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Following a Lead [SQ]

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  It was a warm, bright, lively day in a town called Southrick in Minstrel. It wasn't any of the bigger cities within this land, but it was definitely bolstering with energy. The townsfolk had all been talking amongst each other, minding their businesses and getting whatever they needed to get done. Some folks were merchants selling items at the port. Others looked more like upperclass folk, wearing the finest garments from who knows where. Then there were a few that seemed quite suspicious. They stood scattered around the town, occasionally speaking to folks before disappearing. Overall, at first glance, Khalfani could tell that this entire country was... shady for lack of a better word. The Chaos Sorcerer had heard many things of Minstrel. Not only from Amir, but from their own studies of the country. The politics here was called "The Grand Game" or something like that. It was just a bunch of politics and backroom deals to make things happen. People were often back-stabbed and far worse in these parts. Even the common folk were often caught up in these games.



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All in all, one thing was certain; the people here were powerful. The lords owned land and the warriors were told to be strong. It was how Minstrel was able to still stand as a nation despite being surrounded by damn near all of their enemies. Then there was the king who had even more control than the one in Fiore had over his own country. Khal had to be on alert. One false move and he could end up on a pike in the mountains somewhere. Fresh off the boat that led him here, the Black Panther rode on a horse he had just bought from one of the stables. Amongst other horse-riders, he moved through the streets with in a hooded leather vest, common shoes around these parts, and brown fitted bottoms to match. He stuck out like a sore thumb already so wearing his hood would likely only result in drawing in unwanted attention. After all, he was Desiertan and Desiertans weren't usually welcomed here. However, thanks to his Savannan blood folks would probably just assume he was anything other than Desiertan.



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Unlike the people of his home country, he was a lot darker in complexion. The architecture was by far some of the most amazing designs he had ever seen. Up to par with Desierto and Fiore, but different in its own way. It was like the panther could smell the money on the buildings. In fact, he could smell the money all around him. It had a foul scent. Like death. It made sense that a man named Conrad the Coward had survived for solong. Being submissive could get you in a lot of places. Still, as a Prince, it was best if he kept communication to a minimum. Today the vampire was looking for specific person. Someone he knew would no doubt have information on the human trafficking ring that he was seeking to abolish. The same trafficking ring that he himself had been subject to as a child.



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Minstrel was a powerful country with probably the most corrupt lords and ladies. What better place to start than here? As soon as the vampire of Eternal Nightmare reached the towns center, he found a nearby stall to put his horse. Quickly, he hopped off, then proceeded to throw his hood over his head before glancing around in case any peering eyes were watching. The best was to travel was on foot. If Khalfani was going to find Conrad the Coward, he had to keep his eyes open. Admittedly, everyone here looked quite the same. The man he was looking for would stick out like a sore thumb though. He was burly, small, and bald according to the lead he was following. It was interesting to think that such a man had so many connections that he would know the things Khalfani needed. Keeping his eyes on the look out Khalfani searched for the man until finally he had seen him leading on a building. Although it was broad day, Conrad had been outside a tavern.



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Quickly Khalfani approached him, grabbing him by his shirt and swinging him around into the alleyway beside the tavern. "Hey!-" The man begin before the vampire covered his mouth and pressed him against the building. "If you don't want to die, I'd advise you to keep it down." he warned with his eyes flashing a bright red. Conan seemed to understand the situation immediately as his eyes widened. "Understand?" Khalfani said. The man nodded. "Good. Now..." Khalfani dropped his hand, pressing his other one against the mans throat. "I'm looking for this person." He said quickly pulling the paper out with a picture of a tattoo on it. Conan glanced at the tattoo and began stuttering as his eyes reverted to the Dark-skinned vampire. "I-I... I don't who that is. Please I-" Khalfani frowned and squeezed the man neck. Whoever this person was seemed to be formidable enough to scare Conrad He began struggling to breathe. "P-please sir, I don't...know." Khalfani shook his head in disapproval. Of course he knew.



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"You're lying." He said before throwing the man on the ground and swinging his foot into his stomach. The people of the city had been making so much noise that the Desiertan doubted anyone would hear. "No-no I swear-" Khal kicked again, this time in his face. Quickly he bent over to grab Conrad's collar and pushed him back onto the wall. "Who's tattoo is this Conrad- conan, or whatever the fuck your name is?" Khalfani head-butted him, causing him to yelp as his nose began to bleed. "M-my nose! You broke my fucking nose!" Khalfani then began digging in his eye before, "Lady Soren! Her names Lady Soren of House Taler, her estate is at the edge of the city!" Khal smirked,"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" He said before punching Conrad in the face and knocking him out. Now that that was done. It was time to make way to Lady Soren's estate. She was the key to all of this.



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Now to the estate of this woman known as Lady Soren. All khalfani had to do was make their way to the other side of the city which was easy enough. As he walked along the streets, maneuvering through all types of folks he noticed Knights marching in the streets. However, the people merely ignored their presence entirely, staying out of their way and continuing towards wherever they were going. From what Khalfani could gather, Minstrel was an extremely popular place. People from all over the word seemed to be here. It made sense though considering Minstrel was one of the greatest countries in the world. The panther threw their hood back over their head, eyes on the look out in case Conan decided to do something stupid and tell authorities or someone else. Nobody knew what the Vampire was here for and it was best that it remained that way.



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 It took Khalfani no time to approach the estate. It was a big beautiful mansion but of course it was heavily guarded. The Morningstar frowned and before moving within the line of visions of the guards, took a moment to think about what to do next. Sure he probably could have taken the guards on, but perhaps it wasn't worth it. Quickly they came to a decision and entered an alley. Then they climbed a building to peer into the Estate of Lady Soren where he saw her sitting in her room with a glass of wine in her hand. If he could get to the second floor from the roof he was on, then he could enter, do what he needed to do, and flee before the guards came in. Starting trouble in Fiore or Desierto was one thing, but in another country? It would be stupid. It was best to mov as stealthy as possible.



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Khalfani peered down to see the guards talking amongst each other. They probably didn't expect anyone to actually try to do anything dangerous such as breaking into a Lady's home. They had grown too comfortable and that comfortability would allow the Vampire to silently accomplish this minor task. Without a second thought they leapt from the building they were on top of to the roof of the building of Serenas estate. Quickly they dropped down kicked through the window, cause a loud shatter. Immediately Serena screamed and grabbed the knife from inside her stocking. Nobody had seen Khalfani enter. For a few moments it was just him and her. The Black panther dashed towards her quickly grabbing the knife weilding hand and her mouth, oushing her onto the chair as her eyes widened in shock, much like Conrad. A woman of her stature surely wouldn't risk her life for another lord.



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"Let's skip the formalities. I know you know about the slave trade chain in Minstrel. Give me the details of who transports the people and I'll let you live. If you don't, I'll slice your throat here and now. You have 10 seconds to decide."

Khalfani growled, snatching the knife from the womans hand and glaring at her intensly. She understood what the situation is. It took her some time to get the words out be she finally said. "I am not involved in the trade, but a man known as Lord Ozo is the bridge. He lives in a brown building at the end of Harr's road, you can't miss it." She began, gulping. "Leave me be and I promise, I will not pursue you." Lady Soren began studdering. The panther could smell the fear on her, it seeped through her pores. She was a noble no matter which way you put it though. She had known what sort of evil was occuring and had been turning a bline eye. Khalfani shook his head slowly dragging the blade across her neck.

"You knew you were going to die." he said leaning forward to put his mouth up to the waterfall of blood like a fountain. Soren gurgled on her own blood. The guards began running up the stairs, quickly trying to get to their Lady but by the time they would see her dead. Khalfani would be gone. It had to be this way. No loose ends.

- EXIT -


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