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A List and Things to Prepare.(Open/Social.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

A List and Things to Prepare.(Open/Social.) Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 3:37 am

Judith Karlinius
One of the few times Judith was outside of Fairy Tail, Judith seemed to be talking with her husband over a list of supplies like she had plans in the works and was going through a list with him. Anders in the two years has had his hair turn progressively more grey, But it did not seem to bother Judith at all. She could not help but laugh however."Do you want me to try and find a solution to your turning grey?"Judith entirely meant it as a joke but none the less they would both move on quickly.

But what exactly were they going through a list of various things Judith had in inventory."How many bottles of wine do we still have?"Judith asked she was not looking around for or at anyone else but her husband while she was going through the list."You have a few older ones, As well as at least 13 of the various other flavours you have chosen to make in the years."They were ones not yet sold that Judith had kept for such a plan.

So that made her think entirely that she needed a few of them as well."Are they locked in storage boxes?"It was a good question to ask. "Not all of them."With that she would mark a few off of her list of things."Do we have anything interesting in terms of cheeses,bread or meats?"Interesting was the stock she kept to her self while getting some supplies for Fairy Tail, Making sure it was paid out of her own pocket rather then anything set up for the guild."You have a few things but not much left."Leaving her to ponder if she needed to consider going to the markets to get a few things before hand.

"I might have to make a market trip then."Then well Anders would have to ask and go over."Do you plan on going alone for whatever your doing?"These were normal to him and since they were that old couple that had been around forever Anders seemed to have little questions."I could bring at least one person with me just in case, But I do not assume anything horrible would happen to me while en route."Then Judith would just simple pat her husband on the shoulder, Lock her front door and start walking towards the markets of Magnolia.

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