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A great calling [west to central/flying]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

A great calling [west to central/flying] Empty Thu Mar 03, 2022 7:17 am

Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi was quick to leave in the dead of the night, a rainstorm threatening her to stay inside, warm under the arms of Seika. She of course ignored those threats and draped in black hopped on Tsuki her Gryphon. Something inside of her told her she needed to go to Era and quickly if she wanted to have a chance at something that held great power. She didn't know what it was but she couldn't help herself. Flying over the many small towns, passing by the larger cities, the two didn't stop flying through the skies, not even for a moment. At some point, the rain died down, the moon set, and the sun rose, and she could see the Era on the horizon. Commanding Tsuki to go faster, the pair rushed through the skies until they made it into the city, landing on the ground where she felt the pull the strongest.

- exit -

A great calling [west to central/flying] AV4nNet
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