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Haru Akagi

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#1Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi


Name: Haru Akagi

Age: September 17th, X777

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Adventurer

Race: Demi-Human (Cat)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Black, Right Hip

Face: Schwarz - Arknights


Height: 169cm (5’6”)

Weight: 55kg (121lbs)

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Golden

Overall: Haru is of average height and has long, dark silver hair that, even when worn in her signature ponytail, extends down to her waist. She has feline traits including a pair of small, pointed ears that sit upon her head as well as a long, sleek tail to match.

She tends to give a standoffish vibe from her body language among strangers and walks with poise and grace in every step. If she were to smile, one could note her elongated cuspids that would be put on display. Her preferred choice of attire tends to be simple, and comfortable, preferring to be able to move freely regardless of if she’s working or not.

Extra: Multiple smaller scars litter her body.


Appreciative - Haru never forgets when someone has aided her and does not like feeling indebted to others. As such she always does her best to return favors if given the opportunity.

Blunt - Haru doesn’t enjoy wasting her time, or others, preferring to get straight to the point. This is a bit of a coin flip as sometimes it’s fine, and other times she may come across as a little aggressive, possibly offending people.

Competitive - Despite her time losing consistently in the fighting ring, she always gave every fight her all, wanting to achieve just that single victory. That competitive spirit has remained with her since.

Observant - Growing up in a hostile environment has left her capable of noticing small changes in the body language of those around her, as well as detecting possible nearby danger.

Reliable - Haru is generally a woman of her word and can be trusted to perform any and all duties she has promised to undertake. It is highly unlikely she’d agree to complete a task she doesn’t believe she can successfully complete.

Vindictive - On the flip side to being appreciative, should you do something to harm her in any form, she is not likely to simply forgive you. Instead, she is far more likely to seek out vengeance without remorse.

  • Felines: Her mother being a demi-human of the feline variety, along with one of her saviors being some sort of cat-like creature has left an impression on her that they are amazing creatures.
  • Dancing: A skill she learnt from her mother over the years as a fun activity and she began working them into her combat techniques.

  • Swimming: A skill she never learnt properly and therefore struggles with.
  • Unwanted Attention: Dislikes being flirted with unless they themselves are interested in reciprocating the banter.

  • Wealth: Haru was quick to learn that in order to truly achieve anything in this world one needs money. As such she has been quick to take on numerous odd jobs regardless of their moral standing.

  • Canines: Being raised among werewolves who beat her bloody has left her with a foul taste in her mouth and sends a shiver down her spine whenever they’re mentioned. Even regular dogs on the street, she can’t help but dislike them due to them reminding her of her past trauma.
  • Drowning: Due to her inability to swim properly, she is in constant fear of having to enter water that is deeper than chest height, or that she can not see the bottom of.


Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Enhancement: N/A

Magic Description: N/A



A whore for a mother, and an abusive gang leader for a father. Haru didn’t have the best start in life. While her mother did her best to love and care for her child, it was difficult for her to argue with Haru’s father. The man practically owned her, her life in her hands. For that Haru could not blame her mother, however, her hatred for her father only grew as the years continued.

From the moment she could walk, her father forced her to learn to fight, claiming she needed to earn her keep by participating in the fighting ring he ran in Crimson Quarter, the underground of Hosenka. He was kind enough to wait until she was ten years of age before forcing her into the ring the first time, and it was then Haru learned that his fight ring was known for a unique specialty. Werewolf fights. Beasts he’d either bribed or blackmailed into participating in the most ferocious of battles.

As such more often than not the poor demi-human, half the size of her opponents was forced to defend herself against these creatures of incredible natural strength. While some of her opponents took pity on the young girl, knocking her out in the first round to save her from more pain and humiliation, there were others that did not. Instead, they seemed to take delight in her screams of agony and pain, slowly torturing her until her body could no longer move, despite still being conscious.

Regardless of how she lost, her father would then yell at her for being weak and pathetic, dishing out various punishments as he felt like it. Sometimes it was physical abuse, beating her even more bloody, or if he deemed her not even fit enough to survive that he’d lock her in a sensory deprivation chamber, with no food or water for what may have been hours, but seemed like days to the child.

Over the years that passed, the vicious cycle continued, producing many scars over her body with all the battles and beatings that ensued. Her mother always did her best to tend to her wounds, but she was in no way a medical specialist or healer. It wasn’t until her sixteenth year of life that things finally changed.

During one of her ‘fights’ in the ring, she’d hear a commotion, thinking nothing of it at first. Fights were known to break out from time to time outside the ring, but the guards would soon toss out the troublemaker. However, as she barely managed to stand her ground, beaten and bruised, about to lose yet another fight, a streak of silver and orange flew past in a blur. The werewolf she was fighting knocked unconscious on the ground within mere seconds. The next thing she knew everything turned completely chaotic.

Her golden eyes barely had time to focus before her savior dashed off again, taking out each and every person that stood in his way, her father included. Haru hid for a while, trying to avoid everyone until she saw an opportunity in which she’d race out of the ring, leaping over the rails and dashing into the back rooms to find her mother. It had been three days since she’d last been allowed to visit her, but she was always kept where Haru’s father could keep an eye on her in order to keep his daughter in check.

However, the woman was missing, she heard a voice she didn’t recognise yelling for everyone to leave before they burn the place down. Fear and panic ensued as she searched every nook and cranny, still, she was gone. Thinking that perhaps she’d already escaped, Haru finally left the building, searching for her in the crowds to no avail. She went to race back inside for one last double-check, but as she returned it was already up in flames, burning to the ground.

Giving up for the moment, she’d try to find her savior, distracting herself so she wouldn’t collapse into tears, but by now the street was crowded with people screaming about the fire. If she lingered around for too long, someone was sure to notice her, instead of waiting to be captured she took off down the streets.

For the next year, she lived off whatever scraps she could find, taking the odd job here and there, to make what little money she could. Occasionally she’d ask around describing the duo she had seen enter the fight club, a silver-haired male and a ginger cat, hoping she could one day thank her saviors and ask them about her mother. Still unsure if she had even escaped and where she was now.

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This character is approved for roleplay.

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