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Desierto [WIP]

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Desierto is a vast, complicated land with a savory history and a multitude of political systems. When people think of Desierto, usually what pops into mind is the western part of the land. Deserts, gold, riches, high quality materials and technology. Desierto has become a country with a reputation for its technological achievements and advances, but the truth is, that reputation stems from only a portion of the land.

That land is known as Nebu. Stretching all the way from the north-west, down to the south-western border, Nebu stands as the most modernized part of Desierto. Within Nebu is the Kingdom of Nebu, a Kingdom that controls most of Desierto ruled by the Pharaoh Zosar Sa'd and is split between two districts; The High District, and the Lower District. The people of Nebu have big dreams and goals. They play the game of politics and are the best scholars no matter what district they come from. As such, the Kingdom of Nebu generates a lot of capital, and with that, drama. Like most modernized governments, the people are always striving to be at the top, though usually guided by omens of the gods. Destiny and legacy play a big role in the lives of the people in West Desierto.

However, Nebu isn't the only nation worthy of note in Desierto. To the north, surrounding an Oasis is ____

And finally, to the east, across the river

— Chronicler


Languages: Desiertan

Religion: Zharian

Religion Equivalent: Kemetism

Citizens: Dark or brown-skinned. Curly, straight, dark or brown hair. It also isn't rare for citizens to have white hair. Eye color is usually gold but can vary.


Government System: Dichotomy

Head of Government:
  • Kingdom of Nebu (West): Pharaoh
  • Tribal Council of Wahdj Mat (East): The 5 Chieftains

Current Leader:

Kingdom of Nebu (West): Zosar-Sa'd Atenhotep
Tribal Council of Wahdj Mat (East):
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Gods Amongst Men:

The history of Desierto is a long one, but it is one that has influenced the society of almost every civilization on Earthland in someway, that much can't be denied. It is hard to state the origins of Desierto's Kingdom considering people had always populated the land. Scholars believe that even before the first Pharaoh that there were undocumented Kingdoms. However, most believe that the first Pharaoh and his people were placed there by the gods themselves. The truth is, Cairo was born in the deserts of Desierto. The harshness of his reality had caused his entire family to die by the time he was seventeen, prompting him to seek out a different life for his own children. Cairo, alongside the followers he had built from his travels, were the first to began building the nation of Desierto in the sand barren country, fighting beasts, slaying monsters and warring amongst men all at once. As Cairo and his men trekked through the land, they not only fought for people threatened by the giant monsters roaming the desserts, but he also invited them on his journey towards fertile, sustainable land. In no time, Cairo had supporters from all over the country. People referred to him as their god-king. Before Cairo had even found fertile land he had built a nation and become a king. To inspire others at this level was no small feat.

However, Cairo and his supporters didn't find this land right away. They were forced to set up villages throughout their journey. Some parts of the land needed to be cleared of beasts before they could push through, others required him to use the art of diplomacy for Chieftains who wouldn't let him and his supporters pass. Some of Cairo's supporters had become comfortable enough with the villages they had built because it had become easier to survive, but like Cairo, many were not satisfied. The journey took time. Lots of people were lost, but finally, they had found the most fertile part of the land. There, Cairo would lead as the first Pharaoh, building architecture from the extremely rare materials and metals. Temples were set up in honor of the gods and the first capital & Kingdom of Desierto, which remains as a symbol of prosperity, had finally been established.




Kingdom of Nebu: Towering, gold-encrusted monuments break the unending monotony of a horizon formed of sun-blasted sand. Awe-inspiring, animal-headed gods worshipped by the people, offering them care and protection from the horrors of the desert. A wide, life-giving river offers its abundant bounty, providing for every physical need. Happy, hopeful people offer sacrifices in grand temples dedicated to their benevolent gods, addressing their spiritual needs. They know that this life—wonderful as it is—is just the beginning, the prelude to the perfection that awaits them in the afterlife, promised to them by their Pharaoh.

Despite being between deserts, Nebu thrives off of a magical part of the land where rare minerals are mined. Alongside its famous oasis, Nebu has become its own nation separate from the rest of the land. The people are hard-working, spiritual and magical people who have not only have committed themselves to their respective gods, but also to the Pharaoh. Spiritual rituals, the arts, politics and magical practices are common activities for the people of Nebu.

The Lower District where the lower classed people live, eating scraps and residing in low quality housing. They live off of whatever is passed down to them from the higher district. Most of the lower districts citizens tend to stay away because of the class discrimination they face from citizens of the higher district. The quality of life is significantly different, so there is an obvious class divide. Most of them can only dream of living in the higher district.

Wahdj Mat: Desierto is a nation of dichotomy. Beyond the Kingdom of Nebu lies endless, scorching desert. Accursed, desiccated mummies roam the desert, serpentine beasts, and more. The tribal inhabitants of Desierto eke out a meager existence in Wahdj where life is boastful and wildlife blooms, away from the unforgiving deserts, refusing modernization and taking a different path than the Kingdom of Nebu. Some have become tribal leaders to preserve their land and way of life, while others delve into long-lost catacombs in search of the untold riches that must surely lay buried there, or guard the border of their lands from the horrors of the Desert. There are also those who live as mercenaries, taking coin for their service before disappearing back into the lawless wastelands.

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