#8Brone Heavyaxe 

Por Hargeon - Pirates! Pt. 1 Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 3:27 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The ship was already docked and the crew of pirates took notice of their adversaries. A number of them dropped onto the dock from the ship with weapons in hand, looking confident as they approached the two Blue Pegasus members, "Right, left, what does it matter?" Brone said as he began walking towards the pirate crew, "They are all going to find out what the dock tastes like when they hit prone" the dwarf then laughed as he rushed forward, his axes at the ready.

When he closed the distance, three pirates rushed at him. The dwarf swung his iron axe, hitting the first pirate and sending him flying back, he then swung his steel axe, slamming it into the side of the second pirate. The third pirate however managed to get to the dwarf's side and used his cutlass to stab at his side, though it met resistance from the ringmail armor. When he realized the armor was too thick, he was planning on jumping back to gain a bit of distance, but it was too late, the steel axe that had slammed into the second pirate didn't stop, it kept it's momentum while the second pirate was still attached to it. The third pirate was slammed by his alley's body and send tumbling away.

"I'll make ye all bloodied, come at me!" he shouted as he continued his rushed forward.



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Yuurei would hear Brone’s words and he would find himself laughing at it. He figured they would do this in style, but he watched as the dwarf did his own thing and started taking them down one by one. He shook his head when he saw three of them go down as if they were playthings. Then he started running which made Yuurei shake his head as he figured that it was time that he had gone and helped. He would look at Renji with a smile on his face. The Exceed knew what he needed to do, and he would open up his bag and a gauntlet would appear on Yuurei’s right arm.

When he saw this, he knew it was time to start it off. He started running after Brone and when he got into full speed he would run past his friend and straight towards the first pirate he could his hand on. The light mage would have his arm out as he would land a lariat straight into the man’s throat and flip to the floor. He was out cold, but the light mage wasn’t stopping here. He moved over to the next group of pirates. They were running straight towards Yuurei and he would only shake his head because they didn’t know what they were doing. The light mage would be to leap into the air and connect a knee straight into one of the pirates.

It would put him on the ground, and he looked to his right as he would get off the guy he was on and sweep the next guy off the floor. When he was falling to the ground, Yuurei would punch him straight in his abdomen as he would send him flying into the water. The berserker would get up from the ground as he would crack his neck and he would look at all of them.

“You might as well bring the entire ship to fight us or else things aren’t going to go as well as you think it will.” He said to all of them.


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#10Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone wiped the blood from his battleaxes against the clothing of one of the downed men before he continued forward. Yuurei quickly passed by him and started making contact with another handful of pirates. The dwarf laughed out loud as he started running again towards the ship. After Yuurei had quickly knocked out his lot, he taunted the ship.

"So be it!" One of the pirates yelled out, possibly a high ranking member, "All hands on deck, second wave onto the docks and get rid of our problem!" He shouted. His crew answered and the gangplank began to fill up with pirates running on it to get to the dock.

"Didn't expect'em to take your threat seriously" Brone said to Yuurei as he ran pass him, "Try and destroy the plank!" he told his friend as he slammed his iron axe into another pirate approaching, then slammed his steel axe into another pirate that was following suit, both of them fell into the water while the dwarf just ran pass.

Brone focused on the gangplank, to the point he bypassed another two pirates who were taken by surprise, once the dwarf was close, he slammed his steel battleaxe down upon the gangplank, cracking it, however with the amount of pirates nearby him, four pirates took the chance and shoved the dwarf towards the water, instead the dwarf slammed his iron axe onto the side of the gangplank, blade sinking in so that the dwarf hung by the grip of his hand upon the handle of his axe while dangling above the water. He cursed, not able to shatter the gangplank, hopefully Yuurei will destroy it.



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Yuurei would hear the pirate on the ship shout out loud to him. It would seem like he was going to get what he asked for, and Brone would run by Yuurei speaking up. The light mage would laugh at the comment because he didn’t think he would either. Still, this was good because it meant that they would be able to fight more than they originally planned. It was then that Brone had told him to destroy the plank and he nodded agreeing that it wasn’t a bad idea. It would take a whole lot of pirates out and into the water if he did that.

“You’re right I have a spell just for something like that.” He told Brone this as he would stretch his arm in the direction of the plank.

A magical circle would appear in front of him and soon after a second magic circle would appear above the gangplank. When it was done, a bunch of arrows would start falling and onto the gangplank and those who were standing on it. They would start shouting from being struck down as the thing that allowed them to get to the docks was destroyed. It wasn’t just that, but a lot of men were taken out in the process from Yuurei’s attack.

The light mage didn’t see Brone fall to the side of the gangplank. He thought his friend would fall into the water, but that wasn’t the case. He just hoped that Brone would get out of the way of his spell before he got hit by it. There were a few of the pirates that would jump away from the gangplank and make it onto the docks though, which meant they had a few more pirates to take out on the docks before heading onto the ship.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone hung onto his axe with his right hand while the other axe was still held within his left hand. He looked down and saw several of the defeated pirates were in the water either trying to retrieve unconscious pirates within the water, or trying to began climbing up the side of the ship. The dwarf began swinging himself, trying to get himself close to the ship. Suddenly, he heard several of the pirates above him on the plank shouting in pain while also hearing the gangplank was taking several hits, giving him the warning that he needed to make the move.

Just as the gangplank was destroyed, Brone swung, luckily with the gangplank destroyed, his steel axe was released, allowing him to make the jump. He slammed his iron axe onto the side of the ship as he did previously, hanging from it. "What the hell?" one of the pirates that was sent into the water was right beside him, trying to climb up the side of the ship. Brone answered him by slamming the flat side of his steel axe onto the pirate's head, then allowing him to plummet back into the water.

Brone began climbing up the side of the ship by slamming his axes into the wooden side.



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Yuurei would look at all the pirates that were able to make it to the docks safely. He cracked his neck because he didn’t know where Brone was, so it meant that he was going to be doing this on his own. The pirates that were on the dock were afraid, but at the same angry because of what he had done to their friends. They started running towards the light mage as they were ready to take him out, but he would shake his head. They started attacking him and the berserker would step back as he was avoiding their attacks. When one of them got too close, the light mage would grab onto their arm and pulled them into a quick punch, and continued moving back.

He would avoid as much as he could and when a few more came to him he would punch and kick them knock them to the ground. Then it happened, he would be able to take a step back and it was because he was behind a bunch of crates. He would notice someone ready to slash at him with the sword and he would move and roll to the side to avoid the attack. When he got on his feet, he would run straight towards him, and he would thrust his foot with all his might pushing the pirate off the docks and into the water.

Still, he was able to dwindle the numbers of the pirates down to whatever they had left on the docks. It would be then that he would be able to go to the ship itself and take out whoever was leading the pirates. He was hoping that Brone was okay and that he didn’t get hit by his earlier attack because that would have been bad.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone halted in his climb as more pirates continued to climb up the side of the ship, chasing him down. One of the pirates who managed to catch up to him had grabbed him by the leg, trying to yank him down, "Damn it, get off of me!" at first the dwarf tried to shake him off, but the pirate was persistent, so he let go of his iron axe which was embedded into the wood of the ship so he could free his hand. He then grabbed the pirate by the back of his head then slammed it into the side of the ship, knocking him out, then releasing him to fall back into the water below.

The dwarf continued to climb but not far enough before two pirates from the deck above climbed down using two separate secured ropes. The first one got adjacent to Brone first and tried to pull out his blade, but before he could, the dwarf pulled out his iron axe from the wood and cut the secured rope above the pirate, which caused the man to plummet into the water below. The second pirate just arrived in time to see what happened to his friend, and fearing that would happen to him too realized this strategy was not a good idea, began to try and climb back up, but the dwarf quickly grabbed him by the leg and pulled him off the rope and allowed him to drop into the water below, "This is the weirdest battle I have ever been in, and trust me, I punched a giant in the crotch before".



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Yuurei figured that if he couldn’t see Brone then it meant that the guy was on the ship. He didn’t know how he got there, but if he hadn’t shown up by now, he must have been there. The light mage would remember that he wasn’t alone, so he had to take these people out before he could make his way onto the ship. The berserker would move as he would dodge the slashing of weapons and stabbing of them as well. He would punch the ones that tried to attack him and would miss to finish him and even hit him. They would be taken out in order, and he would soon find them all knocked out on the ground. He would inspect them as they were all growing from the pain they were feeling.

The berserker would look at the ship and he would hope that his friend was there. He would get ready and started running to the ship and when he got momentum he would jump into the air and onto the ship. He would roll on his back, and he would be looking around to see if Brone was here.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone continued to climb up the side of the ship and every now and then another pirate would attempt to knock him down. A pirate that had fallen into the water had quickly climbed up to try and stab him with the blade he carried in his mouth, but as he firmly grasped it in hand, the dwarf was already slapping him with the flat of his own axe, sending him back down to the water below. A pirate who hadn't hit the water, but was still on the docks noticed him and tried to knock him off with a long plank of wood. Brone was bonked on the head with the piece of wood, "Oy! Ye a pest!" he called back and grabbed the plank of wood with his free hand and yanked the pirate from the edge of the docks and allowed him to fall to the water, then he dropped the wooden plank, hoping it bonked him on the head in return.

The dwarf continued to climb while also looking around, hoping no other obstacles would interfere. Then suddenly a wooden flap opened up and a pirate poked his head through, for the moment Brone had forgotten some ships had such windows to allow cannons to be positioned for at-sea combat. Both the dwarf and the pirate were surprised to see one another and they fell in silence before they both tried to attack. The pirate attempted to draw his blade, but the dwarf had already grabbed him by the face and pulled him out from the window and dropped him into the water.

Finally Brone had reached the railing and pulled himself on board, "Finally!" he cried out. He then spotted Yuurei and wondered how long it had taken him just to climb the side of the ship.

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