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Veronica Wintour

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#1Veronica Wintour † 

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Veronica Wintour †


Name: Veronica " Syn " Wintour

Age: January 15, x769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Ethnicity, Father:Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother:Sinsese

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Daemon {Contract - Vice}

Rank: A-rank

Guild: N/A

Tattoo: Black in the arch of her back

Face: 2B - Nier Automata


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130lb

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Graceful yet commanding, gazing upon Veronica's supple and full-figured frame leaves most people frozen with awe. Her pale skin is not sickly looking but instead, it's as smooth as ivory with not a cut, scar, or blemish to take away from its perfection. A shock of white hair sits atop her round head, cut short just above the shoulders in a neat style with bangs framing her heart-shaped face. A cold gaze of ice peers down at whomever she looks at with light blue hues.

Veronica a woman with ambition fully believes that you only feel as good as you look. Her wardrobe is something to be admired and she hardly stays in the same outfit throughout the day. She is style, she is the trend, that IT Girl. From pastel princess to dark academia she wears whatever sates her fancy or suits her needs.

Extra: N/A


Personality: A woman who's driven by her emotions and ambitions. Veronica knows (or at least thinks she knows) how the world truly works, taking what she feels is hers and thinking nothing of who she takes from. She presents herself as confident and to some extent charming when she needs to be, to those she feels she needs to use and treats those without a use almost like an afterthought until they become useful. She'll work with others and play nice as long as there is something for her at the end of it all though has no problem rescinding her help if she so feels that a better opportunity has come along. Her loyalty is only as strong as what she could get out of a person, become useless and she'll leave you high and dry.

Petty and Vindictive, Veronica holds a grudge and loves to hold a grudge. She hates with her whole heart and has no qualms about letting the person of her ire know. She is not above talking down to people and just being malicious. A good portion of the time she won't even need a reason to be mean to another, but mostly if she doesn't vibe with you, she'll make sure you know it. Veronica is not all mean queen (though mostly she is) she also enjoys the finer things in life but strives for it in all things. A true connoisseur she turns her nose up at the lower class and all things she'll consider cheap. Her love for jewels is her driving force for lifting a finger to even work as she strives to build an empire where she can control all the things around her.

  • Jewels: Being broke is not cute and Veronica is. Jewels are what keep people living off the streets, give them a full stomach, and make life living all the better.
  • Chaos: Peace is so stale and boring. Gathering the masses into a frenzy of emotions is what gets the blood pumping. Drama, hatred, passion doing everything in its totality is what makes living fun.

  • Being Broke: Without money how is she supposed to live the life she wants? Only the useless think " money can't buy happiness " because yes it can.
  • Goverment: Veronica thinks people should rule over themselves without the interference of another ( which is rich coming from her since she wants to rule over people). In her eyes any government strict has time and time again proven to be useless and broken, so why not let everyone just do whatever they want?

  • Become the richest woman in earth land: With jewels comes power, with power comes freedom. Veronica has only known the finer things in her life until recently but she never forgot the power that money brings. It's what drives her to become better, do better, for herself and anyone lucky enough to fall in favor with her.

  • Become a full-blown demonJust like the man she knew as her father. Veronica wants to become a true demon and walk the same path as her caretaker. The power that came with becoming such a being was as alluring as having all the money in the world. It is because she witnessed her father do amazing things with that power that she wants to wield it for herself.

  • A Loss:Losing in all it's forms is a stain on Veronica. She thinks highly of herself and has deluded herself into thinking that she is the best of the best. Losing is not something anyone strives for but she so violently fights against it that even if she thinks she'll lose, she'll spiral out of control.
  • Death without a legacy:Dying without living behind something to remember means you never lived at all. It means you've lost the game of life and failed to rise to the top. Being without anyone remembering anything you did is almost like sand in the wind.


Magic Name: Wintour's Coming

Magic Element:Frost

Magic Enhancement:
Spell Fury

Price: 1,000,000J

Description: The spells of the user travel at double speed, but half the range.

Magic Description: A frost based magic that is simple in execution but deadly overall. It specializes in Offensive spells but also has applications in Supplementary, Defensive, and Self-Buff spells.


History: Born to a Bellan tradesman of a father and a heartless Sinsese cultist of a mother, Veronica never got to meet her father or mother. When she was born her father had already died by her mother's hand in order to appease some demon and the Veronica was just a trading chip for her mother to gain more power. As soon as Veronica came out of the womb she was given to a demon who " baptized " her before she could even take her first breath, turning the child from a human to a Deamon. The demon, who went by Victor, took the child away with the intent to raise it as its own.

Growing up was easy for Veronica. She lived in opulence. Anything she wanted she got and she would get even more if she exhibited behaviors that went against what humanity saw as morally good. Catching onto this just like a puppy she became mean to the children she went to school with. She bought friends and formed groups that would follow her every word. Did she need to go to school? no, as Victor taught her everything she needed to learn. School gave her a different type of learning, one that taught her social skills and how the mind of other individuals worked. It was a fun experience and when her father thought she was old enough he took her around the world.

With each country they visited Veronica was taught the history, language, and culture of each place. Knowledge was a very strong source of power and to be able to wield it effectively one must be well versed in all things. Victor made sure of this, that his little girl would know as much as he and the world could teach her. Life was good and it was good for a very long time for Veronica until one day she woke up in Fiore alone. No note. No reason. Nothing. Deep in her, she felt a ping of hurt but she knew this was her time to be out on her own and make her own way in the world. She had the tools she just needed to use them, and use them she shall.

Death Coin Info

Previous Character: Raza
Character Account: https://www.fairytailrp.com/u26482
Experience: 464,250
Rank: A
Attribute Points : 529

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 529
  • Strength: 69
  • Speed: 69
  • Constitution: 70
  • Endurance: 70
  • Intelligence: 251


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This character is approved for roleplay.

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