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Tournament Arc PT. 1 (Good)

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While Yuurei was relaxing and enjoying his time helping those who needed his help within the city, he had learned about other ways to make money. It seemed like they had a little tournament that was sanctioned and legal. It seemed it was somewhere around the Great Baska Rock. The light mage had trained for two years, and he figured that he would test his abilities there. It would be nice and if he won it all then that meant that there would be nice jewels involved? The half-elf knew that Renji wouldn’t bet against it and so he decided that it was time to head towards the place. His travels weren’t long and when he got there, he would see how big the damn rock was.

It wasn’t just that, but there were a lot of people here. His eyes were surprised to see this, but it seemed like there was going to be a huge, scaled tournament about to happen in this place.



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There were a lot of different people around and they came in all different shapes and sizes. He would nod as he was looking around to see where he could go and sign up. While doing so there were people who would look at him, and some of them knew who he was. This guy had shown up out of nowhere in two years and his existence was shocking to a lot of people. Yuurei had made his way to the table, and he would wave at the clerks with a smile on his face.

“I’m here to sign up for the tournament. Question, am I allowed to use weapons?” He asked them as they would look at each other and then towards him.

“Yes, but please try not to kill the other contestants.” They said to Yuurei.

He would nod understanding that much and they would give him the sheet for him to sign in. The light mage wouldn’t hesitate to put his name and everything on paper.



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Yuurei would hand over the sheet of people back to them and they would tell him to wait for the tournament to start. The half-elf would look at Renji on his shoulder and he would have a smirk on his face.

“Well, this is going to be fun, don’t you think? Also, hand me my gauntlet.” He said to his partner.

Renji would open his bag and the gauntlet would teleport onto Yuurei’s right arm as he would flex his arm as it fits like a glove.

“Yeah, but you better win it all. We need the money for food and for you to get better equipment.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would nod agreeing with what he had said and then took a seat. His eyes closed, he napped as people looked at him wondering how strong he was. It would take a few hours, but the signups were closed, and the tournament was going to begin.



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The announcer would make his way to the center of the battlefield, and he would look at all the participants that were there. He was surprised about the number of people but figured this would be amazing.

“Hello everyone, I’m glad you were able to show up for this nice event. It seemed like there were a lot of people here than we expected. That means we’re going to change things up. We’re going to have a battle royal.” He paused as people were murmuring and upset about this.

“Don’t fret because it won’t end there. It will stop when there are thirty-two people standing through the fight. Then we will go through two separate brackets. The winners between those two brackets will face each other for the title of the strongest in this tournament and gain the ultimate prize money.” He said to everyone.

They were excited about this, and it would be good to take out all the weak people before the actual tournament started.



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The announcer gave people enough time to let them sink in what was happening, and once that was done, he would speak up again.

“Now that you guys understand all of this, I want you all to get into the arena. The battle will begin soon.” He said this to everyone.

The number of people would step in, and Yuurei would get up from his seat as he would put Renji down on the chair. He would crack his neck a few times as he would walk towards the arena. His eyes looked at all the opponents that he was going to be fighting and made sure to avoid the stronger fighters. He didn’t want to waste a lot of energy fighting someone strong at the beginning. When the last person had made it to the arena, the announcer would bang on an instrument and with it yelled everyone to start.

People started rushing towards each other as the fighting had begun.



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It wouldn’t take long, but someone rushed straight towards Yuurei. Then another also did the same thing. The light mage had seen this, and he would prepare himself. His feet lifted off the ground as he rushed straight towards the closest of the two. The fighter would throw multiple punches towards Yuurei, but he would dodge them and parry a few of them as he noticed the second was getting close to him. He would get down doing a low sweep on the man in front of him and would rise as he stepped forward to slam the guy onto the ground. He grabbed his face and did just that to take one of the guys out.

The second was right behind Yuurei, and the half-elf would spin around using his gauntlet to block the incoming attack. The two of them stared at each other, but the Blue Pegasi wasn’t done with just blocking the attack. His left hand was making its move and he would slam it into the abdomen of the fighter in front of him. He would take the hit and Yuurei would watch him being sent flying as he would stand up.



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He would sigh and figured that he would conserve all his mana for the next round of battles. He would look at the people that were fighting and a lot of them were being taken out as the battle continued. There were a lot of people who were strong here, and Yuurei could only smile as this was getting interesting. He would rush straight towards the first person who was closest to him. They had just finished taking someone out, and Yuurei would appear on his side, and he would launch a roundhouse kick after he stopped on his left leg and swung his body with the momentum, he was carrying from running.

The guy would see this too late, and when he looked over to Yuurei he would feel the pain of getting kicked on his head and to the ground. He would be unconscious with that one hit and the berserker would look around for his next target.



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Yuurei didn’t have to look far, his opponent came straight to him, and he would hear the rumbling noise get louder as he approached him. When the light mage looked over to him, he could see that a summon wrestler was coming straight for him. This wasn’t good at all, and he would exhale after taking in a lot of air and run straight towards the big man who wasn’t stopping. They would clash the sumo wrestler thrusting his palm straight at the Pegasi. The light mage would weave the attack as the palm would breeze right by the side of his face as he stopped the massive man from running. They both came to a stop as Yuurei’s right hand had crashed into the man’s stomach.

The light mage would sigh as he stepped back, and the sumo wrestler spat into the air and took a step back from the pain. He was holding his stomach as he felt the pain from the mighty blow of the little half-elf.



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It would be just like that; the sumo wrestler would fall to the ground. The pain was too much and unbearable he rendered him unconscious. Yuurei was nervous at first because he wasn’t sure that he would be able to stop that man, but his powers were growing and that much was true. He looked around as the numbers of fighters had decreased by so much. He was relaxing a bit, but then someone would come at him from behind. He would notice too late, and he would look over to the man as he would be punched straight on the face.

This would cause Yuurei to stumble a bit as he looked at who hit him. He chuckled a bit as he spat out blood from that hit. He would give it to him for being able to hit him like that, but it would be the only time he would hit him.



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The guy was surprised that Yuurei had withstood his attack as he had given his all into that. Yuurei would get into a stance, and it was then he had rushed straight towards the man. He would swing his right arm back before launching it straight towards the man’s chest. He would hear a crack from the man’s chest as he would be sent flying to the other side of the arena. He was still breathing, but he would need medical attention after that one. The light mage wasn’t happy with being hit and that would be noticed by the spectators. Still, as he had taken out that guy, a bell would be rung for all the fighters to hear. Some were fighting each other and would stop and step back to see what had happened. It would seem like the battle royal was over.

“Well, wasn’t that a beautiful sight to see people?” He asked as everyone would cheer excitedly about this bout.

“Now with that, there are thirty-two fighters left to fight, so I would like all of you to rest a bit. We will start within a few hours, so you make sure you’re ready.” He said to all of them.



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Yuurei would nod as he understood what the announcer said, and he would rub his chin as it was pathetic of him to get hit like that. He would walk over to Renji and the Exceed would shake his head at Yuurei.

“I guess I can accept you taking that hit. You weren’t using your magic, so it was only right for someone to get a lucky hit on you. Still, first-round show off what you got okay?” He would say to Yuurei.

“I got it, I will show everyone that the last guy got lucky. Still, there are a lot of strong fighters in this tournament, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a person to beat.” He said to Renji.

He would take a seat as things were going to be fun. He wished that he had Kailani hear to cheer for him, but he was starting to feel the effects of her indecisive decision on how she felt for him. He figured she would always be his first love, but was it time to move on, or should he hold on a little longer.

Still, he didn’t have time to think about that. The people who were behind the tournament would start cleaning up the arena and moving all the unconscious fighters into an infirmary. They were taking care of a lot of things at once before the next part started.

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